"Gokudera~" he heard someone call. He looked around, trying to find them.

"Gokudera~" There it was again! Was it a ghost?

"Gokudera~...hey, idiot! Over here! To your right!...Gokudera~" With a growl, he turned and stomped over that way, stopping when he saw...

"(y/n), what the hell-" he stopped, his eyebrow twitching. There, in the middle of the room, sat you, a small, round table with a crystal ball on top in front of you...and you...you were dressed like a gypsy or something.

"Come, sit, and I shall use my crystal ball to see into your future~" you told him. With another growl, he complied, sitting at the only other seat. He sat there for a minute, waiting for you to start. After another minute, he finall snapped.

"What are you waiting for?!" he yelled. You coughed into your hand and motioned to the jar by the crystal ball. Blinking in confusion, he looked at it, a sweat drop forming on the back of his head.

"You must pay the price if you wish to have your future told~" you told him, motioning to the jar again. With a groan, he pulled out some money from his pocket and put it into the jar. Smiling, you pulled the jar away from him before putting your hands over the crystal ball, going into a 'trance'. Gokudera's eyes widened when the crystal ball began to glow. You stayed like that for a minute before coming out of it.

"You shall...be hit by something in a few seconds."

"What, that's-" he began, but was cut off when a ball hit him in the head.

"Sorry, Gokudera," Reborn said from the door, more balls around him. He picked up another one and threw it. The group heard Tsuna yell down the hall.

"Don't let your guard down, Tsuna," Reborn said, walking off.

"Okay, next you shall have your palm red (1). Palm please," you said, holding out your hand. With a growl, he put his hand in yours before looking out the window.

"This better not be-" he stopped himself when he felt something wet on his hand. Looking down, he saw...red paint?


"I said your palm would be red, remember?" you told him. He glared at you and you slowly moved away, grabbing the jar with the money. Suddenly, you jumped up and ran for the door.

"He's onto us, (bf/n)-chan! Run!" you yelled. From under the table, a girl came out and ran after you.

"Wait for me, (f/n)-chan!" she yelled. Gokudera blinked before growling again, jumping up to his feet and running after the two of you.