Eliot and Nate, found themselves locked in a room. Mile's men found them. Eliot had taken seven of them out before the last three pulled guns. They were shut up in a supply room until Miles arrived. Parker was on her way, and Hardison had already gotten the cameras to where they were at.

"Parker…" Nate said slowly pacing back and forth.

"On my way."

"Ok, there's two guards who won't be waking up any time soon…"

"Three…" Eliot corrected, eyeing a vent in the ceiling.

"Three…" Nate repeated, "That means you only have to worry about seven."

"Seven and a half… one of them won't be walking for at least another four hours." Eliot said.

"Cameras up?" Nate asked.

"And rolling."

"Alright, here's what we do, Parker how close are you…" Nate asked.

"Look up." Nate and Eliot looked up. Parker's face appeared in the vent smiling.

"Oh good…" Nate said, a bit surprised at her speed.

"I work fast when I'm… troubled." Parker said.

"Nate you first." Eliot insisted. Eliot helped hoist Nate into the vent, which took more than just a shove.

"Care to lay off the burriots?" Eliot stammered as he lifted the full grown man up.

"Conning makes me hungry sometimes…" Nate tried to defend himself.

"HEY WHOA!" Hardison's sudden voice piped up on the ear buds, and they all froze.

"What?" nate asked.

"You got company coming your way fast!" Harrison said, "Nate, Eliot get out of there!"

"We don't have time!" Nate said.

"They could kill you both!" Parker hissed.

"They could do worst to the one that stayed when they find out the other escaped." Nate said. Eliot thought about it… and decided he didn't need to think about it. He gave a final shove and threw Nate into the vent.

"Ehywoah!" Nate's voice muttered as he was thrown in. He heard the vent close behind him. "Eliot!" he hissed. Eliot jumped away from the vent just as the door opened. One of Miles men came in, and three more brutes followed. The main man instantly saw one was missing.

"Where is your friend?" he asked. Eliot looked him straight in the eye and shrugged. The man frowned and turned to one of his pals.

"Check the perimiter and vents." He told one, and his friend left immediately, 'Cory!" he called another pal up, "Check this vent." He pointed to the vent Eliot had just shut. The man went over and Eliot just watched. The vent was pulled off and reviled an empty ventilation shaft.

"You… where is he?" the man asked Eliot. Eliot held still slightly hunching his shoulders, and gave a slight shrug. The man frowned frustrated. It looked like he had other things on his mind. He turned to his men behind him.

"Put her in here, and stand by the door." He said. Eliot watched. Two men roughly shoved a teenage girl into the room. She promptly caught her balance, turned, and swiped at the closest guy.

"Let go of me!" she snapped at them. Eliot hesitated when he saw her… it was Henry's daughter. He'd found her! "You can't keep me here! It's illegal!" The man looked at her, and laughed.

"We will only keep you here long enough to attract your fathers attention. Then there's a price on your head a government agent came through here a few weeks ago asking for you. He's willing to pay us handsomely for you."

"GOVERNMENT?" the girl repeated, "Idiots. You really think he's government?"

"Why wouldn't he be?" one man asked.

"One question… why would a government agent get mixed up with the likes of you?"

"It's none of your business."

"Is SO my business." The girl snapped, "You're being arrogant." The man looked like he was about to slap her. Eliot didn't know if it was a move to hit her, or a move to itch his nose, but either way he wasn't taking that chance. In one move Eliot had kicked the man out the door. The man stumbled back, limbs flying. The other men jumped out of the way, and then looked at him, then Eliot.

"What you guys need an escort out of the room to?" he threatened. The men hastily left the room, and locked the door behind them. Eliot watched them go.

"Electrician my butt." The girl said. Eliot tuned around, and found the girl starring at him, arms crossed.

"You know you should really watch your mouth with these guys. They will throw fists."

"Oh… and you would know?" she said. Eliot hesitated. It was a difficult decision to make to try and keep his cover as an electrician, or just tell her the truth. The truth? Which was what?

"I don't know what kind of trouble you're in…" Eliot started, deciding to keep his cover, "But whoever these guys are, think I have something to do with you. They jumped me in the street. I'm an electrician who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So if you'd be as so kind to tell them, i got nothing to do with you…"

"I'd be lying." The girl said flat you.

"Excuse me?"

"And you're the typical adult who thinks I'm blind. I'm sorry but I'm not playing games. You can play all you like. I'm not an idiot."

"You think I have something to do with all of this? Whatever all of this IS?" Eliot said. The girl just rolled her eyes, and dropped her shoulders. Suddenly she looked very tired and worn out. Eliot suddenly realized her cheeks were read and had the slightest hint of tear streaks. Bags had begun to show under her eyes, and it looked like she had another five years on her. She threw up her hands at Eliot.

"Do you know what? Whatever, I don't care anymore. Just whatever." She turned around and found a box to sit on.

Eliot thought. She had been on the street for a while… and been through a lot. She was probably on edge and just needed sleep. Eliot licked his lips, suddenly feeling bad about lying to her.

"Did they hurt you?" he asked.

"No…" she said. But her face said something else. Eliot had seen that look before. They hand't hurt her… just scared her. She pulled her knees up and hugged them. She looked deep in thought, and memory. He turned his back and tried to see if his earbud would work.

"Nate…" he said quietly.

"Ya…" Nate heard him.

"Where are you?"



"Ya… thanks to you. I don'[t appreciate being shoved into a shaft you know."

"Nate… Henry's daughter is in here. They just brought her in." Eliot said. Nate hesitated, and didn't answer for a while. It was silent on all ends of the com, but he knew Nate had heard him.

"Alright, hang tight." Nate finally said. He had a plan. He always had a plan.