Chapter 21

Mary laughed at her giggling babies, crawling around the floor. "What are you guys laughing at?" She watched Miley and Samantha stand up, before all the others did too. But then it was like a domino affect. Samantha took her first step, without holding onto to anything and so did the others, one after the other. "Oh my god! You're all walking!" She grabbed the video camera that was usually always beside her and began to film them. She then grabbed the phone and dialed Joey's number. "The babies are walking!"

"What? Are you serious?"

"Yeah! It was so funny Samantha and Miley stood up and then they all stood up and Samantha took the first step and they all followed. They're so cute!"

"I can't believe this! I'm coming home!" He yelled excitedly, smiling through the phone. "I'll see you in a few, bye."

"Bye, love you."

"Love you too."

"You guys are getting so big!" Mary sqeualed, just before the phone rang again. "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Tami, I'm in labor and I can't get in touch with my husband. My contraction are about seven minutes apart and my water broke a few minutes ago. Please help, because this is really painful."

"Oh my god. Okay, I'll be right over." She hung up, quickly standing up. "Okay, kids, following Mommy to the door." She dashed to the door, opening the closet, where all there shoes were. One by one they followed their Mother to the door, like baby ducks. Mary sat them down on the floor, quickly sliding each of their shoes on. She then stood them up and opened the door. "Okay, follow Mommy." She stopped at the porch steps and transported each of them over the steps. "Okay, over to the car." Her plan was effective and in five minutes she had put all the babies into their car seats. On the way there she called Joey and told him to meet her at Tami's and to tell Dustin she was in labor. She slid all the babies into their carriages and managd to push both of them. She quickly let herself in, making her way over to Tami. "Are you okay?"

"Why didn't you warn me that this was so painful." She clutched her stomach, cringing as another contraction hit her.

"Okay, breath. Ready? Oo he, oo he, oo he, oo he, oo he." ary demonstated, remembering what her doctor had told her while she was pregnant. "Hey, try doing this while you have to deliver eight babies."

"I just want this baby to come out." She moaned, bending over in.

"Soon. But we have to get you to the hospital. Did you pack your bags?"

"Yes, it's upstairs."

"Okay, somebody will come back for it. Joey and Dustin are on their way over. In the meantime, let's get you in the car." Mary helped her up, trying to figure out how to get Tami out with both carriages. She hated doing this, but she had no choice. She left the babies alone, but only for two minutes, while she helped Tami into the back seat of the car. She left the front door open, glancing over every five seconds. Than she quickly dashed up to get her children and waited outside for Dustin and Joey to arrive. She left the car door open, aiding Tami through the contractions. Then finally Dustin and Joey arrived, Dustin hopping in the car.

"Wait! Mary, please stay." Tami begged, cringing at her pain.

"Joey, you've got the babies?"

"Um...yeah, sure. I'll figure out a way to get them all in and everything." He wondered how his wife actually went out with them alone and was able to transport eight babies all by herself.

"Okay, let's roll." Dustin waited for Mary to slid in, before quickly pulling onto the street. "I can't believe I'm going to be a Father today. This...this makes me nervous."

"You! You're nervous! Try going into delivery with him!" Tami snapped, causing Mary to hold in her laughter.

"Okay, breathe. You're going to do great. Okay. Just breathe. Do this for your little baby. Every Mother does it . It's all worth it in the end to be holding that little baby that you created."

"How long will I be in labor?"

"I don't know. It's different for every woman."

"How long were you in labor for?"

"Let's not talk about this." Mary grinned, recalling her long and painful labor experience.

"How long were you in labor?" Tami spoke through her gritted teeth.

"Well I was in labor for ten hours, but my situation was much different."

"Ugh!" Tami moaned. "I thought you were like five minutes."

"No, the nurse knew I was in labor before Kevin...took me and we couldn't get in touch with Joey. Husbands, never able to reach them when you need them." She laughed, causing Tami to giggle. "Ah, I got you to laugh."

"Okay, we're here!" Dustin popprf out, dashing into the hospital.

"And there they go again, being crazy." Mary laughed, supporting Tami out of the car. It was a few seconds before Dustin returned, realizing her forgot his wife.

"I think you need the woman delivering the baby."

"Right." He grabbed a wheel chair and sat Tami down in it. He quickly pushed her inside, getting the woman at the front desk's attenion. "My wife's in labor!"

"Okay, we'll send someone down." She buzzed in on her walkie talkie and in minutes there were doctor taking her into a delivery room. Dustin followed, but Mary stayed behind. She walked out of the hospital to find her husband struggling to push both carriages at once. She shook her head, taking over larger carriage.

"Do you have the diaper bag?"

"Oops. I'll go get it." He turned around,. heading for the car.

"I'll meet you in the delivery waiting room." She called, realizing he's probably not be able to find his way around. It took him fifteen minutes, but he eventually found his wife and kids. And in about an hour, it was time for Tami to deliver.

"Okay, one...two...three, push!" The doctor called and Tami pushed with all her strength. She scrunched her face and rested her chin against her chest.

"Ugh!" She screamed, pushing again, her lower back developing a pain. Her face was red, she began to sweat, and she was in pain. But before she knew it, the baby's head was out.

"We have a head! Come on, you're doing great! Keep pushing!" The doctor encouraged as Tami gave another push. She squeezed Dustin hand hard, pushing for the last time. "It's a boy!"

"Oh my god, he's...he's beautiful." Tami cried, tears of joy tracing her cheeks. "Excuse me, nurse Lucy, can you please go tell my family and friends?"

"Of course." She slipped out of the room, leaving the happy couple alone. It was a few minutes before their baby boy was cuddled in Tami's arms.

"He's so beautiful. What do we name him?"

" said you like the name Aiden. What about Aiden Joseph, you know, after Joey?"

"That's wonderful." Tami smiled, staring down at the beautiful eight pound, seven ounce baby, with blue eyes and dirty blond hair. "Hi, Aiden. I'm your Mommy."

A few minutes later their parents, Mary, Joey, the babies, Brit, and Bree had entered the room, congratulating and awing over the new baby boy. "He's so cute!"

"We named him Aiden Joseph."

"That's my name!" Joey called, oblivious to the connection.

"That's why that's his middle name. You guys are so special to us and we want to make you two the godparents." Tami smiled, feeling a wave of joy.

"Awe, thanks." Mary smiled, letting a joyful tear slipped from her eye. "My life is perfect right now."

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