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] - [My Life Would Suck Without You] - [

Paul: Chapter 07

'Cause we belong together now, yeah
Forever united here somehow, yeah
You got a piece of me and honestly,
My life would suck without you

The next time I wake up, I am no longer in the underworld but I am not in my own house either. The dark blue walls of Paul's room surround me, the window was open allowing the cool night air in and the door was slightly closed. My wounds are healed- Chris's doing no doubt –but my body still feels sore.

I sit up carefully eyes glazing over as I think back to that moment when Collin is carrying me out of that room. That one second when I was able to glance back and catch Luke's wide eyes swimming in anger and yet I could see the anguish as I was taken further away from him. Despite everything he had done to me I could not help but feel sorry for him even as he crumbled into ashes. Because despite everything at one time Luke and I had been good friends, he had saved me from other demons, he had been my crying shoulder when I was bullied in school… because at one point he had been my everything…

I never knew that children could be so cruel. Growing up surrounded by my family I had always been loved and treated nicely. But upon entering high school I was constantly picked on, if it wasn't for my clothes it was for being too smart, if it wasn't for my dull hair it was for being too magically powerful.

One day they had knocked my things away, I had been shoved against the wall and they had chopped my long hair. They left me slumped against the wall as they walked away laughing like hyenas. Seconds later someone gathered my things and handed me my bag before walking away, I looked up in time to see him-Luke from some of my classes-disappear down the hallway.

Days later they cornered me in the bathroom, they taunted and jeered kicking and punching until they grew bored and left taking with them my grandmothers amulet. I stumbled out bruised, bloodied, but I refused to cry in public- only to bump into someone else. I bit my lip refusing to scream in pain but gasping as arms embraced me gently- it was him, again. He took into his home and I let myself cry without fear. Two days later the girls were expelled and he handed my grandmothers amulet with a smile.

Weeks turned into months, months turned into years- he became my best friend, he made me happy, and kept me safe. But then one night I came home to find grandparents dead, my parents standing defensively daggers glowing with magic and Luke standing there eyes black, hands covered in blood and energy ball crackling. My parent's whitelighters' managed to orb us away into hiding but I would never forget his rage filled eyes widening in agony and panic as he noticed my hysterical form.

My eyes shot open when a warm hand wiped my tears away. In front of me Paul, my soul mate Paul sat watching me carefully as if the smallest thing would break me. I shuddered and let myself sob; he embraced me laying us on the bed and allowing me to curl up at his side as he covered us with a blanket.

Hours later I woke up to a soothing heartbeat; arms held me tight and safe, his eyes showed me how much he truly cared. Nuzzling his throat I let the words slip from my lips, "Don't leave me."

He smiled and kissed my temple, "Never again."

"I love you."

"I love you too."

The End.

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