Chapter Six

Holding Court

She felt alone as she sat in her room. Granted, Artoo was in the room with her but it wasn't the same as actual human company. Even Angel hadn't shown up in a while and that was depressing.

"Dawn, you home?" Buffy yelled from downstairs.

"Yah!" Dawn yelled back and decided to head downstairs to see her sister.

Buffy stood next to Willow at the front door of their home. The two of them looked concerned as Dawn approached.

"What's wrong?" Dawn asked.

"Giles has some drunk balance demon on his couch who is moaning about the upset in the balance." Buffy replied. "Think you can do the whole Jedi Force thingy?"

Dawn shook her head. "I wouldn't want to try it." She said. "I'm getting good with the first form of lightsaber combat but I don't have the little metal ball that shoots at me. I can do a little TK but I'm not even going to attempt a mind trick until I can find a Jedi Master to train me."

Willow laughed a bit. "It's not like those are falling off of trees." She said.

"Actually, Xander is Shaak Ti's Padawan now." Dawn told her sister's friend. "Considering Xander remembers killing her, it is a little weird."

Buffy shook her head. "Who's Shaq Ti?" She asked.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "Shaak Ti is a Jedi Master who once served on the Jedi Council." She told her sister. "Though, don't you think we should see what this demon wants?"


Lividous knocked her apprentice to the ground and lashed out at him with Force Lightning. He clenched his teeth and growled in pain but it was a low growl. His years of being tortured by his former slave owners had already given him sharp lessons in withstanding pain and he would not give her the satisfaction. Bries interrupted their sparring match.

"My Lady, SG-1 has been spotted emerging from the Chappa'ai." He reported and was pleased when she smiled as she deactivated her lightsaber.

"Escort them to the room I had prepared." She said looking over at her apprentice. "You have somewhere you need to be. Bring me Cameron Mitchell, John Sheppard, and Rodney McKay to me."

Her apprentice bowed to her and began to walk away. Lividous rolled her eyes knowing what her Padawan was thinking of.

"I want them alive, Lord Gojira." Lividous said before realizing she needed to amend her statement. "I also need them in one piece so no severed limbs."

Gojira let out a moan of disappointment but continued out of the room. Lividous felt the curiosity radiating off him like heat from a fire. She smiled at the First Prime.

"Is something the matter, Bries?" She asked.

"Why did you ask Lord Gojira to find those three Tau'ri?" He asked. "They don't seem important."

"Not now, Bries." She said smiling as she loved explaining things. "Cameron Mitchell will be the future leader of SG-1 as they battle against ascended beings from another galaxy. Sheppard and McKay will end up fighting the Wraith in the winged horse galaxy while living in the Lost City."

"Will Lord Gojira be bringing anyone else?" Bries asked.

"No, other people that I have seen as important are now being hunted by bounty hunters interested in the prizes I have offered." Lividous said. "The hunters know to take their targets alive as should they die; they know their own suffering will be immense."

"How shall the hunters be paid?" Bries asked.

"I am not a System Lord, Bries." She snapped scolding her soldier. "I will actually pay them instead of merely killing them."

"My apologies, milady." He said quickly. "I am too accustomed to how the Goa'uld handle affairs."

She walked over and patted him on the shoulder. "Do not worry yourself, Bries." She said. "I see you leading my armies for years to come."

"About that, my lady." Bries said. "Your warriors are curious about where they will strike next."

Lividous considered the possible targets until one came to mind. "Moloc, his treatment of his Jaffa women angers me." She said. "After we send SG-1 on their way, leave enough Jaffa on this world to sufficiently defend it and we will attack Moloc directly."

Bries brought his right fist to his left shoulder and bowed. "I obey." He said before leaving her alone.

Lividous still smiled as she was alone in the chamber. "Yes, of course you will." She said.


"You can stop rubbing it in, sir." Carter said as they proceeded through the forest.

"Well, I'm just surprised someone with a doctorate in astrophysics couldn't think about it after working on it how long exactly." O'Neill replied as he gloated about the situation.

Carter glared at him. "How was I suppose to know we could have just dialed another gate, go there, and dial this planet's address?" She asked.

Teal'c decided to join the conversation. "I would have thought after the three other SG teams returned from their missions." He replied.

Daniel, showing exactly why he was considered the team's diplomat, stayed quiet and out of the argument. He found it strange to see the former first prime arguing at all but recent events had them all on edge. Normal circumstances had been thrown out the window since Halloween and they had seemed to have gone from fighting the Goa'uld as the greatest threat to fighting a Dark Lady of the Sith. Though he had to admit to himself, it was cool to have Jedi allies. He was hoping that more Jedi would pop out of thin air as Shaak Ti had but he wondered if they would be actual Jedi or mere people that were Force Sensitive. His eyes widened as they came to a clearing and the bodies that were haphazardly scattered across the ground. What he heard Jack say next was what he was thinking.

"Remind me not to piss Xander off ever." O'Neill said as he observed the bodies. "Any chance their symbiotes are still alive?"

