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Marvel Challenge Name Xander Unleashed Challenge Type Personal Challenge Category Multiple Crossings Description This is a crossover fic covering Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Star Wars (some Stargate tossed in is fine). This is a YAHF Xander-Centered fic involving the video game Star Wars: Force Unleashed with Xander going as the main character of the video game.


- No Slash.
- Buffy and Willow bashing expected.
- Xander gets to keep the powers, training, experience, etc. from his costume.
- Pairing is up to the Author (anyone execpt Anya).
- This wil be set in the Buffy/Stargate universe.
- And finally Xander must be a Badass in this fic.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: I know that I have a lot of unfinished works already but when the plot bunnies start kicking that who am I to resist. If there is anyone to blame this plot bunny on, it is Marvel that should be to blame for this.

Xander Unleashed


Digimon Lantern 1

Chapter One

The Force Unleashed, Part One

At the moment, Ethan Rayne was not a happy camper. He saved money on the costumes for his shop when he had got a great deal on a large assortment of Star Wars costumes. Granted, a large assortment of the costumes were that of Imperial Stormtroopers but he only had a few unique costumes. He had sold the only Darth Vader costume to what he thought was a vampire but he brushed it off as he realized that it would still be entertaining. A blonde girl who seemed too intent on proving the stereotype correct had purchased a black leather Imperial Captain's uniform. The final costume that he had to sell was driving him out of his bloody mind. The packaging the costume was in had said "Jedi Ceremonial Robes" and had came with a prop lightsaber but so far, he'd found no one who was right for the costume. Ethan noticed a dark haired teenage boy looking forlornly at an assortment of toy rifles.

"Something I can do to help, young man?" Ethan asked.

"Don't do that." The young man exclaimed.

"Sorry, force of habit." Ethan replied before extending a hand. "Name's Ethan and this is my shop so the question remains; something I can do to help?"

The young man took his hand and shook it. "My name's Xander and I was hoping to find something a bit more interesting than just a soldier." Xander said.

"I have something in the back that might interest you." Ethan said smiling as he led Xander into the back.

On a mannequin lay a set of white and brown robes that seemed to call out to Xander in a rather profound way. Xander could almost feel a tingle run up his arm as he felt the material and a smile crossed his face when Ethan pulled out a prop lightsaber to go with it. He began to shake his head.

"There's no way I could afford this." Xander said to the shopkeeper disappointed.

"Nonsense, my boy." Ethan replied. "A Jedi is needed to counterbalance another costume I sold to this peculiar individual who liked to stay out of the sunlight."

"Tall, dark-haired guy with a lot of gel in his hair?" Xander asked.

"Yes, how did you know?" Ethan replied with a question of his own.

"Lucky guess." Xander said. "But there is still no way I could afford this."

"Since my shop did so well, I would like for you to have it." The shopkeeper replied. "I consider this to be great business. Besides, no one else seemed interested in being a Jedi."

"Okay, sold." Xander said smiling. "Thank you."

"No, my boy." Ethan said returning the smile. "Thank you."


He normally never stopped by Angel's apartment but a question was nagging at him. Xander knocked on the door and stepped into the light in order to block it as the vampire with a soul opened the door.

"Xander, what do you want?" Angel asked a little grumpy.

"Just heard that you bought a costume that some might consider a bit evil." Xander said. "I'm a little curious."

Angel let Xander into his apartment and Xander instantly spotted the costume that the vampire had laid out on his sofa.

"Never took you for a Star Wars fan, Deadboy." Xander said.

"I saw the movies when they came out in theaters." Angel replied. "Vader was my favorite character for a few obvious reasons."

"An evil bastard who after committing untold atrocities finally finds redemption for what he's done before he dies." Xander said stating the probable reason for Angel's choice.

"Yah, do you think she'll like it?" Angel asked.

"If nothing else, she'll definitely see it as being very you." Xander replied. "Though you'll have a lot more backup with your costume than I will with mine."

Xander showed Angel the contents of the bag he was carrying and a smile crossed Angel's face.

"So, I guess our little 'rivalry' continues tonight." Angel said.

"Only if you want to lose a great many stormtroopers." Xander replied. "I got to go."


Xander stood at the Summers' front door dressed in his costume as the door opened to reveal Dawn dressed in a white robe with a brunette wig done up with two buns on her left and right side of her head.

"Wow, Xander." Dawn exclaimed. "Cool costume."

