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Testingis Kyuubi or Summons mentally thinking


The sun was just rising on the horizon, shining its heavenly light upon the lands of Halkegania they shone... To those who didn't take the beauty of this celestial light for granted; took the time to get up early to watch this magnificent ball of otherworldly light coming up over the horizon was a treat, to others it was a bane of existence for taking them away from their wonderful dreams. Though for one certain noble 16 year old girl in her second year at the Tristain Academy of magic this was the day that would change lives, this girl was none other than Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere.

Louise was having a pleasant dream of being back home with her sisters, being held in the arms of her second eldest sister Cattlya while her eldest sister Eleanor and her mother and father were finally accepting her for what she was, while they were all out in the family garden. She was discussing how she was excelling in all her classes at the academy and how she was well respected.

The sun now was little over half above the horizon and slowly were the sun rays creeping in across the land, then through the windows, to bring life to plants and bringing the sleeping to the world of the waking. The light rays were creeping closer to a young girl who was sleeping peacefully only to be woken by gently caressing rays of warmth. Coming to consciousness she remembered today was to be a day of hope to a new start at the academy… of respect, of her family finally accepting her, all the students stopping making fun of her… if only it were so easy…

Sighing, she got out of bed and started getting ready for what was soon to be a difficult day ahead of her. Combing her hair in hypnotic rhythm she straightened out all the messiness from the night. After that she put on her academy uniform, then stood in front of the mirror to straighten it out. Standing at 153 cm (5ft'), Louise would find it difficult to intimidate someone by trying to stand over them, with pink hair and eyes and a petite frame and not to mention having a chest that was flatter than a floorboard. One would think at a small distance looking at her that she is a very cute little girl although she couldn't be classified as one in sense of age seeing as she was 16…

This was a day that would make or break her depending on what happened. Since today was day that all the second years were brought out onto the grounds and summoned what were going to be their lifelong partners for the rest of their lives. Ooh… She was so excited! She couldn't wait to get her familiar and rub it into the face of everyone who had made fun of her for not being able to get one spell right and only getting an explosion in the face. She just knew she was going to get a cool spirit like a dragon or a griffon; although she actually had no choice but to. Especially after what she said to Kirche and Montmorency yesterday when they were on the stairs leading to the reflection room.

Now, here she was with the rest of the second years out on the academy grounds waiting her turn to summon here familiar. Guiche had already summoned a giant mole, Louise considered that fitting for him after all that talk and annoying monologue he put the rest of them through… but that made her think… what if she got something worse?


Naruto found him, after all these years he finally found his once friend turned traitor…Sasuke… He was finally going to keep his promise to Sakura… if only she were alive to see it, he desperately wanted to kill the bastard for killing her, but he had made a promise and he always kept a promise, even if he didn't like it.

Yes, Sakura had been killed by Sasuke only a year ago… he, Kakashi-sensei, Tsunade-baa chan and the rest of the rookie nine had been devastated by her death. Her death had been as devastating as when Jiraiya had been killed by the Akatsuki leader Pein… ero-sennin had been like a father to him… He was going to keep his promise… but he was going to make that teme suffer double what he had put his precious people through…

Catching up to Sasuke, he landed upon a branch in a tree in the forest that he had found him in, clad in ANBU armor with a kitsune mask and a ninjato strapped to his back. He surveyed for the forest around for any other activity aside from Sasuke who was an estimated 6 yards in front him. He hadn't seen one trace of the rest of Team Hawk and that made him nervous…

'Mustn't think like this, it will ruin my A-game' he grimaced. Knowing that thinking about such things distracted him from the battle at hand he kept alert for any movement whatsoever. Seeing none he looked back at Sasuke and called out "Teme… it's been a long time hasn't it" Sasuke was looking as emotionless as he ever was, Naruto always did hate that about him.

Looking at him, Sasuke smirked. "Yes…it has dobe. It seems you're no longer the weak fool you were the last time we met." Sasuke knew that it would irritate him and from the looks of it had worked very well if the shaking of his shoulders and the sharp KI he could feel from him were anything to go by.

