Lily Evans stepped of the Hogwarts Express once they arrived at Platform 93/4 at Kings Cross. Lily pushed a few locks of her fiery red hair behind her ear, her emerald green eyes scanned the platform for her best friends Marlene and Mandy Makinion. Having spotted them after a few minutes Lily started walking over to them.

"Hey ! Are there any trolley's left?" Lily asked as she heaved her trunk down from the compartment.

"Not that I can see Lils" Marlene replied trying to pull her own trunk out, Mandy sat on the ground by her trunk laughing at her sister, suddenly stopped as she looked past both Lily and Marlene.

"Oh No!..um…guys don't look now but.." She never got to finish what she wanted to say as a voice behind them interrupted her

"Well, well, well hello my little Lily flower" The voice said, Lily closed her eyes and slowly turned around and standing there smirking at her was James Potter and Sirius Black with Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew behind them.

"Potter! Go away!"

"But Lily flower! why would you tell the man of your dreams to go away?" James said smirking

"Um yeah right Potter! In your dreams" Lily muttered turning back towards her friends

"you always are Evans!" James called

Rolling her eyes in annoyance Lily asked her friends if they've seen Dannyel. Dannyel was the girls other best friend and dorm mate. She had soft brown hair that reach just above the shoulders and chocolate eyes to match.

"No I haven't seen her for ten minutes Lils!" said Mandy

"though she mi…"

"She's saying goodbye to Dawson!" Sirius interjected with a disgusting look on his face.

Nikolas Dawson is Dannyel's boyfriend of three months, He was a 6th year Ravenclaw and Quidditch captain of his house team

"Thanks Black" Marlene said darkly, her and Sirius had never gotten along, Ever since 1st year the two of them have had a relationship that could rival Lily's look on the relationship with James shared.

"Bloody Hell! Did Makinion actually thank me!? Oh no Prongs! I think the worlds coming to an end!" Sirius cried as James burst out laughing.

"Go die Black!" Marlene exclaimed, her hair whipping her in the face as she turned towards her sister scowling

Marlene and Mandy are identical twins, they could often switch places and no one but their best friends could tell the difference. They both had silky jet black hair that went to the middle of their backs and crystal bleu eyes. The only way to tell the difference between the two was that Mandy was a bit more responsible then Marlene but only just a bit, although, they could they play each other's personalities perfectly when needed.
Mandy shook her head and rolled her eyes as she mouthed to her sister to just ignore Sirius. She got up off the ground, brushed off the jeans and walked over to Sirius,

"I strongly suggest Black! That refrain from tormenting my sister before I have to hurt you!" she whispered in his ear, Mandy backed away and gave Sirius a very pointed look that clearly stated that she meant what she said, She turned towards her sister and lily, shook her head and rolled her as she went to grab her trunk!

Sirius who was scowling at Mandy immediately stopped when her turned towards the commotion James and Lily were making, he started howling with laughter clutching his sides.

"put it down Potter!"

"What Lily I just wanna help!"

"Well if you 'wanna help' then you can put down!"

"Oh come on Lils…"


"Please Evans I'm just trying to be nice!"

" You? Be nice? Well Potter if you want 'be nice' you can put my trunk down and leave me alone!"

"Evans you know I'm never going to do that!" James said smirking at her

"URGH! Fine! Fine carry it!" Lily yelled as she threw her hands into the air and she stomped away muttering to herself about 'Bloody Potter' with James and her friends trailing after her.

After Everyone said goodbye to each other there was only James, Lily and Sirius left, Sirius was staying at the Potter's as he's done for the past 6 years since he was sorted into Gryffindor, The three off them went though the barrier that lead to main stations of Kings Cross. As soon as they went though they Spotted a tall, thin red haired woman in a sun dress and a muscular man with dark brown hair and emerald green eyes, in a military uniform conversing with another couple who both had jet black hair with a bit of grey streak across, the man had very messy hair that went in all different directions, he was in muggle jeans and a t-shirt, the woman had long silky black hair that fell to her shoulders she was also in jeans and a t-shirt

"DADDY!" Lily screamed as she ran towards the man in the military uniform, The man looked around at the sound of lily voice, His eyes light up as the looked at his daughter, James smiled as he watched Lily jump into the man arms, though they didn't stay there for long, his eyes caught the attention of the other couple…his parents; Georgiana and Michael Potter. James walked towards them with both his and Lily's trunks, As soon as he reached them, James dropped both trunks and immediately hugged his parents

"Hi Mom! Hi Dad!"