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Chapter One

I Just Want To Go Home

Sam Winchester stood once again in front of his school and once again was waiting for his brother who, once again, was late. Sam looked around the not-so-crowded front patio of high school kids. Most of them held their skate boards or keys to their own way home. At the mere age of 16 Sam wasn't able to drive in and out of school, even though he could drive circles around those senior jock snobs and their hummers and convertible. Sam actually knew how to drive quiet well and has known how for at least two years. But Sam hasn't quite gotten around to actually getting his license yet and his family didn't exactly see the point. John would consider it a waste to add another vehicle to the load and at the moment he just didn't have the time.

The Winchester's have all been on a hunt for the past week in the wonderful city of Tucson! Yeah, apparently it's the place where it's always hot and the ghosts never stop. There have been over 7 ghostly encounters all over the city in the past two weeks and of course, John had moved them all out here under the scorching heat. Sam had been the one to figure it all out though, even if John considered it all his big idea. There was a fire last month at the Elementary School, killing 10. Eight students, one teacher and a school nurse. Apparently some of the kids stuck around to say hello to their nannies or goodbye to their teddy bears. Either way right now John's been searching up and burning all the bones. Luckily, none of the kids were crispy enough not to be recovered. But it seems the young teacher, Ms. Jennifer Quigley has been rather, not pleasant with the Winchesters and has been rather moody about burning her kids. And unfortunately, her fiancé had her cremated and that's what's been keeping them here this long.

The sound of Sam's phone brought him out of his thoughts. "Hello?" He answered.

"Hey I'll be there in twenty minutes." Dean announced.

"Okay. What's up?" Sam questioned, not exactly sure if he wanted to know what was keeping his brother 'tied up' but had to ask.

"Dad found the teacher bitch's weakness. It was a yearbook dude! A freaking year book!" Dean sounded amused.

"So that mean's were heading out of town?"

"Yeah. I'll be there soon so say goodbye to all your little friends and then we're out of this devil's heat trap."

"Yeah, okay Dean. C ya," Sam mumbled back and hung up the phone.

Sam looked around at the thinning crowed and realized that he didn't have any 'little friends'. He didn't have any friends at all. Usually he was able to make a few. Maybe even a girl, but this time it was a complete bust. No one was interested in making new friends, especially one that looked like Sam. You could tell that these kids were raised here and raised together, the way the stayed in there little clicks, their tans toning the preps bodies and even making the freaky nerds look more appealing then Sam did when he first came. He was pale, due to staying indoors for most of the hunts doing research, and was getting taller and scrawnier by the minute. They eyed him, not only as the new kid, but as the freak.

Sam looked up towards the end of the road and could see Dean's Impala making its way down the black, heat woven road. He took one more look around at the school where he made no progress in anything, made no new friends or discoveries. It was just a school and wasn't a place he'd remember. But wasn't high school supposed to be the best years of your life? Making memories, dating, and making friends for life? Why couldn't Sam have that? Oh, because he was a Winchester. Lucky him…

"Hey dude! You coming!?" Dean's voice yelled and Sam's head whipped towards the parked Impala sitting only a few feet away from him. Sam looked at Dean in surprise, not only freaked out by the sudden shout to get his attention, but that he didn't even hear or see the car pull up. Sam hated being distracted, especially from his own thoughts that keep him awake more then every night.

Sam hustled to the car, throwing his light school bag in the back with his already packed duffle. "Where's Dad?"

"He got a head start towards…" Dean looked over a stack of papers he had placed all over his lap. "A town called Weston. In Maine. Populate 203 people. Well 199 now." Dean sighed.

"What's going on?" Sam questioned, pulling the stack of papers from Dean's possession.

"Look's like an angry spirit trying to get revenge. All killings were connected by family to a Ken Simons. No clue on who or why but it's fishy so we're checking it out."

"Okay," Sam answered bleakly as he took one look over the newspaper print outs and then turned in his seat to face the window.

"Okay…" Dean drowned out as he revved the engine and pulled out of the school.

