Summary: Uzumaki Naruto was killed. To keep some semblance of its existence the Kyubi merged itself with Naruto partly, making him part demon- essentially bringing him back to life. With war on the horizon Naruto is given command of the defense of a fledgling city and pronounced the Lord what is now his city. With the Konoha council against him and enemy ninja prepping for war and testing Konoha's defenses, will Naruto Survive the first battle of the Largest Ninja war to date?

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Naruto-Lord Uzumakiand ANBU Commander

- Chapter 1: Promotion

Shadow fox had just returned from a mission and as per protocol for high level missions of rank A or above you report to the Hokage immediately upon your return. He knocked on his office door and entered to find him passed out on his desk. He coughed loudly and almost opted to wait patiently when he noticed that the old man's favorite orange book was under his head which was bending the pages. It was his prize possession and would never neglect it so.

"Hokage-sama." He said but got no response. He walked over to him and did five quick hand seals in sequence.

"Forced awakening jutsu." He said softly. The old man woke up with a jolt.

"What happened, Hokage-sama?" The Third took a quick glance behind him to confirm his suspicions and then faced Naruto again.

"The forbidden scroll has been stolen. I'm giving you an S-ranked mission. Go retrieve it. The man who is responsible is an academy teacher. I believe you know him. His name is Mizuki. Quickly, I will alert the others."

"Yes, sir" the ANBU acknowledged and then shadow walked into the forest.

The ANBU smiled under his mask. He could smell him. It was only a matter of time before he caught up. He took off in a dead sprint going faster than any human could. He arrived at a small clearing to find a child of late academy age perhaps sixteen studying the forbidden scroll. This was too suspicious. He leapt down and confronted the child.

"That scroll is forbidden. It is the property of the Hokage of Konoha. Why do you have it in your possession?" he demanded.

"Mizuki sensei said that if I could learn a jutsu on this scroll I could pass the genin graduation exam. I just have to pass."

"Give me the scroll kid. You don't know how much trouble you are in right now. "

"But I haven't even mastered one jutsu!" the kid shouted back.

"I will use force if necessary kid. Mizuki just had you steal it so he could take it and run to another village. Give me the scroll." As he said that a huge four pointed shuriken flew out of the bushes and impaled the ANBU.

"Heh, that was way too easy." Said Mizuki as he appeared out of the bushes. ". Do you really think that I would make a special exception for you the dope, last in his class? My plan worked perfectly. You released the gas I gave you, knocked out all the guards, and took the scroll out here for me. You really made my job easy kid. Now, give me the scroll kid or I'll kill you and take it from your limp hands."

The kid started to cry and shake. Mizuki approached the kid and was about to grab the scroll when a voice stopped him cold.

"Shadow Blade no jutsu." Mizuki jumped back but it wasn't enough to escape unscathed. Three shadow blades cut through his Chunin vest and left deep gashes in his side. He jumped again and threw four kuni at the ANBU in the process.

The ANBU dodged effortlessly, drew a katana, and shouted "Now Shadow!" As soon as he shouted a large pitch black fox jumped out of the shadows and slammed Mizuki into the ground pinning him.

"Mizuki, you have been found guilty of high treason. The punishment for such a crime is death to be carried out after an interrogation session with Ibiki. This is going to hurt." The ANBU informed Mizuki before he slammed the butt end of his Kanata into his forehead and poured chakra into the seal he just created on his forehead off the impression on his Kanata's handle.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he screamed and arched his back and twitched. On top of him the fox struggling to hold him down.

"You were right. This was way too easy."

In a second it was over. Maybe the use of the body seal was overkill but it would ensure that he couldn't escape.

He noticed the absence of any other sound in the forest and remembered that the boy should be nearby if not still there. He turned around to find the kid lying on his side clutching his stomach. Blood covered the front of his clothes and much of it covered the ground around him. DAM IT! The ANBU rushed over to the kid and put him on his back. He must have accidentally hit him with one of the shadow blades. He applied chakra to his hands and used the only healing technique he could use. It was generalize technique that healed minor wounds in a general area. He overpowered it and used it to close the gaping wound enough so that it stopped bleeding and then picked up his limp body, and shadow walked to the hospital's main entrance.