Teal'c had been walking over to a few of the bodies. "I believe they have been run through their pouches with Xander's lightsaber." He said. "Since Jedi and Sith can sense them, I believe they were killed as well."

"Good." O'Neill said. "I hate surprises."

It did not take long to realize the path that Xander had followed and when they saw the palace, their jaws dropped at the devastation they saw. Hundreds of bodies could be seen half buried in the earth and crushed as they wondered what could have done what they saw.

"Sir, do you see that burning Alkesh?" Carter asked.

"Yah, remind me not to piss Xander off." O'Neill said. "This doesn't seem very Jedi."

"It very well could be." Carter replied. "We just don't know enough."

They made their way into the palace as it seemed lightly guarded. Rounding a corner, a very bad thought entered O'Neill's mind. He as well as the rest of his team watched the door open to see Darth Lividous sitting calmly at a long dinner table with various dishes set out as if it was a Thanksgiving Day dinner but obviously a few substitutions had been made.

"I have been expecting you, SG-1." She said raising a hand. "I would like to invite you to dinner."

"Fuck." O'Neill said as he began to disarm himself to the surprise of his teammates.

"Colonel!" Carter exclaimed shocked.

"Carter, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back." He said. "Does this ring a bell at all?"

Teal'c stoically began to disarm as he noticed a Jaffa clad in armor that was eerily reminiscent of Darth Vader. Major Carter and Daniel decided to disarm as well and they sat down at the table. Lividous turned to the Jaffa.

"You may go now, Bries." She said. "I believe they know to behave themselves."

The Jaffa walked out of the room and O'Neill never let his attention fall away from the Sith Lady.

"So, when do I get frozen in carbonite?" He asked.

Lividous had to laugh. O'Neill had acted exactly as she knew he would and it was rather amusing.

"I do not intend to freeze anyone in anything, Colonel, though you are like your team's Han Solo. Samantha would be Princess Leia. Doctor Jackson would be Luke or perhaps C-3PO and I can see Teal'c being a much calmer Chewbacca." Lividous said. "I merely intend to have a nice dinner as I reveal to you what I know about what will occur in the years to come."

Daniel was a bit confused. "You're just going to give us this information." He said. "Why?"

"Because, you will not be able to stop it anyway. I am Darth Lividous, the Dark Lady of the Sith." She said smiling. "I can not be trusted but I swear to you that I will never lie. Despite what the Jedi may proclaim, I don't need to lie because you can't afford to trust me but as time goes by you will realize that I am right."

Daniel nodded realizing that Lividous did have a point. No one would be able to believe anything Lividous told them and that gave the Sith Lady the opportunity to tell exactly what her plans were and there would be nothing they could reasonably do.

"What are your intentions towards the Jaffa?" Teal'c asked.

"I intend to free them from the Goa'uld and lead them on a situational basis." She replied. "As such, they will rule themselves but I may ask a thing or two from them from time to time. I have captured a couple of Goa'uld queens and I intend to clone them a few times and have them produce symbiotes for the Jaffa. Once mature, the symbiotes will be killed. They earned their fates."

"What about Xander?" O'Neill asked. "Is he around here?"

"My dark kitten is already on his way back to Earth. The thunder god gave him back Galen's ship with a few upgrades and he is going back home to save his friend's sister from Count Dooku." Lividous said sounding delightful as she answered their questions. "Though I suspect he may be delayed."


"Proxy, take us out of hyperspace." Xander said opening his eyes.

Ahsoka was surprised as she didn't know why he was delaying their return to his home world but she saw the reason. Three ships she didn't recognize the design of were chasing another ship. She watched as he turned to the communications console.

"This is the Rogue Shadow." Xander said. "Do you require assistance?"

"Assistance would be appreciated." The female voice came over the speakers and Ahsoka recognized the voice immediately.

"Master Secura!" She exclaimed turning to the droid. "Proxy! Transport everyone onboard Master Secura's ship over. I don't think they'll last much longer."

The droid followed her orders and the Torgutan Jedi Padawan ran into the lounge area of the ship where two columns of light deposited the Rutian Twil'lek and a dark-haired woman over. Aayla looked pleased to see her.

"Ashoka, your timing is impeccable." She said. "This is Vala Mal Doran, the captain of the ship that was being attacked."

"Charmed, so are we getting out of here?" Vala asked. "I swear, Aayla, I am having the worst luck. Bounty hunters sent after me by this Lividous person—."

Aayla was surprised by the young Torugta's reaction as it was clear that the girl recognized the name.

"What would Darth Lividous want with you?" Ashoka asked Vala. "Pardon my thinking so but you don't seem like you'd be important to her."

Vala started to protest but was silenced by Aayla. "So, a Sith Lord was after her." Aayla said.

"Actually, Sith Lady, Master Secura." Ahsoka said as a couple of explosions could be heard from outside the ship. "What the heck is Xander doing?"

