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Chapter 7: Attack at the falls.

It had been a long day for the group. After traveling over 80 miles at a relentless pace with only a short break to catch their breath and eat lunch the genin were exhausted, Naruto finally called them to a halt.

The site before them was fantastic. Beautiful waterfalls into a basin that emptied into a small river, winding its way into the sunset. It was a perfect scene. Until they were disturbed.

Kunai flew from all directions. They had been caught unaware by enemy ninja.

"Jump into the basin!" Naruto ordered. "Meet up at the base of the largest waterfall!"

They jumped. The canapé of the forest approached them fast. Naruto gracefully navigated through the branches and slowed himself down with them at the same time. The others had a rougher ride. Smashing into branches hard and getting scrapes and cuts in their skin and cloathing. They were at the bottom of the cliff, the ninja in hot pursuit. Then-

Rocks fall; everyone dies.

-The End








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Chapter 7: Attack at the falls.

It had been a long day for the group. After traveling over 80 miles at a relentless pace with only a short break to catch their breath and eat lunch the genin were exhausted, Naruto finally called them to a halt. The ever present trees in the land of leaf parted before them and they walked the next few paces to the edge of a cliff.

The site before them was fantastic. Beautiful waterfalls flowed into a basin that emptied into a small river, winding its way into the sunset. The lush forest shined with moisture as the fading sunlight played off the mist created by the waterfalls. Rainbows near the falls glittered before them. It was a perfect scene.

"This is the Great Waterfalls of the fire nation. Rumor has it that several hundred years ago the three tailed giant turtle and the one tailed raccoon fought here. The Turtle won and what you see here is the result of their fight. There is still a lingering power here that those with a water affinity can feel quite strongly." Naruto said. "The forces of destruction do not always create death and despair. Take your time and enjoy the sight. We'll make camp a three hundred meters east of here when you're ready."

Naruto walked away to start preparations for their camp. The rest of them just took in the beauty of the sight before them and chatted in cheerful tones until the sun fell behind the horizon and it was dark. Then they headed east to find their temporary camp.

Night had fallen and the group was sitting around the small camp fire that Naruto had made. While in enemy territory a fire was a sure fire way to get spotted and killed, but here well within the border of Konoha and having the forest canopy to disperse the smoke, a camp fire was safe enough.

Naruto felt a flicker of chakra a kilometer or two away. "I'm going to go scout a bit, stay together. I'll be back in a bit." He told his genin. It was probably nothing but he decided to check it out. Naruto got up off the fallen log that he had been using for a bench and jumped into the forest canopy, disappearing out of sight with a few leaps from branch to branch.

"I call first watch." Sakura said. The others groaned. After a long days traveling they had been looking forward to a long uninterrupted sleep.

"I had just remembered to forget about that, so thanks." Ino grumbled with ire.

"Troublesome." Shikamaru muttered.

"It's not my fault that you all didn't think of it first." Sakura said indignant. "I'm going to grab some more wood for the fire. Wouldn't want it to go out later when i'm on watch. Then I would have to leave you guys unprotected." Sakura said cheerfully.

Sakura heard Ino call "Dibs on last watch," as she walked into the surrounding woods to find some fire wood. They had already collected the wood near the camp and burned most of it already so she headed out further and further from the camp in search of more.

"What do we have here?" A voice from behind her asked. Sakura spun on her heals and drew a kuni from her pouch from her leg holster. No one was there. "A lone Konoha genin walking all by herself." The voice continued. Sakura spun to her left and looked desperately around for the source.

"So vulnerable…" The voice said. A kuni flew from her left and Sakura dodged barely enough so that it only nicked her side and cut through her shirt and jacked. She let out a gasp from the pain. "What is a beautiful woman like you doing out here?" Another kuni flew from a different direction and nicked her cutting another hole in her shirt and coat, leaving thin cuts on her tanned skin and more holes in her clothes.