"Thank you, Princess." Xander replied. "As you aren't sufficiently armed, I see I must protect you."

"Mom wouldn't let me get a toy blaster but she did help me make the rest of the costume. She also got me this R2-D2 toy." Dawn explained holding up her prize. "I managed to get this cool wig at that new place, Ethan's."

"Same place I got my costume." Xander replied. "I saw these three guys from school rigging up their van to look like an AT-ST."

"I see everyone's taking advantage of the Star Wars costumes." Buffy said coming down the stairs.

"Lady Buffy, Duchess of Buffdom, I hereby renounce spandex." Xander said to his blonde female friend who was wearing a brunette wig.

"If you like my costume, you ought to check out Willow's." Buffy said indicating towards the top of the stairs to see Willow dressed in her ghost costume.

"Now that Casper has joined us, shall we go?" Xander asked.


Angel walked out into the night in his costume to see Drusilla standing there waiting for him. He frowned under the helmet.

"What do you want, Dru?" He asked a little impatient.

"I'm just waiting for the Dark Lord to appear, Daddy." She said with her usual grin. "Spike doesn't believe me that he'll show but the stars keep heralding his arrival far, far, away."

"That's nice, Dru, but I have to go..." Angel said before the wave of magic hit.

"In more ways than you think, Daddy." Drusilla said as she heard the dark figure before her begin to breathe rather mechanically.

Darth Vader gazed at the figure before him. She bore a resemblance to Padme which saved her from him killing her but he was still curious as to who she was.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"I'm your humble servant, my Lord." She said. "My name is Drusilla."

"Where are we?" He asked. "What brought me here?"

"We're in a town called Sunnydale, milord." Dru explained. "A mean mage has cast a spell which brought you here."

"This town is steeped in the Dark Side." He said before noticing a presence. "My apprentice in here."

"Yes, he's going to try to turn everything back to the way things were but if we get the mean mage's statue then nothing will change." Drusilla explained.

After she finished her explanation, that was when a platoon of stormtroopers arrived and halted when they saw Darth Vader.

"Lord Vader, what are your orders?" One of the troopers asked.

"Two companies are to accompany Drusilla to the costume shop in question." Darth Vader ordered. "Treat any orders from her as orders from me. The rest of you shall accompany me to the local seat of power."

"Yes sir." The trooper replied.


Galen deactivated his lightsaber after he finished off the final stormtrooper in his vicinity. None of this was making any sense to him. The last thing he had remembered was becoming one with the Force in order to save the fleeing rebels from the Emperor's attack. Now, he was in some kind of primitive settlement that was crawling with stormtroopers. If this was the afterlife, he was disappointed. A disturbance in the Force came towards him causing him to reignite his lightsaber and point in towards the disturbance.

"Whoa! Xander, what's going on?" The red-haired Force Phantom asked. "Suddenly, I'm a ghost and everyone else has turned into their costumes and..."

"I'm afraid that he and I have also been effected by whatever it is that you claim is going on." Dawn said coming from behind the Jedi.

"Princess, must I always rescue you from Imperial hands?" Galen asked.

Willow's eyes widened as she saw Dawn police the stormtroopers for anything useful. Her eyes tried to open wider when she saw R2-D2 let out a few beeps. She watched as the little droid rolled over to Dawn and let out a few more beeps and warbles.

"R2 says that he completed his scan of the settlement and can now render a map." Dawn replied.

"Well then, Leia, let's see where we are." Galen said ignoring Willow.

"Hey, we're in Sunnydale." Willow exclaimed trying to get their attention.

"Please tell me you're seeing that too?" Leia asked.

"Yes, I was hoping it was just a Force Phantom." Galen replied.

"Okay." Leia said. "R2, the map."

R2 warbled and a blue holographic map formed in front of him. Willow could only stare as little symbols appeared on the map that had to be stormtroopers. She heard a scream and saw Buffy running from stormtroopers. Galen ran in front of Buffy and began to deflect blaster bolts back to their shooters as Leia pulled the screaming girl aside. Shifting his stance from Soresu to Juyo, he dispatched the stormtroopers with relative ease.

"We should go to Buffy's house." Willow said trying to lure the three people she knew somewhere where they were least likely to kill someone.

"I disagree." Leia said. "With the number of Imperial Stormtroopers in the area, the civilian population of this settlement will greatly suffer."

"Plus, Vader is here with what I think is his new apprentice." Galen added.