Naruto was for lack of a better word pissed off. Sasuke just had to bring up the fact that he killed Sakura and to add insult to injury he even looked pleased with the fact that he killed her! This is where all plans and traps to get him back to Konoha were forgotten as leapt forward in rage-filled attack. Naruto was covered in Kyuubi's chakra as it formed its signature cloak around him. One tail was already noticeable and what looked to be the second was just starting to form, Sasuke saw this and raised his hand and gave the signal. Suigetsu, Juugo and Karin leapt from their hiding places and attacked…


It was finally Louise's turn to summon her familiar. "You said that you can summon something greater than all of us, right Louise?" Kirche asked in a mocking tone. "Naturally" Louise said in a way that sorta kinda denoted the fact that she was very nervous. "Alright Miss Valliere, begin your summoning" said Mister Colbert in an annoyed fashion. Louise heard this and looked at him. He had his arms folded with his eye twitching and had started to clench his staff.

"Come on Zero Louise! We're all waiting to see this magnificent familiar of yours!" Cried Kirche as she and the rest of the assembled students waited for Louise to begin. Some were placing bets with each other on whether or not she will summon something or will only end up with an explosion, while others were worried about how big the coming explosion was going to be and whether they were safe.

Noticing what was happening with everyone around she ignored Kirche in favor of seeing the surprised look on her face when she summoned her familiar. "My slave, who lives somewhere in the universe!" At this everyone thought she was getting desperate. "What's that chant?" asked Montmorency "W-well it is unique" said Guiche who was also very confused by the sudden change in chant. Louise continued her chant in spite of the talk. "Oh sacred, beautiful and strong familiar spirit! I desire and here I plead from my heart! Answer to my guidance!" With the end of the chant she twirled her wand in the air twice before bringing and pointing at where her familiar would then be…


Naruto grabbed Suigetsu's wrist as he began to swing Kubikiri Houcho at him, twisting and throwing him into Karin as she began to jump towards him with her kunai in hand sending them crashing into the undergrowth.

Juugo smashed his fist into Naruto's face right after he threw Suigetsu. Sending him on a direct course to Sasuke who took the time that Naruto was distracted to flash the hand seals required and charge up Chidori. Naruto saw this and shifted his body slightly that was just enough that his wind trajectory allowed him whiz past Sasuke and cause to him to miss and impale the tree.

Naruto caught himself on the branch that went by and swinging up and over it, he righted himself on top of and placed his hands in a familiar seal. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! Poofing into existence were 90 Naruto's. "I want 30 of each of you to go after those three! Leave Sasuke to me…" Naruto spoke gravely. Hearing his orders his bunshin split up. 10 each going after Suigetsu, Juugo and Karin.

Sasuke heard this and smirked before saying "So dobe, you finally accepted your fate?" Hearing this he retorted "If by fate you mean taking you back to Konoha then yes, yes I have accepted my fate" 'Oh Kami, listen to me! Geez…what Neji would've done to hear me say this back in the Chuunin Exams…' Sweatdropping at his own words he noticed that Sasuke wasn't looking directly at him more like somewhere behind him.

Then it hit him. He felt all of the feedback from all the clones had made and slumped to his knees when he felt the exhaustion of all combined Kage Bunshin hit him. 'How?! I just sent them!' He thought in desperation. "Tch, those were the Kage Bunshin of the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki? How sad." Swinging his head around he saw through dulled vision; the blue haired kid who wielded Kubikiri Houchu. Suigetsu was his name if he remembered correctly.

"Suigetsu, don't get cocky." Juugo rumbled. "Yeah, it wasn't just you who fought all those bunshin" Karin piped in. "Enough, we finally have him and Im not going to let him get away. A dobe he may be, but I know that he has enough luck that if given the chance he could get out of here." Sasuke spoke over him. "Now, hold him down." He commanded. Juugo and Suigetsu suddenly appeared at his sides. Grabbing his arms and lifted him to his knees.

Naruto saw through fading vision Sasuke unsheathing his Kusanagi blade. 'Shit… Looks like this really is the end…' He thought in despair. He looked down and saw his ninjato that came off his back when the fight began and started to formulate a plan. 'If I can just get to that maybe I can use it to at least rid this world of Sasuke… Sakura-chan… Im sorry…'

Resigning himself to the fact that he had to kill someone who he had trained for years to catch up with in skill; only to be brought down by his rivals teammates when he should've brought backup in the first place instead of convincing everyone that he could handle himself. Kami he was an idiot.