"Why, someone might just tray and-" cut, " take-" cut, "advantage-" cut" of-" cut, "you." A final kuni flew from behind her and cut her into her back. Her top was in tatters. Sakura was shaking. No matter what she did she couldn't find where the voice or weapons were coming from. They seemed to come from all around her at once. She tried flaring her seduction aurora. "Oh, very nice. You're a Haruno. I have to say, this makes it even more exciting."

"Where are you, DAMMIT! Show yourself!" She shouted. Hopefully her teammates would hear her.

"It's no use my beautiful. I have used a sound barrier technique. No one can hear you or me."

A ninja in a Jounin vest with no forehead protector appeared behind her and announced "Paralysis no Jutsu." His hand glowed and flickered with electricity just before he smacked Sakura in the back causing her muscles to lock up. Her body stood rigid, her back arched and limbs locked extended. Then her limbs relaxed and she couldn't move her limbs. The ninja gave her a little push backward and she fell back hard onto the ground.

"Now Haruno-chan, let's see the beauty of the Haruno clan up close." The Jounin said, kneeling over her, and ripped the remainder of her tattered coat and top off to leave her breasts and upper body exposed.

Ten-ten barely had enough time to recognize the threat before the kuni was already upon her. "Heads up!" She shouted and in a flash she grabbed a kunai of her own and deflected the incoming weapon with a resounding 'Clang'. The rest of her team sprung into action and formed a circle with her facing outward. Out of the shadows two ninja walked toward them. Both were wearing Chunin vests and wore no identifying markings or a forehead protector declaring them members of a village.

"Some genin all alone it seems. Maruno said to dispatch them but he never said we couldn't have some fun first." The one on the left with short brown hair and brown eyes said with a smile.

"Troublesome. Tenten, Hinata, I'll try and bind them. You attack them. Ino, Shino guard me." Shikamaru said. There was no time to think on a better plan. It sounded like it would work so everyone followed Shikamaru's orders. "Three, two, one, GO!" Shikamaru shouted whilst extending his shadow toward the two intruders. The left one jumped and rushed toward them, kunai in hand. A few feet from Shikamaru he landed and Shikamaru's shadow caught him. Ino chopped him hard on the neck and Shino sent his bugs to release sleeping poison into his system at the same time; the ninja collapsed moments later into unconsciousness.

The other ninja was caught off guard at the shadow user's technique. They were fresh genin by their looks and attitude; they shouldn't know or be able to perform any techniques above D-level. He struggled against the technique. If he poured enough chakra into his limbs he should be able to overcome it.

"Kara! Bongura! Come out already and help!" The Chunin shouted whilst still stuck. Two more Chunin appeared from the shadows and attacked. The female one went straight for Shikamaru and the other headed off Tenten and Hinata who had been about to attack the frozen ninja.

"Can't even defend yourself from genin, Oro?" The new rogue ninja laughed and blocked several week attacks from Hinata. Tenten brought out a Kanata from a scroll and started to slash and cut at the Chunin. He blocked the attacks with his kunai and then slipped behind her guard, punching her hard in the gun causing Tenten to double over in pain.

Hinata took the few seconds of distraction Tenten provided her from the Mobile ninja and focused chakra into her fingers and then thrust them into the spine and neck of the frozen ninja. He seized up and fell into unconsciousness, falling to the ground as soon as Shikamaru released his body from his shadow bind.

Shikamaru was panting from the drain of holding the technique against a Chunin for so long and was out of chakra.

Sakura whimpered and closed her eyes. Her body wasn't responding; she felt so helpless. As the rouge Jounin reached down to molest her, his eyes widened and he jumped sideways rolling back onto his feet and into a defensive position. He hadn't been fast enough. He felt the right half of his lower back explode in pain from a shallow but long stab wound that he had pulled away from, further dragging the kuni through his flesh. Konoha's Shadow fox appeared where he had been seconds before. Some of the Jounin's back muscles had been cut, but it wasn't deep enough to hinder his movements too much. If he had been seconds slower the stab would have severed his spine.