They heard more screaming and turned to see a girl in a cat costume running away from what looked like a Wookie. Galen used the Force to push the Wookie to the ground and ignited his lightsaber. The girl in the cat costume ran over to them as the Wookie took the hint and ran off.

"Cordelia, you're not a cat. We're your friends, well sort of." Willow said to Cordelia.

"Gee, Willow." Cordelia replied. "Gone mental much?"

"You're not your costume?" Willow asked.

"No, but with Jo-Jo the dog boy..." Cordelia said before she was interrupted.

"Wookie." Leia stated.

"What?!" Cordelia exclaimed.

"It was a Wookie." Leia informed Cordelia. "I've met a few in the Alliance."

"What's with Harris and Buffy's little sister?" Cordelia asked Willow.

"Some kind of spell is affecting the town." Willow replied.

Galen stepped towards Cordelia. "Cordelia, is there anyone that you can think of that might be able to help us better understand what is going on here?" He asked her. Galen had probed her mind slightly only to find that she was an exceptionally strong willed individual.

"That librarian at school, Giles." Cordelia replied.

"Take us there." Galen ordered.


Darth Vader raised an arm halting the stormtroopers accompanying him. He probed his surrounding with the Force and found what he was seeking.

"No matter what occurs, none of you will take any action." He ordered his men.

"Yes, Lord Vader." The stormtroopers replied in unison.

"Reveal yourself." Vader called out. "You can not hide from the power of the Dark Side."

His target didn't move so the Dark Lord of the Sith decided to force her to move. Using the Force, he picked up one of the primitive conveyances and hurled it at her location. Before the vehicle could reach its target, a figure darted out of its hiding spot and out into the street. Vader stared at his stalker. She was a dark skinned human female, obviously in her teen years, clad in a motley assortment of clothing. The clothing seemed to be more for function rather than fashion. Obviously, she had no clue who he was as she charged at him for close combat. He didn't even reach for his lightsaber and after allowing her to land a single glancing blow; he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her into the air.

"I would have thought the Rebel Alliance was more aware of what I was capable of." Vader said to her.

"Go ahead and kill me." She said to him. "Another Slayer will be awakened by me death."

"Then, I hope she isn't as foolish as you are." Vader said before crushing her neck with his grip.

Vader dropped her and proceeded on down the street with the stormtroopers following close behind him.


Light filled the hallway as the Asgard transport beam materialized the team known as SG-1 in the hallway of the high school. They were only allowed to take standard weaponry and nothing exotic on this mission. Granted, this mission was a bit impromptu but when Thor informed them of energy signatures indicative of weapons fire in a small California town, they had to react.

"All I wanted to do tonight was watch that Charlie Brown special that was on TV." O'Neill said to himself. "But no, Thor had to show up with weapons fire detected from orbit."

"Sir, this could be a foothold situation." Carter informed him quickly.

They began to walk outside of the school. Teal'c looked over at O'Neill.

"I too had plans to watch the Star Wars trilogy." Teal'c stated.

"At least, a few people are in the Halloween spirit." Daniel said pointing to a squad of people dressed as stormtroopers.

The "stormtroopers" pointed their blaster rifles at them. Ordinarily, they wouldn't have done anything as the elite team knew that they were fake rifles. At least until they heard a familiar phrase.

"There they are." One of the stormtroopers said. "Blast them."

Then the supposed "fake" stormtroopers began to fire their "fake" blaster rifles at them very realistically. They dove for what cover they could find and returned fire however the rounds the P90 used weren't enough to penetrate the stormtroopers' armor. O'Neill wasn't liking this situation and said the first thing that came to mind.

"Where's a freaking Jedi Knight when you need one?" He asked himself.


O'Neill's eyes widened when he heard the familiar sound and he turned to look at Teal'c who nodded back to him to indicate he heard the same sound. A man dressed in white and brown robes ran towards the stormtroopers, deflecting blaster bolts with his (O'Neill was thanking whatever deity that may be watching this) blue lightsaber as he closed the distance. The Jedi Knight dispatched the squad with a few swipes of his lightsaber and a few telekinetic shoves that presumably knocked them out.

God, if you're up there, thank you. O'Neill thought.

The Jedi turned off his lightsaber as four more girls and, General Hammond was never going to believe this report for as long as he lived, R2-D2 approached them. One girl who looked like she was dressed like Princess Leia approached them armed with her own blaster rifle that looked like it was picked up from a dead stormtrooper. The look she was giving O'Neill seemed to make him want to stand at attention. It reminded him of when General Hammond was addressing the entire SGC.

