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She feels like she can finally breathe again. She knows that it's silly - to feel safe just because Shane is by her side, but she does. She feels protected when he's near her.

She can hear Shawnia and Shane still talking in the background, but she doesn't bother to listen to what their saying. She's already established that she doesn't like Shawnia, and she wonders who she is, and why Shane still puts up with her.

Since Shane hasn't broken yet, though, she decides she won't either. She's still smiling, grinning and bearing it. Shawnia doesn't seem to notice, too preoccupied with frowning at Shane to glance at her. Mitchie doubts the other woman even know she's awake, she's so focused on Shane.

He's trying to keep his tone even, although he's struggling with her unreasonable argument. He doesn't want to yell, mostly because Mitchie's in the car, and he refuses to cause her any further stress.

Shawnia doesn't seem to have the same concerns, since she's still angry that he never left her a note. He doesn't see what it matters - she's found him, after all. He still thinks she should be more understand.

Mitchie woke up after fiv s of being in a coma, and she's complaining about the fact he didn't leave a stupid note. He quietly tells her he's sorry, he never realized a freaking notewas more important than Mitchie. Shawnia purses her lips together and sits back angrily, biting back her angry words. He doesn't care. She's wrong.

He feels Mitchie stirring besides him, and gives her a gentle smile. This isn't her fault. He stares into her big brown eyes, realizing how much he missed her, and how glad he is she's back again. He feels as though a weight has been lifted off of him, and he can now breathe easier.

She's still staring back, her eyes slightly uncertain yet shining with happiness. He realizes he's been staring at her for at least on e, and he catches sight of Shawnia's death glare as he uncomfortably breaks his gaze, dropping his head down as he examines his fingernails, and out of the corner of his eye, he can see Mitchie face as she smiles uncertainly.

He's hurting them both, he realizes with a shock, as he sees Shawnia's furious scowl and Mitchie's confused frown. He can't do this - he can't love them both. He wants to with all his heart, but seeing their torn expressions, he knows it's not possible. He can't cause them so much pain.

He closes his eyes, taking a moment as he calms himself, sucking in deep breaths. Shawnia doesn't seem to notice his distress, but Mitchie leans forwards, her hand brushing his, as she stares at him, looking worried.

He immediately brushes her off, telling her he's fine, and she sits back, still looking unsure. He wonders why things couldn't be easier.

She wonders why he's being so vague. He's hardly looked at her ever since they'd left the hotel, and she can't help wondering if some thing's wrong with her. Why else would he avoid even glancing at her? She feels ugly.

She sits back unhappily, closing her eyes as she pushes her tears back. She won't let him see her cry - she chooses to keep her emotions to herself. She refuses to allow herself to break down in front of him - in front of them.

Shawnia... she's unsure about Shawnia, and she only knows one thing about the older woman - that she doesn't like her. She doesn't know why, and Shawnia refuses to explain her angry feelings, but it makes Mitchie nervous. With Shawnia in the car, she doesn't feel comfortable. She knows she can't trust this girl sitting next to her.

This girl sitting next to her hates her.

She wonders what's wrong - with Shawnia, with Shane, with herself - and why she can't seem to remember what happened that led to her being in a coma. The thought is torturing her, occupying her attention, and she groans. Why can't she remember? She feels as though some thing's blocking her thoughts, refusing to allow her to access them beyond a certain point.

She feels strange for even thinking that, but she knows it's true.

Some thing was wrong with her - she knows. She doesn't try to deny herself, she knows she's messed up. She's worried - she wonders what's wrong with her, and why she's wrapped up in such a strange mess.

She didn't even know her own name, until Shane came and told her.

Shane. Somehow, she's managed to remember his name, a pure, clear note in her mind. She wonders why his name came so easily to her, when her own still sounds foreign on her tongue. She wonders why things are so difficult.

She wonders what she did to deserve this punishment.

He can see she's stressed, keeping everything inside, and he wishes he could help her. He wishes he knew how to help her.

He wishes he could be there for her.

She wishes he could be there for her.

It's been on and fou since she woke up, and already, everything is falling apart.