The rogue Jounin cursed. He recognized the profile and mask of his new opponent. Konoha's shadow fox- A+ rank in the Bingo book. He needed to get out of here before it was too late. His companions would have to fend for themselves.

The Jounin backed up slowly, wincing at the dull throbbing in his back.

"Shadow clone no jutsu." Naruto said calmly, bringing his hands together in a simple hand seal. Four shadow clones appeared around him. "Disperse, and attack." Naruto ordered and two faded into the shadows beneath them. The other two clones rushed forward along with Naruto himself. The Jounin withdrew two kunai from his gear pouch and deflected the kuni the clones threw at him. The clone to Naruto's right lunged forward with its ANBU Kanata, overextending itself. The Jounin ruthlessly deflected the stab and shoved his kunai into the eye socket of the clone. He blocked a strike from Naruto with his other hand at the same time but couldn't block the slash from the clone to Naruto's left. He backed up and tried to dodge, getting only a light cut for his efforts instead of a lethal gash. Naruto and his remaining clone drove the Jounin back slowly until he was standing only a foot from the trunk of a large tree. One clone came back into existence from a shadow to the Jounin's right and struck, only to be blocked. Both Naruto and his clones struck at the same time. The Jounin blocked the strikes, straining to hold out against two blades and a fist from Naruto himself with his leg.

"It's over." Naruto stated. It was a fact. From behind the ninja the real Naruto came out of the shadow of the tree, grabbed the Jounin under his chin, lifts up and slices open the Jounin's exposed artery. The Jounin collapsed, blood squirting in ever slowing pulses out of his gaping neck. Naruto had used the replacement jutsu with one of his clones and hid in the shadows himself before coming out and finishing off the ninja.

Naruto's attention went back to Sakura. She was shivering; her top was still exposed but she was covering the important parts with her hands. "It's ok Sakura. He's dead. Here," Naruto said. He took off his black leather jacket after taking a scroll out of one of the pockets and placed it around her shoulders before turning away. The weight on her shoulders was surprisingly light. She would have guessed that the coat had weighted close to fifty pounds looking at it. Instead it was extremely comfortable on her skin and full of warmth. She put her arms in the sleeves and zipped it up. The jacket was defiantly custom made. He must have modified it himself as no one in Konoha she knew of could make something like this. There were dozens of pockets lining the inside that had half an armory of ninja gear in them and yet didn't budge and make the coat bulky or uncomfortable- he must be a god among men to have made this. Clothing this comfortable and practical didn't exist.

Sakura stared at him.

He was wearing a black sleeveless skin tight shirt under the jacket. His body was toned and the muscles in his arms rippled. He wasn't much older than she was; if she had to guess, maybe eighteen or twenty. Naruto laid out the sealing scroll on the grass and dragged the Jounin's body onto it before sealing it and rolling it back up. He put the newly sealed Jounin's body in a pouch on his hip and brought out another one, unsealed it and laid it out on the ground before him. The seals on it glowed before a small could of smoke 'poofed' and there was an assortment of ninja gear before him. He picked up a standard white ANBU armored vest and donned it before resealing the scroll and pocketing it.

Sakura realized she was staring and looked away blushing. He had saved her life without breaking sweat it seamed and was the Shadow Fox for crying out loud! She wanted him more for even more reasons now.

"Hurry Sakura, the others are probably in trouble also." Naruto said and started running back toward the camp, Sakura following just behind him.

The girl Kara attacked with a vengeance. Ino was failing miserably at trying to land a blow on the female enemy ninja while Shino defended himself from Kara's blows. The difference in strength and skill was more than obvious. Shino's bugs had gotten onto the rogue Chunin without notice and started to drain her chakra. It was slow going but it was working. Ino was pissed off. Angry that she was week, angry that she couldn't even hit this enemy ninja, and especially angry at herself for the decision she made the day before, even if it was right. Hell if she would ever have to make that decision again.