Sasuke finished drawing Kusanagi and charged. 'I'll only have a moment to do this, so I'll have to time it right' Naruto thought as prepared as well as he could being held by two people as you were about to be killed. Tensing his muscles as Sasuke was halfway to him Naruto threw himself out of the arms of Suigetsu and into Juugo's legs causing the giant of a man to topple.

= Using this distraction he quickly grabbed his ninjato and- "Guh!" To late! He felt Kusanagi pierce his heart. 'Shit! I was to late!' He mentally screamed. Feeling Kyuubi's chakra quickly going to work fixing the damage… but… he knew it was futile. Being witness to Sakura's death was enough to give him the information that Sasuke had done what Orochimaru had and poisoned his Kusanagi blade with his own poison and by doing so caused him and Sakura to make the fatal mistake of going into a combat situation unprepared.

With Kyuubi's chakra unable to completely rid his system of the unfamiliar poison; he only had an hour at the most if left to himself to act before the poison spread throughout his entire bloodstream and began the slow process of tortuously killing him.

Using all the strength he could muster and grabbed Kusanagi's scabbard, surprising Sasuke in the process. Using his distraction to his advantage he quickly yanked it out of the large woven purple rope that held it to Sasuke. Leaning back he twirled it until the opening faced him and swiftly slammed the end of into his once rival's stomach knocking the wind out of him, taking advantage of this he pulled Kusanagi out of his chest and heart and within one agonizing, heart breaking moment, cut off his head.

As if time itself slowed down he watched as the head fell from his friend's shoulders, he could faintly hear Karin's screams as it continued its descent. When it hit the ground it rolled to face the sky and showed the last clear emotions on its face: shock, horror and lastly the one that broke him, fear.

Falling on his knees knowing that the deed was done he could only look at had once been his friends living breathing body only seconds ago. Taking his last deep shuddering breath he finally took the courage to look around. Juugo, Suigetsu and Karin all looked shocked at what had just happened, with Karin being affected the most. Her face was one that caused him to flinch; she had tears going down her face, with her face showing so many conflicting emotions, with heartbroken being the most dominant

Unable to bear looking at their anguish anymore he looked around at the area where he was going to undoubtedly die in the next few minutes. The trees were so beautiful… if only he were able to say goodbye to his friends just one last time before he died, then he could be at peace.

Suddenly he was forced to use Kusanagi and it's scabbard as a makeshift cane as he started convulsing and coughing up blood. 'Shit. The poison is starting to affect me faster than I thought it would.' Falling hard onto his back he looked at the sky and thought of how peaceful it looked. He began to understand why Shikamaru liked to watch clouds so much…


In Naruto's mindscape the Kyuubi was starting to panic. The poison was one the stupid monkey had used with a makeup he had not even begun to understand fast enough to breakdown which could take hours. Hours that he did not have.

No… It would take to long to heal both the heart and the spreading poison… and those monkeys look to be about ready to kill the brat…

It was then that the Kyuubi felt a force of power ripping a crossing path between the dimensions not unlike the one he had felt over 6,000 years ago. Noticing this the Kyuubi chuckled to itself. Hmhmhm… Well, well, well brat. Looks your luck hasn't run out yet. This had better work. Utilizing its still vast undeterminable power that still had yet to be absorbed by his host through the seal, the Kyuubi cast out what could only be described as an interdimensional hook to the traveling object like a fish to a big juicy worm before it completed its journey. Yes, yes this should work in my favor…


You had better at the very least thank for this meat bag… Naruto heard the Kyuubi grumble to him. 'What? What is that supposed to mean?' Knowing that whatever the Kyuubi had planned for him was bound not to be good he decided to take a look around the clearing to see what was to be his last memory of his home. Juugo and Suigetsu looked to be readying to attack. With Juugo's curse starting to spread across his body and Suigetsu hefting Kubikiri Houchu for the last strike to be made for Sasuke, Naruto was starting to feel the metaphorical 'heat in the kitchen' right about then.

'Furball, whatever you have planned do it now! I'd rather not have my last memory be one of having gigantic fist and cleaver coming down on me!' Like some otherworldly deity had heard him Naruto started glowing in a bright neon sea green light. "What?! What is this?! Kyuubi what have you done?!" He cried out in desperation as he became enveloped in the unknown light and just like that, in flash he was gone just as Juugo and Suigetsu struck the space that had once been filled by the Jinchuuriki.