The kid had lost too much blood. By the time he arrived and they got him to the emergency room it was too late. He died on the operating table.

The next day:

The Hokage's office was ornately decorated with paintings of people including the all the fire village's Kages as well as some beautiful landscapes. The walls which were painted with a colorful design was accented with a gold trim that ran the length of the room. The bay window which overlooked the city gave a breathtaking view as well as filling the room with a cheerful glow of sunshine. Sitting in an ornate chair behind an antique desk sat the fourth Hokage of the fire village Konoha, slowly smoking a pipe staring at the only thing in the room that didn't fit with the rest of the things in the room. Standing in front of his desk with his back straight, arm at a sharp salute his middle finger touching where his eyebrow might be under his mask, with his hand pointed slightly downward, was an ANBU.

He wore a pure white mask with black whisker marks on its cheeks and the symbol for lieutenant on its forehead. He stood there and would stand there until the Hokage acknowledged him. With a sigh the fabled great teacher of Konoha looked up at him and said, "Carry on Shadow Fox."

"Thank you, sir." The surprisingly young voice sounded out from underneath his mask.

"I'm sure you are curious as to why you have been summoned here Shadow. The truth is that an opportunity has arisen that I have chosen you to undertake. With war on the horizon the council and Fire Lord have agreed that our northern border is too unprotected and that the fledgling city of der Bergstadt(1) which was founde trading city over the northern great trade route intersection a few years ago will need more than samurai to protect it. They have decided to make it a greater city in the realm and a heavily fortified position. It will be an independent entity under the Fire Lord and myself directly, as the city is of vast importance to our protection. The decision as who to appoint as the Lord of the city as well as Commander of troops and ninja there falls with me.

I thought of you immediately. You have proven your skills as a fighter and more importantly a tactician for the last few years over and over again. It is time to put your skills to the ultimate test. The council was understandably irritated and against the idea at first but they came around. They have wanted to get rid of you for a long time now Shadow. They think that this is their chance. In their foolishness they have decided to only let you pick from the genin for you associates besides your sub commander for support and have halved the original plan for initial funding of this excursion. They mean for you to be among the first casualties of war be dammed the consequences for the rest of the country the bigots!" The Hokage said in a deadly tone. "I have confidence that you will succeed and even surpass our expectations despite this setback. This is the official scrolls and documents that you will require to authenticate your position as Lord of the city and commander of its troops as well as the information on candidates for your support team and staff." He said as he handed the ANBU the documents.

"Effective immediately you are promoted twice to Major in the ANBU forces and are a minor Lord of the great fire nation. Take this mask in recognition of your rank." The new mask was the same only pitch black with white whisker marks and the symbol for major on its forehead. As he switched masks you could see a flash of short spiky blond and red mixed hair and hard blood red eyes. "You're dismissed. You and your support team leave the day after tomorrow at six am. Review the candidates and give me your selections. Tomorrow is graduation day for this year's genin." The Hokage chuckled. "These are the kids that you would have graduated with if you hadn't insisted on going testing out and going straight into the ANBU. Your plan worked though. No one really remembers you anymore. The hate dulled and is nigh forgotten now. Eight years with you hidden behind a mask will do that to people's memories. The old you is almost gone from their minds. They wouldn't even recognize you now. Congratulations again Major Shadow Fox, Lord Uzumaki Naruto. "

"I won't disappoint you Hokage-ojiisan."

With that the new minor Lord of the fire nation sunk into the shadow the desk made on the floor and disappeared without a sound, leaving no evidence that he was ever there at all.

With that the Hokage looked back at the monster pile of papers on his desk and groaned. 'I'm too old for this.' Without even touching them he got out his favorite smutty novel series and began to read. 'Paperwork can wait. '

End chapta 1:


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(1) It's German. It literally means the mountain city.

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