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Chapter Nineteen

Friend of Toby's

John knocked loudly on the weak and wooden motel door. Angry and drunken voices rose from behind it and John glanced over to Dean.

They looked back towards the door as it opened slowly. The sun shone brightly onto the young mans pale eyes.

John and Dean gaped at the kid's poor condition. He couldn't have been older then 17 from what they knew about him, but had his boney cheeks and small frame that subtracted many years. Bruises ran down his face and continued beneath the teen's thin clothing. Dean swallowed hard and looked away as he saw the familiarity in the kid's eyes.

John cleared his throat. "Excuse me son, are you Henry Richardson?"

The teenager's eyes widened but he didn't respond. A horrid growl came from behind the boy and the door was widened as a man's drunken eyes glared at John and Dean. "Whadya want?" He growled.

Anger ran through Dean as he watched Henry cower in just in the man's presence. "We we're friends of Toby's." Dean stated with a snarl on his lips.

Both people in the doorway's eyes widened. Though Henry's eyes tear and the man's just looked angered.

"That useless brat didn't have any friends. Now what the hell do ya want?" He screamed.

Another man came up from behind Dean and John, also drunk and scruffy looking. "Who the hell are you?" The older of the two men growled and John turned around.

"I'm John Winchester and consider this a favor from Toby." He said and swung a punch at him. The man fell down hard, gripping his bloody nose.

"Johnny!" The man ran out of the room and to his fallen brother.

Henry remained into the doorway looking shocked, but secretly pleased. Teary eyes looked up to Dean. "M-my brother….?"

Dean shook his head sadly and Henry understood the message.

"But before he went he wanted us to find you and get you out of here." Dean said and placed a hand on the kind's shoulder; that was practically all bone.

Henry looked at him confused and his eyes widened as police cars piled into the ratty motel.

"You're safe now." Dean said.

A woman got out of one of the cars as other officers charged towards the two men on the ground and arrested them.

"Henry? I'm Elizabeth Hillshire," She held out her hand and Henry hesitantly shook it.

"Take good care of him, will ya?" John whispered into Lizzie's ear as he turned to head back to his car. She nodded as she started comforting Henry. She planned on taking care of him, along with her new beau Dr. Kyle York, until he was ready to face the world again.

"You were right, that was a really important stop." Dean said with a satisfying smile.

John just nodded as he walked up to his truck. "See ya in Maine, drive safe." John said as he climbed up in his truck.

Dean waved his father off as he walked up to Sam who was leaning on the side of the Impala watching the two men being ruffling haled away. "You think Toby's happy now?" Sam asked but it wasn't his brother who responded.


Dean and Sam looked dumbfounding at the boy who stood right next to Sam, watching the scene profoundly.

Toby pushed off the car and turned to look at Sam and Dean. "Thank you both so much, for everything you've done for me." He said.

"You're welcome." Sam replied, smiling softly to the boy.

Toby smiled brightly as butterflies surrounded him once again and his image disappeared for the last time.

Dean leant took Toby's spot next to Sam. "Okay so maybe the case wasn't as simple as we thought it was going to be, but hey, it wasn't a total waste."

Sam laughed at his brother despite his agreement in the situation. He turned towards his brother. "Hey Dean, do you think maybe I could drive?" Sam asked hopefully.

Dean rolled his eyes and shook his head as he rounded the car to get to the drivers side. "Never again Sammy." He said and got into the car.

"Oh come on!" Sam complained as he got into the passenger's side.

"I'll buy you your own freakin' Barbie jeep before you drive my baby again," Dean smirked at his brother.

Sam rolled his eyes. "She's my home too." He reminded Dean.

"Yeah, and pretty soon you'll be locked up in her closet, also known as the trunk!" Dean threatened with a sly grin.

"Jerk." Sam said with a smile.

"Bitch." Dean replied as he pulled out of the motel parking lot, onto their next simple salt and burn.


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