Opening his eyes he found himself in a dark tunnel with lights flashing by. Looking down he saw another kid wearing a sweater, pants and shoes that were all blue aside from the sweater that had white going down the sides with hair as dark but not nearly as spiky as Sasuke's traveling the same trail as him.

He was wondering what he was doing here when out of nowhere he felt Kyuubi's chakra envelope him, he was at first curious as to what was happening that warranted this by the annoying fuzz ball when pain started racking his body all over. Opening his mouth he started screaming something that should only be bellowed from only the most unholy of beasts.

While this was happening he saw the kid had nothing happening to him 'What?! Why isn't he in pain to?!' He mentally demanded. He felt as if every nerve in his body was being burned by the fires of Amatarasu. Grabbing his head as if doing this simple little action would stop the ongoing onslaught of pain that he felt only Tsukiyomi could compare to in terms of pain.

His vision started going red no matter where he looked around, by doing this he felt droplets fall in his mouth… It tasted of blood… Panicking, he franticly felt around his head in search of the cause when he felt two tapering points growing on where his ears used to be. Going as quickly as he could when the pain left him to his mindscape he appeared in front of his prisoner.

Desperately crying out. 'Kyuubi! What is happening to me?!' Hearing this, the kitsune looked up and peered at his jailor with what appeared to be a look stuck between amusement at his container's suffering and curiosity on what was happening to him.

Finally its eyes showed shock, figuring out what was happening. Well this is quite the unexpected development… 'How can this be unexpected?! You're a demon lord who is thousands of years old! How can you not have seen something like this before?!' Brat, I am hundreds of thousand years old and have seen things you couldn't even begin to imagine, things that would leave even you gaping for reality as amusing as that would be, and secondly I have never done this before in all my years because I knew that if I did my chances of returning would be slim to none!

The Kyuubi paused for a time. Doing what Naruto had no idea but it seemed to be pondering something. Then after an undetermined amount that could be an hour in his mindscape and end up being a second in the real world, it spoke in solemn voice. Even if I had succeeded in leaving this dimension there would've been no guarantee that I would be able to get back to ours and would likely only get stuck in another one waiting for what would very likely be another chance in another dimension that was not my own. Wherever we are going it is very unlikely that we will be able to return to our world without having to wait for a few thousand years…

This caught Naruto by surprise. He had expected the fox to be able to recognize something like this from his past but to say that he had no experience in this sort of event was shocking. Then it hit him. 'What do you mean we won't be able to return for a few thous-' "Aaaaagh!" The pain was starting to return. Seeing this the Kyuubi decided to give him at least a something to look forward to. Don't worry brat, the pain is only coming from our interference with our dimension, it will leave when we exit this tunnel. Naruto was relieved to hear there was going to be an end to this pain and couldn't wait any longer.

Snapping out of his mindscape he saw that the kid who was below him enter the light at the end of the tunnel and that he himself was about to follow. The pain that had magically receded enough for them to talk was now coming back in full force. He could just feel the damn kitsune grinning at his pain and suffering. The pain was now starting to cover his whole body and with all of it came the thought that Naruto was going to die or end up in a coma; Demon Lord Kitsune sealed in his belly or not.

His vision was starting to fade. He couldn't feel his body any more mainly due to the demonic chakra that was covering him. He couldn't stop it… He wasn't ever going to see any of his precious people again… 'Im sorry Sakura, Baa-chan, Ero-sennin, Shikamaru, Chouji, Ino, Kiba, Hinata, Sai, Konohamaru, Shino, Kakashi-sensei, Gaara, old man Teuchi, Ayame nee-chan… Im not going to be able see any of you again… I'll miss you all… Gomen…' And with that… he breached the light…


Louise finished her chant and twirled her wand twice and brought it down to where familiar would appear. Like most of the students expected an explosion occurred and before the smoke had even begun to clear students were already handing over money due to what appeared to be lost bets only to stop halfway and stare in awe. There standing back straight with a sword that was slightly curved with an indent going all the way down the blade and ending with the point in a backwards curve in one hand and its scabbard in the other; was a warrior.

