A/N Last chapter! I know it ends a little fast, but honestly there wasn't much else to do that wouldn't just be dragging it out.

"Happy birthday dear Han-nah, happy birthday to you!" The end of the song was accompanied by cheers and whistles, much to the small one year old's delight. Hannah DiNozzo had her mother's olive skin and rich brown hair, which made her blue DiNozzo eyes that much more striking. Ziva picked up her daughter and swung her in a circle, blowing raspberries.

The motherly side of Ziva still caught others off guard (though the fierceness shocked no one), but Tony was used to it and loved it. Hannah saw Gibbs and reached for him, laughing.

"You want to go to Grandpa Gibbs?" she cooed. "Here we go!" Gibbs smiled as he took the girl from Ziva, we went to speak to Abby. Hannah curled into Gibbs' chest. Tony smiled and stroked Hannah's hair.

"Be grateful for your family, Tony," Gibbs said, staring at the younger man. "Not everyone gets a chance like this."

"I know," Tony said. His eyes automatically moved back to his drowsing daughter. "I love them Gibbs, more than I've ever loved anything. I'm never letting them go."

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