Under The Rain

"But why?"

"I just have to. I wish I could stay, but I can't. You're my best friend, you know that, right?"

She nodded, trying to hold in her tears. He nodded sadly and left her, flying away to wherever it was he was headed.

They were best friends. They were great friends. She never told him. She never told him two very important things. She thought he wouldn't mind one of them, and the other would be happy, but she would never find out. He was leaving and she would never see him again.

Even though Kaoru wasn't an emotional girl, she dropped to her knees on the sidewalk and began to sob quietly. It was a dark day, and raining, so no one would be outside to see her, much less see her cry.

She didn't know why Butch was leaving, but she doesn't even think he knows why. She didn't even get to tell him she was Buttercup. She didn't even get to tell him she loved him.

The rain poured down, even harder than before. Kaoru was completely soaked, and she sat down on the sidewalk, breathing heavily. She felt pain everywhere; pain she didn't feel moments ago. Her head hurt, trying to figure out why he left. Her hands hurt, pounding the sidewalk, hitting it as if it would all be better. Her legs were numb from sitting on them. Her knees were skinned and bloody from being on them on the rough gravel.

And her heart hurt the most, because the only boy she ever loved left. Her best friend for so long, her old enemy, and the only one who could rival her abilities, the only one who could match them.

The only boy who ever made her laugh. The only boy who ever made her want to give out hugs willingly. The only boy who challenged her and brought out the best of the best in her. The only boy who stole her heart so completely. The only boy who matched her skills. The only boy who made her feel special and wanted.

The only boy who broke her heart and made her cry.

The rained poured even harder, and Kaoru willed it to drown her. She was drowning in the rain, and her tears as well.

She laid down against the sidewalk, ignoring the harsh gravel scratch her skin. She didn't care about physical pain. She'd been through worse. No physical pain could compare to the emotional pain.

She felt as though a large pointed needle was piercing her chest, impaling her heart and lungs. She couldn't breathe and her chest barely rose and fell. She closed her eyes. "He always said to never give up, that I was a special girl, and that I shouldn't let anything beat me," Kaoru whispered. "But he didn't know the half of it. He didn't know. He left. I'm not giving up, Butch. I'm giving in. I've already lost the game; no point in suffering any longer."

Kaoru tried to open her eyes to see, but she didn't find the strength or will to. She felt the rain pour harder and harder, soothing her wounds. The water caressed her skin, as if it was saying, "Sleep, dear. I'll make it better."

Kaoru listened and lay there, without a thought, on the hard gravel under the pouring rain. It was coming down in torrents, harsh and unforgiving, but it soothed Kaoru despite that. The water rose in the streets, covering the ground.

Kaoru smiled as she went under.

Let me explain my reasoning for writing this. I've always wanted to write a one-shot. "She Never Thought" was supposed to be that, but too many people loved it, lol. Anyways, I've been reading Teen Titans stories the past few days instead of writing my stories (sorry!), and most of them were all happy endings. I found very few that were sad. Imagine: after all that happy, I loved and thirsted for sad endings, knowing I'd find a happy one if I wanted one. I have but this to say:

Misery loves company.