RATING: T (for language)
WORD COUNT: 150 (drabble and a half)


You might say that I'm square...
But wow!
I come -


My world had consisted of poverty and misfortune from the moment I came into this world. Only after years of labor and difficulty had my efforts paid off, and I was damned certain I could buy my world if I wished. Oh, people were jealous of me; taxpayers hated me; and conmen tried to undermine me on a daily basis, but I was convinced it was all worth it...for a while. Work and power busied my mind, yet monotony slowly wore away at my heart with a smoldering intensity, until I was certain that it had withered away and died. I began to tire of my lazy lifestyle.

And then, of course, right on cue, a little, red-headed orphan waltzed into my life.

And walking around with her on the cold streets of my beloved New York City, I suddenly felt something long-forgotten in my chest grow wings and soar.