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It's been tw & thirty-thre since his world came crashing down. He wants to scream - he wants to cry. He wants to believe with every fiber that it isn't true. But he can tell by the doctor's solemn face that it is. It's been two minutes and thirty-three seconds since his beloved fell into a coma.

It's been on k since it happened. Since then, he's learned three things: There's a zero to none chance that she'll probably awaken, he loves her more than he ever realized and is unable to live without her, and three, he wants to die without her. But he can't, just in case she wakes up. Hope is the only thing that's kept him alive for this past week, and yet this is just the beginning.

It's going on to fiv s since the 'accident', yet he remembers it so clearly. He remembers getting the call from the hospital, telling him that she had been in a car accident with her father, and that she was critically injured, and that her farther died on impact. That was only a day before she slipped into a coma. He still goes to visit her every day, sitting beside her, holding her hand, staring at her pale, white face. It's almost five weeks since he stopped truly living.

Now it's been fou s, and he misses her terribly. He can't help the horrible feeling that she'll never wake up. The doctor tells him that it's unlikely that she'll ever awaken, but he's defiant. He'll never admit that she's gone, so he clings to any hope left that she could still possibly come out of that darn coma. Without her, he's as good as dead.

On r. It's been twelve months, 365.2425 days since she slipped into a coma. The doctors tell him there's no hope - her brain has been unresponsive for too long. They attempt to get him to pull her life support, but he shakes his head before running out so they can't see the tears streaming down his cheeks. It's also at that moment that he meets her.

It's hard to believe that it's been on & seve s and she's still unresponsive. His hope is slowly dying, and gradually, he stops visiting her. He doesn't want to, but he just can't believe anymore. His head tells him to move on, but his heart clings to any tiny shred of hope that she'll come out of the coma. He buries that part of his heart deep down, because it causes him too much pain. It's been six months since he started dating someone new.

He didn't want to believe that it's been tw & nin s since that fatal day, but eventually, he stopped believing. She wasn't going to wake up - the doctors were right. Soon, he gave up on her altogether. But still, he couldn't bring himself to pull her plug. He couldn't be the one to kill her at the end. He tells them - threatening them with legal action if they disobey - he'll pay to keep her life support on, because otherwise it's too final. He loves her too much to just kill her.
It was that day that he moved away from that cursed city, since he left her.

Fiv s, eleve s, and twenty-tw s. He still thinks about her occasionally, and when he stares down at her picture, he wonders if he's doing the right thing. He wonders if she'd be happy for him - he's finally asked his girlfriend to marry him, because he loves her. Still, he can't stop the pain of guilt he feels every-time he stares at her picture. He can't help but feel like he's betraying her, even though in his mind, she's dead.

It's five AM when his phone rings. He briefly wonders who would call this early before he answers the call, and is surprised to hear a frantic woman's voice on the other end of the line.

"Shane... oh my gosh..." The woman is out of breath, and he's having a hard time understanding what she's trying to say, but then she spits it out. "Shane... she's awake. She's awake."

The phone clatters to the ground as he freezes in shock, and for the second time in his life, his world is about to come crashing down.

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