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I sat in the corner of the restaurant, going over my fake accent in my head. Gosh dang it I hated when I got so nervous for nothing. The worse cases I would sweat, become short of breath, and extremely thirsty. But when I had to do what I came to do, I was unstoppable. I adjusted my wig. Straight, perfect black hair past my shoulders. With the help of make up, and contacts, I had dark brown eyes, and higher cheekbones. The wig I bought at a garage sale, and the contacts where mine. Not that I needed a disguise, I just loved dressing up as different characters.

I finished off my glass of ice tea in one gulp and looked at my watch. Time to go. I left a five on the table and grabbed my coat walking out. Walking in high heels was annoying, but it gave me the look I wanted. Black tights, high, tight skirt and a blouse. The look of a rich girl. I walked out and around to the back of the restaurant. It was and empty street between the restaurant and a business building, a perfect place.

Just as I came to the blue dumpster with the red circle, another person came from the other end. He was a little older then me… maybe nineteen. Dark blue jacket torn jeans with a fancy belt and skater shoes were the descriptions I was given to recognize my guy. It was him…a skateboard under his arm, and yellow back in his hand. He walked straight up to me, keeping his hood over his head and his voice low.

"You have it?" I asked. The boy scoffed.

"Think I would show up if I didn't?" the boy said.

"Hand it over." I ordered. The boy held out the yellow bag to me. I took it and pulled out a small clear plastic box. Inside the plastic box was a small figure of superman.

"How do I know it's the real thing?" I asked.

"The receipt is inside the bag." He said. I looked back in the bag and pulled the receipt out. I nodded seeing 'MC DONALDS' logo, sign and signature on it.

"Hmm. Thank you Greg, I appreciate it. And my father will to." I said putting the collectable back in the back.

"Ya whatever. Call me next time alright? I'm loosing a lot of money on gas."

"Sure thing." I said.

"Um… just out of curiosity, what's up with the meeting place you chose?" he asked. I hesitated. I wasn't expecting that question. I need to think fast.

"My dad… you know who has the mansion down on Timber View? He owns half the town. He cannot know I am doing this, so I half to choose my locations of everything carefully. Otherwise some people that work for him may see me and let something slip. I cannot risk that. That's why I sent you to go get the merchandise for me. I cannot be seen in places like that." I lied. I had to give an inward applause on my accent. It was flawless.

"And why can't he know?" he asked.

"It's his Christmas present." I told him. "I have a date on the receipt, and proof I bought his present before he bought mine."

"Ok, so why such a cheap present for such a rich guy then?" he asked. I frowned.

"We have a game every year, if you must know. To try and guess what the other person bought for us. This way, he will never guess. Such a cheap gift won't even be on his second guess list. I will make up for it on his birthday." He opened his mouth for another question but I put my hand up, playing the 'rich snob' role I was on.

"Thank you for your time." I said, "I enjoy doing my business with you Greg, as always."

"Any time Mrs. Levieta." He said. I turned around and walked away. Now for phase two.

I walked into the bathroom of the local pool. I grabbed the empty stall in the end and stood up on the toilet. Reaching up and pushing the ceiling tile back, and pulled my dark green backpack out. Quickly I pulled the clothes out and changed. The heels were replaced by plain white tennis shoes. I slipped on jeans and a white t-shirt with a plaid button up over shirt. I pulled my wig off letting my blonde hair fall, but only for a second. I pulled it back in a neat low pony-tail just above my neck. I took out my contacts, now having dark hazel eyes, and slipped on a pair of round glasses. I crunched the receipt from the bag and replaced it with a new one. I stuffed the clothes in the backpack, and flung it over my shoulder. In less then three minutes Mrs. Levieta was gone, and out walked a quiet, computer girl. I was going for the 'dorky nerd' look. But didn't want to push it. Nothing fancy, everything plain but very neat and clean. The big round glasses helped pull the rest off. Now for phase three!

I found myself sitting on the bench at the city park. I didn't have to wait long for the two guys to show up. They were in their early twenties, but looked MUCH younger. They didn't look like they had seen the light of day, their skin was hardly any darker then white rice. They walked right up to me and I stood up. I handed the bag over.