As the boys began their long trip to Maine Sam continued to think about his last school, about all those people that ignored him and how much he envied them. They grew up there and were able to call that sweaty town home. Home was a word Sam often heard… "killed in their home, buried by their home, haunting their home". But it was never once used for or towards him. Anytime they were going back from anywhere it was always to a simple word: motel and it was never considered a home of any sorts. Maybe that was because the place that truly was the family's home, wasn't stand able to talk about anymore. It was a place that Sam barely lived in and where his mother had died directly above Sam's crib. No one talked about it, it was only a memory though one that motivates this life style. John's obsession to find the thing that killed his mother was the one thing that kept Sam from truly having a home.


About thirty minutes into the ride, Dean was getting irritated. Not only because he had to ditch the hottest babe in the world, (well at least in that bar) to pack up and ditch town, but Sam hadn't spoken a free willed word since he picked him up. Almost always Dean could pick out the usually sings of "Sammy's been thinking about something lately" look and not talking was the key ringer. Dean peered out the corner of his eyes and saw that Sam's arms were crossed, his forehead pressed against the window, his eyes staring blankly into the sky. Definitely "thinking".

Dean took a deep breath, preparing himself. "Okay Sammy. What's up?"

Sam looked over at his brother with 'fake' confusion on his face. Dean also knew that sign. He's thought about this a lot.

"I know you Sammy. So let's skip the whole conversation about 'I don't know what you're talking about' and 'You're crazy' and just tell me what's on your mind." Dean gave Sam the 'serious' look which meant Dean meant business.

"It's nothing," Sam began but Dean's glare deepened and Sam flinched and looked away. "I've just been thinking about home," Sam admitted.

"What home?" Dean finally looked back towards the road but looked immediately back towards his brother demanded more of an explanation with his eyes.

"Well more like, that we just don't have one." Sam shrugged.

Dean was stunned by his brother's words. "How long have you been thinking about this?"

"I don't know. I guess just from those kids at that school. Like, you can tell that they grew up here and have a place to go home to," Sam explained.

"Oh," Dean clenched his jaw in frustration. Has Sam always felt like this? A great idea popped into his head and he turned to look at his brother with a wide grin. "What do you mean you don't have a home? You're in it!"

"The Impala? Dean, she's beaut but not much of a home," Sam couldn't help but slightly smile at his brother's assumptions.

"Well it doesn't exactly have bedrooms or a kitchen," Dean cocked his head and took one glimpse to the road and back to Sam. "But it ought to have a few blankets and month old left over burgers in here somewhere." Dean smiled.

Sam returned the gesture and a small laugh even came along with it.

"So you're okay?" Dean asked, looking for any signs of Sam's 'thinking/depressing' mood.

"Yeah," Sam assured. "I'm okay Dean." He smiled once again.

"Good. 'Cause now since we're done with your mood, let's party!" Dean yelled as he blared ACDC and started pounding on the steering wheel as if it was a drum.

"Dean, you're such a freak!" Sam yelled above the music.

"Comes with the territory of being a big brother Sammy!" Dean grinned and continued to beat against the steering wheel.

"It's Sam!" Sam yelled but he too was grinning and enjoying the peaceful, well not peaceful, but fun moments in his life with his brother. Maybe Dean was right, they didn't have an actual home. But being right in the Impala with his brother next to him, Sam knew that this was the same feeling of being at home: It's where you belong.


Dean was tired. Well more then tired, he was exhausted. And looking down the dark abandoned highway he was seeing no place of civilization, or even a sign to tell them they're even close.

Sam sat comfortable, leaning against the window sound asleep. After their little 'Party' Sam exclaimed how tired he was and dang, he must have. He hasn't stirred for over 5 hours!

Dean stifled a yawn as he tried to think. He could 1. Pull over and sleep in the car for the night. It's not like he hasn't done it before, but that was mostly when their dad was parked directly behind them. Then there was choice 2. Keep driving until you find a motel. Dean completely dropped out option two. He knew it was highly possible to fall asleep behind the wheel at any moment and he wasn't taking that chance. But was option 1 the only one left? No, Dean thought to himself.

"Sam!" Dean shoved his brother in the arm who instantly shot up and looked ready to pounce on anything that dare touches him.

Finally figuring out where he was and not in danger, he looked over to Dean with half opened eyes. "What?" Sam asked sluggishly.

"Wanna drive?" Dean asked.

