It was late at night and there was a knock on the door. Danny Fenton was currently undressing in his room after a long day of ghost fighting and he was tired, but his lack of clothing wouldn't allow him to answer it. "Mom, dad, someone's at the door!" he yelled in hopes that he could rest sooner. the knocking persisted. An exasperated sigh left him as he put his clothes back on as he headed downstairs towards the door. 'Mom and dad must be down in the lab,' he thought as reached the bottom of the stairs.

He was about to open the door when he noticed that the knocking had stopped. Intrigued now by the lack of noise he opened the door only to see a shrouded figure turning the corner into an alley. "Hey wait a second," he yelled as he gave chase. He turned down the alley as the other person reached the end and turned. He followed the person, twisting and turning down alleys and roads until he finally cornered the person.

"Alright, now that you're done running away after rudely knocking on my front door for all you were worth, I wanna know why you were knocking in the first place," he growled as he approached the figure. He was maybe 3 or 4 feet before he noticed that the person was crying. He studied the person a moment, now noticing that they wore black pants and a black hoody. He felt guilty for making them cry so he tried to soothe them. "Look, I'm sorrry for being harsh, it's just Im tired and cranky after a long day's work. In case you didn't notice the sign outside me and my folks are ghost hunters, and this is the most haunted town in the world."

This statement just seemed to make the person sob harder, shaking the hood loose. Needless to say when Danny saw who was under it he was shocked.