A/N I MISSED the Tiva fan community! So this takes place a few months after my other story, Unidentified Assailant. It isn't completely necessary to read that first, but I would recommend it. Enjoy!

Tony and Ziva had easily fallen into a life with each other. Sneakily, of course. Well, so they thought. It wasn't that easy to fool Gibbs, Abby, Ducky or McGee. Palmer was easy. So Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, and McGee studiously ignored the looks that passed between their two coworkers.

Ziva and Tony split the nights between their houses, neither one of them willing to give up there personal homes yet. Ziva rolled over lazily, enjoying the morning sun. She was debating on the best way to wake Tony. Biting him rather hard on the ear sounded good, but stealing the sheets until he was buck naked also had its appeal.

She jumped as the cell phone next to her bed started ringing loudly. Tony had taken the liberty of changing her ring tone to some absurd song by Britney Spear, with some guy in the background making a sound like a chicken after she said 'piece of me'. This was, of course, her personal phone, not the one she used for NCIS business.

Tony stuffed his head under the pillow as she answered.

"Hello?" she said, annoyed.

"Ms. Darren?" the voiced asked. Ziva groaned. Tony had set her up with a cell phone under the name Lisa Darren months ago to avoid calls from her father. Long story short, they'd had a falling out after Ziva found out that he hadn't tried to save her sister from the terrorists who'd murdered her. "I'm calling from NetCom Cable - "

"Do you know what time it is?" she growled.

"Uh, yes," the man said, unsure.

"Because I am serious considering rendering your intestines from your -"

"Good morning!" Tony interrupted, grabbing the phone from her and saving the hapless cable man. "We're busy, don't call again this early."

"Sir, if I could have a minute of your time…" Tony rolled his eyes. Had to give the kid points for trying.

"We're about to have hot monkey sex, kid," Tony said. "So really, don't call again." He hung up and tossed the phone away. "You just gotta speak their language sometimes."

"Really?" Ziva asked smiling. "So we are about to have hot monkey sex, are we?"

"Well," Tony said, rolling over until his nose touched Ziva's. "That's up to you, isn't it?"

"Hmm," she said, a look of mock consideration on her face. "I believe I like the way you think Agent DiNozzo." Ziva pressed her lips to Tony's, only to groan when the average sounding ring tong went off, signaling Tony's NCIS phone was ringing.

"Yeah, DiNozzo," he answered, still staring at Ziva.

"DiNozzo, triple homicide, dead Marine and his family. You and Ziva meet us at the scene," Gibbs voice commanded.

"Yeah Boss, we'll be there soon," Tony said, then froze, realizing the implications of his words. "Uhm, Boss, what I mean is, I'll call Ziva, Officer David, and we'll be there. We'll be there soon, after I call her and pick her up."

"Uh huh, DiNozzo," Gibbs said.

"Yeah Boss, so uhm, I'll go call our Mossad assassin and uhm, I'm sure she'll be ready and we'll be there soon."

"If you say so, DiNozzo," Gibbs said before hanging up. Ziva looked at Tony with raised eyebrows.

"You handled that really badly," Ziva informed him. Tony stuffed his head back under the pillow. He let out a series of noises, cluing Ziva in to the fact that he was freaking out.

"Tony! Tony, Tony, Tony!" Ziva shook his shoulders and yanked him into a sitting position. "Relax! Gibbs knows we sometimes socialize outside of work, yes?" Tony nodded slowly, clutching his pillow. "And it is, good god, it's noon on a Saturday. It is conceivable that we would be having lunch, or something."

"This is true," Tony said, sitting up straighter. He pulled her in for a quick kiss. "I knew I loved you for a reason!" Ziva rolled her eyes and hopped off of Tony's bed and yanked open the drawer he had gifted her and began the search for clean clothes.

"The victims are Petty Officer Carl Mason, his wife Ophelia and their eight year old son, James," Ducky informed Tony and Ziva when they arrived on the scene. The Masons had lived in a modest little neighborhood close to the base.

"Cause of death?" Gibbs asked.

"Well I can't know for certain but I'm fairly sure it's gunshot wound for the boy and a slit throat for both parents. I'll be able to say that officially after the autopsy," Ducky said.

"Thanks, Duck."

"So Boss," Tony started. "How'd we draw the lucky Saturday straw? I thought it was a different team's turn to work."

"It was, DiNozzo," Gibbs said. "But we had a little complication and the Director decided we needed to see this."

"What complication?" Ziva asked. Gibbs beckoned them to follow and led them into the Masons' kitchen. On the fridge was what one would expect. School pictures, drawings, report cars, family pictures etc.

"What're we supposed to be looking at, Boss?" Tony asked.

"That, DiNozzo," Gibbs said, pointing to a picture half obscured by James Mason's school photo. Tony's eyes widened.

"Is that…?" Tony asked.

"It is," Ziva said, as confused as Tony.

"Care to explain why there's a picture of you on our dead Marine's fridge?" Gibbs asked.

A/N So some of you were annoyed or unhappy with the scenes with Ziva and Tony in bed in the last story. Let me just say this, I will not write Ziva and Tony having sex in this story and I didn't in Unidentified Assailant. This is just them talking and probably kissing, nothing worth an M rating, but I figured I'd warn you just in case. If this bothers you, I'm letting you know odds are I'll include at least another few scenes of them together in bed, because I like them being so relaxed.