"You found it?" they asked.

"It wasn't that hard. It was in a local antique shop in Watsburg. Wasn't easy, but worth the effort." I said. They pulled out the receipt and looked it over. By their reaction, they were to excited to care if it was a fake. They pulled out the plastic box, revealing superman.

"I can't believe it. The only addition of Superman ever made in the entire series of super heroes made in the 1990's. Do you realize we almost have a complete collection now? The hardest one to find was superman… and we have it!" the first man said. I smiled.

"Here." The second man handed me a paper bag. I looked in it, "65 dollars, like you asked." I nodded seeing the amount of cash I had made.

"Alright, well I have a convention to get to, I'll see you later. Thanks for the pay, Matt and Jed. I'll see you around." I said, and walked away. This was to easy.

I got back to my house. An apartment building top floor last room. I lived here with my dad, still not having the money to go to collage. Not that I really minded. I would probably pass every class beyond the 'flying colors' my dad always talked about. I would always reply 'i'd pass with the colors they haven't discovered yet.' My dad recognized my spirit and how smart I was easily. It wasn't hard when you got to know me. But that was the thing, only my dad KNEW me.

I went to my room and shut the door. I scoffed and threw the paper bag into my closet. My dad wouldn't be home till dark. And it was only noon. He was usually gone. For WORK he would say. Ya. Work that would take only a few hours one day, and weeks next time he went. But it kept food on the table, so I didn't argue.

I picked up the lock sitting on my desk and looked it over. I had pulled it off my dad's desk, but the desk was empty, the lock undone. Whatever, he was probably starting a new subject in his job and cleaned out. Her dad was very organized and like to keep it that way.

Suddenly, I stopped and sat up. Something pulsed in my head… a memory… a picture. When I walked in the door, not but five minutes ago… something was wrong. I concentrated. Walking in the door, you were instantly in the living room. The door to the kitchen was just ahead… and could barely be seen from where I had stood. But what I did see was the corner of the kitchen table, and the just a sliver of the sink. Above the sink, was the window… an open window. A window my dad always kept shut and locked because of his paranoia of 'birds.'. I could also see a small print on the counter… just a little. But I put two and two together. Someone broke into our apartment. I got off the bed and went for the door, and froze again. There was a stomp outside my door. I licked my lips. Whoever it was, hadn't left. I put my ear to the door. It was a woman… she was talking. Was their more then one? Quickly and quietly I pulled out my laptop. Nothing special, but I could do a lot on it. I got into my dads' system, knowing his computer was in the same room the thief was. I loaded the webcam, and accessed the speakers. After turning down the volume, I clicked accept. A few seonds after loading, a low voice came on.

"… we have a problem… someone's in the apartment…." There was a pause, "no I didn't see who it was!" the voice was whispered, but intense, "you were suppose to warn me if anyone was coming! Dang it…. Ya you better fix it…." She said. Suddenly the fire alarm in the apartment building went off. What the… I shut my lap top and ran for the door. Wow. The thief was gone. She was good. Quick to. I ran to the door and peeked out into the hallway. There was no fire. Just a wacky spoof alarm to get me out of the area. I slammed the door shut and stay quiet. The thief fell for it.

"It was a girl…I thought he didn't have any children?" The thief said, sliding out from the couch her back towards me. She had wavy blonde hair and looked very flexible and very fit. "I'm telling you his desk is empty. There is nothing in his office. Someone got there before me. Well what am I suppose to do track down Malici and ask for the files? Ya, uh huh that'll…" the thief froze, her eyes locked on my with my cell phone to my ear.

"Ya I have a break in Brinham's apartments top floor room 412." I said to the nine one one emergency response.

"Oh crap." The thief breathed. I heard a small voice yelling… almost muffled. An ear piece I realized. The voice was coming from her ear piece. And it was yelling the same thing over and over. GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT NOW! Before I could say anything else the thief broke for the kitchen. I ran after her and arrived in just enough time to see her dive out the window. I slid to a stop in the kitchen.