He stood around 6'4" with spiky shoulder length blonde hair and wore an intimidating porcelain fox mask all black tight leather under armor that separated from the middle of the upper arm to the shoulder where there was this strange tattoo and had these light grayish violet arm and leg guards complete with torso, hand and foot covering to go along with it with a backpack hanging loosely on his back with an empty sword scabbard under it.

The surprises didn't end there with a young boy who looked to be 5'8" wearing all blue pants, shoes and sweater with the only color difference being the sweatshirt having white going down the sides. Although his entrance was not as impressive as the warriors was since he ended up laying on the ground dizzy. The students and teacher Mister Colbert were shocked. Never had there been two familiars summoned in one go. Louise out of them all was shocked speechless. Falling on her knees she started mumbling things along the lines of "How?" "Two?!" and of course "How is this possible?!"

Naruto scanned his surroundings and found that he was in an enclosed area surround by that was likely surrounded by walls in circle if by looking at was likely the barrier between him and the world outside this place, there were a few fountains scatter around with wells for holding the water they spewed out with lion's heads as the spout attached to the walls. Turning around he saw five different towers with a color capping the pagoda they were red, brown, blue, white and black and were set in a pentagonal pattern with all leaving a pathway into the main center tower.

Looking at the inhabitants of this realm he saw that was surrounded by what looked to be students and animals? Along with an odd assortment of creatures that he had never heard of in his lore or mythology, strangely enough the creatures and animals seemed to be attached the students. He would be sure to look into this later on when he had the time. Overall… this was unexpected... apparently he was in a schooling area or academy… great. He had expected something close to being dropped in a war zone, Hell! He was willing to bet his last amount of ryo that the Kyuubi was crossing his tails for something like that though fortunately he didn't have his containers luck thank Kami.

He looked down and to his surprise there he saw a pink haired girl who was wearing a cloak pinned together on the front with a crossing pentagonal medal. Wearing stocking all the way to a little above her knees she wore a white shirt with a matching plaid skirt. She seemed to have had fallen on her knees and it seemed to originate from disbelief about something and he was willing to bet that that something was him and the boy. Seeing that no one else was closer to him and the boy and that she was likely the reason that they were there he bent down and picked up the boy's semi-unconscious form and dragged/carried him over to her.

Thankfully a few seconds after he picked him up he came back to consciousness and stood on his own. The boy only looked around for a second when his eyes finally landed on Naruto right next to him scaring him as well since Naruto was towering over him and with his armor and stolen weapon he made an intimidating sight.

"W-w-who are you?!" The boy screeched. "Do not be afraid" Naruto replied. "I am not an enemy, rather an unexpected deal in a bargain you could say. Now lets go over to the girl over there since it seems she is the reason were here." His voice had a tone of finality in it and the boy couldn't help but agree.

Turning to face the girl he was about to walk when he heard "But before that… Whats your name?" He asked curiosity clear in his voice. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto or otherwise known as Fox." "M-my name is Hiraga Saito." The boy now revealed to be Saito looked to be relieved that there at least some level of familiarity between them now since he was NOT going anywhere with a scary looking guy who looked like he could be armed to the teeth.

It was only then that they noticed that everyone around them had been talking to themselves whilst they were talking to each other though for the life of them they could not understand what was being said. "Whoa the big one is looking over, which do you think is Louise's?" One was looking at curiously while Saito looked at this short blonde girl. "Whoa look at the arms on him! He may be a plebeian but he looks-" She couldn't finish whatever she was saying though because this guy interrupted her. "Montmorency! How could you look at another man besides me?! The Great Guiche the Bronze?! And a plebeian at that!" Apparently from the way he was looking and talking to her incredulously while she was staring at Naruto with a light blush on her face they were a couple… maybe. "Heh. The plebeians don't look like much." Naruto turned his head at hearing this tone. This one was sizing him up and from the looks of it didn't think much of them. Oooh how wrong he was.

Having enough of listening to the spectators gibberish they looked over to where the girl who started all this they saw her talking to what looked to be the supervisor of this group of students. "Mister Colbert. Ummm. Which one is my familiar?" She said confusedly. "There were two that came out, there was only supposed to be one!" Seeing her confusion Colbert knew that he had to tell her this even would likely suffer in the outcome.