"And you are?" She asked.

"Colonel Jack O'Neill and let me guess, Princess Leia." He replied with his classic smirk.

The Jedi quickly activated his lightsaber and took a position between SG-1 and the Princess. They instinctively raised their weapons but could still remember what that lightsaber had done to the stormtroopers. O'Neill did find the reverse grip the young man was using to be rather odd.

"Oh, come off it, Ben Kenobi!" A girl in a cat costume exclaimed. She pushed past him and opened the door to the school. "The library's this way."

The Jedi deactivated his lightsaber and O'Neill could distinctively hear the Jedi mutter something about being tempted to go to the dark side. Teal'c raised an eyebrow indicating that he had hear it too.

"This can't be good." O'Neill said as he motioned for his team to follow the others into the school.


Joyce couldn't believe what was happening. She had been invited to a Halloween party hosted by the Mayor at City Hall and had dressed in a cowgirl costume she bought at Party Town. The party had been a real hit until someone dressed as Darth Vader came in accompanied by a lot of stormtroopers. The police officers who were serving as security tried to detain the individuals when Darth Vader sliced off the arms of the closet officer with his lightsaber. The stormtroopers that came in with him opened fire on the other officers. People started to scream and run for other doors but an order from Darth Vader caused the stormtroopers to use the blue stun blasts on a few of the escapees.

"Any further attempts to leave here will not be tolerated." Darth Vader said. "Who is in charge of this settlement?"

Mayor Wilkins, clad in an Uncle Sam costume, walked tentatively over to Vader. "I am." He said. "Mayor Richard Wilkins the Third. What seems to be the problem?"

"I do not tolerate deception." Vader said raising his black clad hand up as Wilkins felt an invisible hand grasp at his throat.

"Well, gosh." Wilkins managed to say before he was killed by a violent twist as his neck was snapped by Vader's telekinetic hold.

"Now, who is in charge of this settlement?" Vader asked again.

Allan Finch was pushed to the front of the crowd. The deputy mayor was dressed as Abraham Lincoln.

"What can I do to help you?" He asked. "I am Deputy Mayor Allan Finch."


Drusilla stopped in the middle of the street causing the stormtroopers she had accompanying her to halt. Ethan Rayne tugged at his restraints to only receive a blow from one of the stormtrooper's rifle stock for his trouble. She looked over to see her kitten's house with the loud bad cats that he had as parents were inside.

The female vampire cringed as the stink of alcohol reached her nose. She never liked it when her Spike would get drunk and she hated having to drink a drunk person. Drusilla knew that Spike had a bit of the bottle when she sired him but Spike was special.

"It's time to show what you do with bad cats." She said holding a hand over at one of the stormtroopers.

She reveled in this new power that had awakened within her when she met the Dark Lord. Drusilla used this power to pluck a thermal detonator from the stormtrooper, activate it, and hurl it through the house's window. A fiery explosion erupted from the house as the detonator went off. She grinned and started to march towards her Master's location. This was the second time she performed this ability before. The other building to suffer the same fate was the bad mage's shop.


Monsters of every shape and size surrounded her. Fear gripped her like a vice as the distance between her and these creatures closed. She collapsed onto the floor out of terror. Before they could reach her, she heard a sound that didn't even seem to belong.


She saw someone slashing at the monsters with a blue lightsaber. The monsters focused in on her savior and she could only watch as her savior dispatched each of the monsters with ease. When the final monster was killed, he deactivated the lightsaber and walked over to her. She tried to see his face but all she saw was a blur but she did see his hand reach down to her.

"You're safe now." He said.

Faith sat up in her bed quickly as she snapped awake. She grabbed the sides of her head and tried to wake herself up a little bit more.

"Damn, no more chili-cheese dogs before bed." She scolded herself.


She had just put Cassie to bed when the phone rang. Doctor Janet Frasier hated these late night calls and hoped to all that was holy that it wasn't something involving some weird virus or alien device that SG-1 had somehow come into contact off-world. The four members of SG-1 were her best friends and were like a surrogate family for Cassandra but they were trying her patience at times. She picked up the phone.

"Doctor Frasier, this is Jonathon Helms of the Burchill Detective Agency." The voice on the other end introduced himself. Janet felt her heart skip a beat. "I'm calling in regards to the case you hired me to investigate."

"What happened?" She asked nervously.

"I believe I might have found your son." He replied.

To Be Continued...

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