There were only two Chunin left. Hinata and Tenten seemed to have the other Chunin taken care of leaving only this one a threat. She could act without fear against one threat.

Sakura caught Kara's eye and shouted "Mind Body Transfer no Jutsu!" Ino sent her consciousness out toward Kara.

Ino's body dropped to the ground immobile and Kara smirked at Ino's apparent failure. Then Kara's body froze and she felt her mind invaded. Her basic mental defense training kicked in and she brought herself to her mental plane. There Ino stood in her body's control room and she was bound with rope in her own mind. She struggled but it was no use as Ino now had control of her body.

As soon as Shino heard Ino shout her technique and he saw the ninja freeze up he stopped his attacks and called off his bugs. "A success Ino?" he asked quietly, still on guard.

The red haired female ninja responded with a throaty laugh and said "Yes." She bounced around and punched the air a few times to get a feel for the body before smiling wickedly. "Let's end this." She said and took off toward the last enemy ninja.

When he saw Kara come at the genin he was fighting and beating slowly from behind, Bongura smirked with satisfaction. They would go down quick and the rest would be a sinch to clean up. When Tenten and Hinata saw Kara seconds before she was upon them they broke off fighting and dodged to opposite sides. Bongura's smirk disappeared when instead of taking advantage of the Genin's open backs Kara charged and punched him in the gut followed by a kick to the balls. As he collapsed to the ground in blinding pain, his chest suddenly felt like it was on fire as Ino in Kara's body stabbed him with a kunai. Bongura blacked out from the pain and blood loss moments later.

Naruto appeared in the clearing to see the finishing stab to the enemy Chunin from one of the enemies own team mates. Cautious he approached and called out, "All clear?" in question.

The lone enemy Chunin turned to him. She had red hair pulled back in a ponytail a cute face and, now that he paid closer attention, a shapely bod concealed under tight fitting ninja garb. She arched her back putting her hands behind her back and winked at him smiling seductively. "All is clear Major. Won't you come and tie me up?" She asked as she puffed out her chest. Ino was playing with him.

Naruto went over to the red-head and tied her arms behind her back and bound her ankles and thighs together. "That will do Ino." Naruto said and looked the female ninja in the eyes. "Be gone." He commanded as he extended his will into the woman's mind plane and forced Ino out and back into her own body. The red-head stared off into space for a second before her consciousness was released. Naruto got out a marker from his pocket and drew a circle on a blank seal tag, then filled it in with his own runic pattern. As her awareness caught up to her, Kara's eyes widened as she realized she was bound and started to struggle against the bonds. Naruto placed the new rune tag on her forehead and commanded, "Sleep." Kara's eyes rolled back into her head and she fell into a deep slumber.

"Bind the bodies and gather them here. Stay in pairs of twos minimum." He ordered and then activated the built in short range radio in his ANBU mask. "This is Major Shadow Fox of the ANBU Forces of Konoha. To any nearby ANBU you are ordered to assist in the transport of apprehended rogue ninja. Be alert as there may be more in the area. Respond over."

All ANBU teams had their short range radios on at all times. The range was only five miles or so but there was usually at least one ANBU patrol in any given five mile radius. There were larger radios that had longer range but they were large and bulky and usually only carried on recon and scout missions. Even then they were used only rarely as the transmission usually wasn't secure.

"This is Lieutenant Sora on patrol with my squad. We are on our way to your position now. Do you require medical assistance? Over." The ANBU squad leader responded.

"Negative. Only minor injuries to the genin in my care. Current location roughly three-niner- five-six niner-six-six –three- within a mile of the Great Falls. Please relay to headquarters as follows: Five rogue ninja found and incapacitated. Four Chunin captured and one Jounin deceased no village affiliating markings. Suspect Lightning nation, black ops mission. Over."

