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It wasn't long before the Fenton RV pulled into a parking spot somewhere near the open area of the park. Everyone spilled out onto the asphalt, gathering everything together before looking around and checking the place out. It was a bright, sunny afternoon, and after a pancake breakfast seemed like the place to be.

"Mommy, can I go play over there?" Michael asked pulling on Sam's hand and pointing towards a swingset.

"Let's get everything settled down honey, and we'll go together ok?" Sam replied to her little boy.

"Ok Mommy," he said as he studied the pavement.

"Hey Michael, you wouldn't mind giving me a hand would ya?" Danny asked as he held the picnic basket.

"Ok," he said as he grabbed the handle. Danny let some of the weight shift so Michael could feel like he was helping. He remembered his own dad doing that whenever they went on their rare family picnics years ago. Jack remembered this too and smiled as he saw it, amazed at how remarkably similar that father and son were in that one moment.

"I see a good spot over there, under that tree," Maddie said, shading her eyes from the sun with a hand and pointing in a direction with the other.

"Alright, let's get settled in for a fun day!" Danny said smiling.

It wasn't long after they got settled in that Michael became too restless and dragged Sam off towards the swings. Danny watched happily from under the shade of the tree they settled under, content just watching his son play with his mother. So naturally he didn't see the football coming his way and it collided with his shoulder.

"Hey Fenton!" yelled a blond man from a ways off. He was shirtless, as were half of the other guys with him. They were playing a game of pick-up football.

Danny picked up the football and launched it towards the man. "Here ya go Dash!"

Dash Baxter ran back a few yards and easily caught the pigskin. He tossed it towards on of the other guys before trotting towards the tree the Fentons had commandeered.

"How's it going Fenton Family?" he asked as he reached them.

"Dash, so good to see you. We're doing great," Maddie said smiling at the young man.

"That's good," he said with a nod. "So what's up?"

"We're on a family picnic," Jazz answered. She was sitting next to her mother with a book open.

"Ok. So who are the runt and the cun..." he started before trailing off and changing before the combined glare of the Fenton Women. "I mean, who's the kid and the woman?"

It was Danny who spoke up. "That Dash, is Sam Manson and our son, Michael."

Dash was flabbergasted to say the least. No one noticed the picture Tucker took either as Dash looked dumbfounded.

"You mean Manson, as in THE Sam Manson, is back and not only is she back but you and her have a kid?" he asked as he tried to process the news.

"Yup," was all Danny said as he went back to gazing at his family.

"Wow. I mean, just, WOW!" Dash said as he clapped Danny on the shoulder. "Congrats man. I mean, how, when, did this happen though?"

"It's a bit of a long story. Why don't you come by later tonight and we'll tell ya, hmm?" Danny offered.

"Sure. I'll have to tell Paulina that I'll need a raincheck on our movie night, but we're both free tomorrow so she won't mind."

"Cool man. Just swing by anytime."

Dash nodded his agreement before looking around a moment. "So Danny, up for joining us in our game?"

Danny looked at the guys playing football, noticing that if he joind the teams would be even. "Sure," he said nodding and started taking off his shirt. Ghost hunting had been good for Danny's body, as he had built up long, lean muscle that gave him a toned look. In no time at all he was running off with Dash to play football.

Sam watched as she saw Danny run to play football with someone who she was sure that six years ago would never let him play. She was sure it was Dash, and curiosity was eating her up inside as to how the two could be so chummy. It wasn't long though before she got her answer as she saw Tucker making his way towards her and Michael.

"So, you're probably guessing why Danny and Dash seem to be so chummy with each other," he said as he reached her. She affirmed his question with a nod as she pushed Michael on the swing.

"Well, about the middle of Senior year, Danny was feeling really depressed. You can guess why," Tucker said, and upon seeing a look of guilt flash in Sam's eyes he continued. "Well, Dash was being himself ya know, making fun of Danny and such. Well Danny couldn't take it anymore and just hauled off and cold-cocked him. Knocked him flat on his butt. This is where it gets a bit confusing. You see, the reason why Dash kept picking on Danny is because that's what he's always done. And after the Disasteroid Incident, he figured with everyone knowing Danny's secret that Danny would like things to stay as normal as possible."

Sam only nodded as she kept pushing Michael. She couldn't believe though that Dash actually had the emotional depth and brains to think of that, and voiced her opinion. "So when did Dash get the depth and brains to actually make a decision like that?"

"Well, my guess is he did some soul searching during the Disasteroid. He won't tell me though. I think he's told Danny, but whenever I ask all Danny has done is just nod his head and change the subject," Tucker explained.

"So what, they're best buds now or something?" Sam asked disbelievingly.

"No. You and I are always going to be Danny's best friends Sam. But sometimes a man just has to tell someone other than his best friends his problems," he said as he watched the game now.

Sam just shook her head in disbelief and chuckled. "Tucker, that made absolutely no sense."

"Not like I could understand it either!" he said laughing.

No one noticed the van that was parked halfway across the parking lot, or noticed that Ronald Smithson was clutching a pair of binoculars, his hands glowing pink with energy.

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