Sam suddenly perked up. He looked like a new puppy on his first trip in the grass. "Yeah," Sam smiled.

"Okay," Dean pulled over.

"Wait, you're serious?" Sam questioned his brother.

"No, I'm kidding." Dean answered sarcastically. "Yeah why not? You've drove before."

"But it's in the middle of the night," Sam exclaimed.

"Dude, chill," Dean turned off the ignition and pulled out the key. "I'm just too tired to go on. When you see the first motel pull in and we'll sleep their till morning." Dean explained. He got out of the car, walking around back. He saw Sam slide over to the driver's seat and grip the steering wheel tightly.

Dean smirked as he got into the trunk, quickly grabbing an extra knife. Dean knew he'd be out before Sam even pulled back onto the road and having a knife in his grip always made him sleep sounder. Dean closed the trunk and quickly made it to the passenger's seat.

"Here," Dean handed to keys back to Sam who took them greedily and started the car.

"Dean, thanks," Sam turned back to his brother but found Dean already zonked out, making breath fog on the window. Sam smiled once again as he revved the engine slightly and pulled out onto the road.


Even though Sam was considered an extremely cautious driver through Dean's eyes, Sam couldn't help but push his limits. Not only was he going way faster then the signs aloud, but he was going past the limit Dean told him to never even reach while driving his car. He knew Dean would kill him of he knew he was pushing his baby over 50, but Sam was feeling dangerous. The street was bare and still Sam had found no signs of a motel anywhere. So why couldn't Sam have a little fun…a little freedom? Dean was knocked out cold and there was nothing in front or behind him stopping him. The feeling of it was almost over whelming. Now Sam knows why Dean loves driving the Impala just about everywhere. Especially this fast. It was fun!

"Sam what the hell are you doing!" Dean yelled as he shot up in his seat and gripped the dashboard.

Sam slammed on the breaks, The car screeched and turned slightly as it came to a halt, dead center in the middle of the road.

"What do you think you were doing!?" Dean repeated.

Sam sat there stunned and trying to catch his breath, unable to know if he was going to be able to reply. "I-uh—um…" Sam stuttered between gasps for air.

"Damn it Sam! Do you realize how fast you were going!?" Dean lectured.

Sam didn't release his grip on the wheel, probably because he squeezed so hard when Dean scared him that he probably won't be able to ever let go again.

"Sam!" Dean yelled again, waving his hand in front of his brother's shocked face.

"Yes Dean! I'm sorry!" Sam finally found his voice.

"You better be," Dean sighed and collapsed back against the seat.

Sam was relieved when Dean didn't press, but he wasn't sure to keep driving or just wait for Dean to say 'You're never driving my car again!'. Looking forward Sam caught sight of a blinking vacancy sign. "Dean, I see the motel," Sam explained.

"Well drive to it Sammy!" Dean expressed, his arms flying up in an exaggerated motion then flopping back down to his sides.

Sam couldn't help but smile as he drove barely 20 mph down the road to the motel. Dean could never stay mad at him for too long.


Once the boys reached the motel and were settled into their room Dean's phone rang. He didn't recognize the number so he answered it with his 'I'm tired so leave me alone' voice.


"Dean? It's Dad," John huffed from the other end.

Dean cleared his throat quickly. "Yeah Dad? What up?" Dean looked over to Sam who too is interested.

"There's been a change of plans. I ran into some trouble here in Oklahoma and I think we've got ourselves a hunt here." John explained.

"But what about Maine?"

"We'll get there. We'll probably have this done in less then two days, tops. Simple salt and burn." John assured.

"Okay. We stopped for the night. We'll be back on the road by morning and call you when were close. But Dad? What happened to your phone?" Dean asked.

"Aw, I left it in the truck. It's getting repairs right now. We got into a little bit of an accident. But don't worry, everything's fine but this case seems like a doozey so get up bright and early. Bye."

Dean didn't even reply as he shut the phone and turned to Sam. "Change of plans Sam. There's a simple salt and burn we got to do in Oklahoma. We'll just meet Dad there and then head on up to Maine. Hopefully we'll be there long enough for you to start up in school again." Dean explained, climbing under the scratchy sheets.

"Okay," Sam said as he followed his brother's lead. A simple salt and burn. Simple.

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