] - [My Life Would Suck Without You] - [

Paul: Chapter 04

'Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me and honestly,
My life would suck without you

This place known as Forks in Washington State was so small; I could already tell that people here all knew each other in some way. All of a sudden there was a teenage girl moving into the house belonging to Moira ó Faoláin who had passed away three months ago. There were no adults with her- she was all alone with only a Siberian husky dog to keep her company.

The whispers started right away after all many believed my great-aunt Moira to be a witch, they were right of course but they didn't know that. They didn't know what to say about me.

When I walked into my classroom everyone stared, they were the vultures and I was the new meat- figuratively speaking. While I wasn't popular-which I was okay with, I also wasn't some loser with no friends. I picked my friends carefully and stayed away from the group of veggie vampires.

One day I was walking back from the beach with my husky named Calhoun and I saw him. He was beautifully tan, tall and staring at me so passionately that I was frozen in place. And then… then the look in his eyes changed all I could see was disbelief, horror, and an anger that made me stumble back.

He ran and I fell onto the sand ignoring the whimpers coming from my dog.

Three days later I was beyond paranoid. I could feel something watching me, following me, growing up in a Wiccan home I had learned to feel auras early on. But this- I couldn't pin point anything- so I lived on while acting skittish and distrustful of everything and everyone. I'm sure my great-aunt Moira was rolling in her grave in shame.

Christopher Halliwell, my whitelighter thought it was funny.

Two weeks later I met Jared and his girlfriend Kim.

A week later I officially met Paul or the guy who made me stumble and fall over the sand.

I remember standing there awkwardly as he glared at Jared and turned to me making me more nervous. He held out his hand and introduced himself with a charming smile that even Jared was left gaping like a fish.

Laughing slightly I took it enjoying the warmth, "Nicole ó Faoláin."

I jolted up from my sleeping position on my bed as I heard glass breaking in my kitchen. Cursing softly I gathered my anthem, and vanquishing potions heading down the stairs, while hissing out Chris's name.

I didn't have much time before I was flung into a wall. There were three demons surrounding me. Glaring heatedly I flung the vials in my hand managing to kill all of them swiftly, "Chris, get your ass over here!"

As I turned around my fist hit a demons face and my foot caught another in his stomach, "You bastards! Today was a real shitty day and you just had to appear didn't you!"

"Stupid woman shut up!" one yelled as he backhanded me. "Grab her and let's get out of here already!" he broke off as my dagger made it through his throat.

Scoffing I glared at the other one, "Like hell I'm going anywhere with you trash! Chris! Damn it Chris get-" I gasped and crumpled to the ground wincing as more of them appeared.

"Mm what a naughty witch~ I'm hurt that you don't want to visit me anymore down in my lair," the man teased as he grasped my chin.

I glared at him and bit his hand smiling when he yelped. "Psh, put her in a cell her Charmed one is bound to come for her," he scowled while waving a hand.

And just as the demons where shifting us out of my house I saw the blue-white lights of Chris's orbing. The front door slammed open revealing a pissed off Paul, a panicking Collin and the rest of the pack before it all went black.

I know it's short and I haven't updated this one in forever but I had writer's block.

enjoy, andy