Living, Breathing Human

He was greedy. He knew it, but he couldn't help it. He wanted Fred to be alive and well again. He wanted himself to be alive and well again.

Being a ghost had a few perks, but it was nothing compared to being human. A living, breathing human. He missed it. He missed the taste of tea. He missed food. He missed a lot of things. Mostly, he missed Fred.

Their time together seemed centuries in the past, though in reality, it wasn't that long at all. But so much had happened since she died. Since he died, even.

The world was a charred remnant of a war won by neither side. Nothing left. Nothing to go back to.

Both of them had left before the destruction was complete. He could only hope that they could return and fix things. Angel couldn't fix things. He tried, but there was only so much one vampire with a soul could do. Hell, there was only so much two vampires with souls could do.

And it wasn't enough. It was nowhere near enough. The world was broken, just as he and Fred were. And he wanted – more than anything – to fix everything.