"Will do. Five enemy ninja, no markings, suspect form Lightning. On our way, over."

Ino had recovered from her own jutsu and started helping the rest of her team as, during his conversation, the rest of his team was rounding up and binding the remaining three Chunin ninja. Naruto approached the enemy ninja and began creating more rune sleep tags when Ino asked "Why do you think they're from lightning? I didn't find any markings or indicating that they were from there. And they didn't use any jutsu either?" Naruto continued on his task and answered her as he worked.

"The Jounin that attacked Sakura used a lightning paralysis technique that is a B-level jutsu from lightning. Also the burns on their bodies suggest often exposure to lightning attacks. While not conclusive it points that way. The Jounin only used that jutsu because he thought he was alone and no one would see it but his mark. They were being extra cautious to not give any hard evidence of their affiliations. Incidents like this can start wars if they are executed poorly and mistakes are made. As it is nothing will come of this but suspicion as admitting that enemy ninja got this far into our territory will only tarnish our reputation. " Naruto informed his team as he finished the first tag, activated it on the forehead of one of the rogue ninja and started another.

" Why would the Lightning nation attack? Don't we have a treaty with them?" Tenten interjected.

"It's a long story that actually involves one of your own team mates. The short version is this: When the Former ANBU Colonel and current head of the Jounin forces of Kumogakure(Lightning) came to Konoha to sign a treaty between our two nations , he abused his diplomatic status to gain free access our village. He attempted kidnapping of the daughter of the Hyuga clan head, Hinata your team mate. He failed and was killed by said clan head Hiashi. Hiashi in saving his daughter and the secrets of their bloodlimit started an international dispute that could have lead to war. War never broke out because an ANBU team had been following him and gotten evidence of his planned treachery and submitted it discretely to the international dispute court, charging him with trespassing and espionage two days before the attempted kidnapping. Kumo would have had to admitted to using their diplomatic immunity to attempt kidnapping. The one and only rule that must never be broken by any village is for their ambassadors to violate the hospitality of another nation. Little things are looked over for the sake of good relations. If they endorsed his actions they would have opened themselves up to war with every nation in the world." Naruto said as he started on the last rune sleep tag.

"With the evidence of him planning a kidnapping submitted beforehand Kumo had no choice but to denounce the actions of their head Jounin as his own, loose face because of this, sign the economic and peace treaty in good faith, and not go to war. The relations with Kumo have been tense and growing tenser ever since." Naruto finished the last stroke on the final rune sleep tag and activated on the last ninja's forhead and stood up facing his team. "You did very well today. Not many genin can say that they defeated four Chunin on their own, even if they had them outnumbered and at a disadvantage. I will classify this as a c-class mission for you all. Congratulations."

"Ano…what will happen to them then?" Hinata asked timidly.

Naruto took a deep breath and then let it gush out. "As it stands these ninja no longer exist to either their home nation or ours. They will be taken to Konoha's interrogation center and then sent to prison. If they are lucky they will keep their sanity from the interrogation or die in the process. Such is the ninja way of life." The genin shuddered. The leaves rustled around them and they all got into defensive stances.

Four ANBU arrived in their full cloaks. The lead one with the symbol for First Lieutenant gave Naruto a respectful nod and reported in with a salute. "Lieutenant Sora reporting as ordered sir."

"It is a pleasure to see you again Lieutenant. Thank you for your timeliness. You know the drill." Naruto brought out the sealed Jounin's corpse. "This is the Jounin's remains. They should wake up once the tags are removed from their foreheads." Naruto informed them.

"Thank you, sir." The Lieutenant said and then he and his squad got into action and put the four Chunin on an extra large stretcher that they summoned from a sealing scroll. They all took hold of a corner of the stretcher and took off.

"Take a moment to bandage your wounds and rest. I'll stay up and take watch for the night. We move out at first light in the morning."


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