"ma'am?" the voice in my phone said. Neither of us had hung up. Just then the door opened and I ran to the living room. My dad was locking the door, his face white, his coat splattered with dirt. His eyes were wide when looked at me.

"Dad! Someone just broke into our apartment!" I said… "I just called 911…" My dad game me a horrified look, and snatched the phone from my hand.

"Hi, I'm sorry, it was a false alarm…" he sputtered into the phone.

"Dad!" I said. He hushed me instantly.

"Ya, I'm sorry, it was me. Her father. I wasn't suppose to be home till later tonight. It was a mistake… yes I'm sorry for that. Thanks for your time…" he hung up.

"Dad what's going on?" I asked. My dad tossed the phone on the couch and frantically went for his office. "Dad?"

"Honey… I'm going away for a few weeks. Ok? A business trip. Don't try and contact me for any reason. Millie is going to stop by tomorrow and help out around the house. Don't answer the phone for any unknown caller." I followed my dad into his office listening to his frantic orders.

"Dad your scaring me." I said.

"Sweatheart just listen, ok. This is very important. Don't invite anyone over until I get back. Don't purchase anything over 75$. Don't use my car. Here's money for the bus." He slapped down two hundred dollar bills on his empty desk and flung his brief case open. He went for the corner of the office and pulled up the carpet. I blinked. Since when did the carpet come up? Since when did my dad carry 100 dollar bills? He pulled out a yellow and a red folder from under the carpet and opened them up reviewing their contents. He threw them in his brief case and clicked it shut.

"Did you get all of that?" my dad asked me, passing me at the door and heading for the front door.

"Ya of course, I didn't miss a detail." I said, "Including the strain in your voice, and the panic in your movements and the fear in your eyes. Dad, WHAT is going on?"

"I'll explain everything later ok? Don't leave town… oh…" he stopped before he went out the door, "and DON'T turn on the T.V while I'm gone ok? Promise me?" I hesitated. That look in his eye when he said something about the TV, made me cross my fingers.

"I promise." I said.

"That's my girl. Ok, bye now." He kissed my forehead and left me in silence closing the door tight. I wiped my forehead where he kissed me, and sniffed it. It stank of sweat. He was sweating… he was nervous.

I sat down on the couch and thought. Something was horribly wrong. My heart was going to fast to recognize individual beats. I was breathing hard, and I was sitting down. I was going to figure out what was going on. My dad hung up on the police. Which meant he didn't trust them… which meant this was serious. Dangerous even. If my dad didn't trust the police… then neither would I. Not trusting the police was risky.

I stopped. Did I even hear myself thinking? NOT trusting the police? Finding out what was wrong? What if I was in way over my head? What if my dad was in a business that could get him killed? What if I got in the middle of it and GOT killed? I shook it off. It wasn't that serious. But I did need to figure this out. And I was going to.

I went over what my dad told me to do. Both individually and as a group. No contacting him. Which meant he didn't want to be interrupted… or found out, or letting it know he had a daughter. I remembered what the thief said. She didn't know I existed. Then he said not to answer any unknown caller. Which meant that someone might try to call, and he didn't want me to answer. Don't invite anyone over. He didn't want anyone else other then me and Millie in the apartment. Buying anything over 75$? He didn't want any attention through credit card or money accounts. Don't use his car? The only thing I could think of was license plate. Don't leave town… sounded like staying low. Don't turn on the TV? He was hiding something. The look in his eye told me so. So all together, whoever had him freaked out, didn't know he had a daughter, me. And he wanted to keep it that way. And I would find some answers on TV.

I licked my lips, and fingered the remote. I pressed power. The TV blinked on. I flipped through, wondering what channel to watch. I realized with all my information, and doubting the police I shouldn't be asking myself that question. I flipped to the news, and my blood ran cold. It was breaking news… live… and on the scene.

I listened for ten minutes before then moved on to another story, and I shut it off. The report… was about a fiery accident between a bus and a semi truck. They said twelve were injured, and one died in the explosion. They showed a picture of the victim… it was my dad.