WORD COUNT: 200 (double-drabble)
SETTING: before the big NYC number; Mr. Warbucks' line


"C'mon, you slowpokes! We gotta get to the Roxy before the prices change!"


A new tension was in the air - the tension of excitement. Having been a secretary for a man who was constantly working, I was almost never allowed time to go into the city. Annie, however, had changed that - she was tugging on my arm so hard I thought it might fall off, but it simply made me laugh. If only I could remember such child-like joy...what a better place the world would be!

We stepped out of the mansion gates, rounding the corner with Mr. Warbucks sauntering ahead. Eyeing his back, I wondered if he would maintain that facade of disinterest all evening. Something, however, told me that wouldn't be the case. I was already smitten with the child, and someone of her charm might be the only person to break through his iron walls of money and power.

The thought made me smile, and even though things were starting out well, I somehow knew it could only get better.