Ahsoka ran to the small bridge/cockpit of the Rogue Shadow followed closely by Aayla and Vala who saw a cackling Xander as he fired a blue particle beam weapon which tore through another ship before causing that ship to explode in a fiery blaze. The remaining two ships disappeared into hyperspace as Xander turned in his seat to see Ahsoka glaring at him.

"What did I do?" He asked shrugging his shoulders.

"Only make yourself look like an insane Sith Lord in front of Master Secura!" Ahsoka exclaimed as she walked over to him in order to slap him in the back of the head. "Honestly, why are you trying to embarrass me?"

"I'm a sci-fi geek, okay. I'm in space in my own star ship blowing other ships out of the sky with a pair of Jedi onboard, a smuggler, and a droid. All I need is Teal'c to play Chewbacca and borrow R2 from Dawn and it would make the scene perfect." Xander explained to her. "Forgive me for reveling in my geekdom. You know, you remind me of a nicer version of Cordelia. I definitely shouldn't let the two of you into the same room together."


They arrived at Giles' apartment to find what looked like a badly dressed man on Giles' couch. The strong smell of alcohol emanated from the leather clad demon and it seemed as though this wasn't a rare occurrence for him lately. Whistler spotted Dawn as soon as she came in.

"Oh great, I knew I was going to run into you." Whistler said wishing again that Giles hadn't taken his bottle away.

"What did I ever do to you?" Dawn asked. "We've never met."

"No but thanks to his buddy," Whistler said pointing to Giles. "I'm out of a job."

"You're a balance demon." Giles replied. "How can you be out of a job?"

Whistler shrugged. "Could it be that thanks to his buddy, the balance has been destroyed?" He asked rhetorically before a thought crossed his mind. "Actually, wouldn't the destruction of both sides create balance?"

Giles collapsed into a chair as he heard that little bit of information. He removed his glasses and began to clean them as it was a habit of his as he tried to calm himself down. Placing the glasses back on himself, he glared at the balance demon.

"What do you mean by that?" He asked not wanting to hear the answer he knew the demon would give him.

"I mean the Powers That Be and the First Evil are gone." Whistler said moving his hands like an explosion. "Both sides were wiped out leaving the Force behind. Upper management or as you would better know them as God and the Devil are fine leaving things as they are. Hell, the freakin' Oracles are working drive-thru at McDonald's."

Before they could reply to the odd and rather distressing information, the front door of Giles's apartment was opened and an elderly man clad in black clothes walked in. Despite his obvious aged appearance, it did not seem to affect him. Dawn's eyes widened in recognition of who he was but Buffy was the one who made a comment first.

"Why is Christopher Lee in your apartment, Giles?" She asked.

The man smiled at the blonde-haired Slayer. "I am not Christopher Lee but I believe your sister knows exactly who I am." He said turning his attention towards Dawn.

Dawn was backing away from the man slowly. Fear could be plainly seen on her face.

'Why in the hell couldn't only Jedi be brought back?' She asked herself. 'Was it too much to freaking ask but no, we had to have another Sith Freaking Lord?'

"Dawnie," Her sister said. "Who is this guy?"

"Count Dooku." Dawn replied as she tried to gather what remained of her courage so that she could try to distract the Sith Lord to allow the others to escape. "He was the Sith Lord who officially controlled the forces of the Separatists during the Clone Wars. Anakin Skywalker beheaded him."

"True." The Sith Lord said smiling at them. "Though I intend to not allow that to happen again."

Dooku raised a hand towards Dawn and blue-white Force Lightning shot out from his fingers. It was pure chance that she had managed to activate her lightsaber and bring its green blade in front of the incoming energy attack. When the others tried to stop him, he used his other hand to attack them with another burst of Force Lightning.

"Submit to the power of the Dark Side." He ordered them.


John Sheppard could only stare at the burning husk that had once been his father's home. He had been 'coerced' into coming to a family reunion that he hadn't wanted to come to but seeing the burning and damaged bodies of his entire family filled him with a rage that he didn't know he had. A strange laugh began to be made and he turned towards the source to see something he hadn't expected. A reptile man wearing some type of black clothes was the source of the laughter.

"What's so damn funny?" John asked.

"You are, John Sheppard." The creature said. "I've been waiting for you. Your family was kind enough to provide me with some amusement."

"What the hell are you?" John yelled as he pulled out a handgun that he kept on him and pointed it towards the creature.

"Now John, while names may be relevant." The creature said as he pulled out a small cylindrical device. "I believe this will suffice."

A crimson blade erupted from the device and John's eyes widened as he recognized what he was looking at.

"I am Darth Gojira, Dark Lord of the Sith." Gojira said. "My Mistress wishes to speak with you."

To Be Continued...

AUTHOR'S END NOTES: Okay, sorry about that but I've been having some writer's block but I wanted to try to continue the story the best I could. I believe I can guess the usual threats from mafioso bunnies to an angry mob with burning torches and pitchforks. On a side note, Happy 25th Birthday to me.