"Louise, I am afraid you're going to have to take both as your familiars." He said with regret knowing that care for one familiar could be difficult work, but with two familiars and humans at that, she was going to have a rough start. Turning back to where her familiars were she saw that they were starting to get with each other. The big tall one seemed to be looking around everywhere, not settling on one single area yet not making a continuing turning motion with his head while the other one was staring around in fear. She was surprised that he hadn't tried to sneak off yet though it was probably due to there being another person with him he could talk to.

Speaking of which… She couldn't understand a damn thing that came out of their mouths! Ever since they had got here they'd been flapping their yaps yet she didn't know what was being said! It was really starting to get on her nerves! "Well Zero Louise? You going to take a familiar or am I going to have to take one and leave you with the dopey looking one?" She heard Kirche call out from the sides.

Looking at her she saw Kirche eyeing the big one like a piece of meat. Ooh she was going to get her for that later. "Hands off breast monster! Those are my familiars and I will NOT allow you to lay your hands on them!" She screeched. The big one it seemed had very sensitive hearing too if his flinching, yelling in pain and sudden turn to glare at her seemed to indicate anything. "Oops" "Well, well your familiars have only been here for five minutes and one already doesn't like it here with you. How am I not surprised?" "Shut up breast monster"

"Miss Valliere, if you would please continue the ceremony so we can move on." Mister Colbert called out which was his form of a warning before someone got expelled or had to *Shudder* perform and fill in for one of the workers at the academy and do plebeian duties for two weeks.

Deciding that she really didn't want to end up serving her peers who already had a low opinion of her… though she was not sure about that now even though she two plebeians, she still summoned two familiars which had never happened before so hopefully her reputation was better than it once was by the end of the day.

Walking up to the one in the blue to complete the ceremony with that particular one and get it over with she closed her eyes and aimed her wand skyward she began the chant that would mark this boy as her familiar. "My name is Louise Francoise Lu Blanc de La Valliere." Saying that she pointed her wand at his face and leaned her face closer to his she continued where she left off. "Pentagon that governs the five powers, give this person your blessing and make it my familiar spirit." Grabbing the back of Saito's head pulled him in to 'seal the deal'.

Saito seeing and feeling this started to panic. "What are you doing to me?!" Louise, not liking the fact of being interrupted quickly intervened saying. "Be quiet and hold still!" She told him in a hushed voice Leaning this time for real thing she finally closed the deal when her lips made contact with now new familiar.

Naruto watched all of this with little hidden humor. The kiss itself lasted only three seconds though it was lip contact only. Seeing that were done he saw the girl that they called Louise if the repeated addressing of her was anything to go by.

Louise stood up as she finished the ritual with the small one and the only thing left to do was to complete the same ritual with the big one. She had to admit that she was a little intimidated by his height. Combine that with his armor, weapon, and mask and you get a very intimidating figure indeed. Walking over to him she motioned for him to lean down. Naruto, seeing this he started to got the idea of what she wanted.

Bending down so he his face was parallel with hers she tried to pry his mask off, but couldn't due to the chakra strings that kept it on and from falling off and revealing an ANBU operative's identity during battle. Naruto, seeing his assumption was correct quickly stood back up and lifted his arms to his face to remove his mask. The student body that was around him and Louise quickly quieted down since all of them were curious about what his warrior plebeians face looked like.

Taking off his mask the male side of students there weren't that impressed but for the female side were more intrigued. Taking off the mask had revealed a narrow face with a straight jaw, cerulean eyes so blue one could swear they could see the ocean if tried hard enough and three birthmarks each on his cheeks that gave off a vulpine charm. This face complete with the body caused a few hearts to melt and others to be charmed while the most of rest accepted the fact and started walking away.

Lowering himself to Louise's blushing face he gently smiled causing her to blush more. Quickly saying the first two parts of the chant she reached behind his head and vice-versa. To say she was surprised would be an understatement; Louise's face quickly turned tomato/cherry red. Stuttering out the last bit of the chant she leaned forward and pressed her lips on his. Although Naruto didn't know what this would accomplish he went along with it and as soon it started it ended.

Naruto was still wondering what that kiss would accomplish when he noticed that Saito starting was squinting his eyes in pain and if his eyes weren't deceiving him then was also starting to have steam literally rising off of his body. If that weren't strange enough Saito started yelling as his left hand that was previously blank and nothing but skin suddenly grew runes on it. It was then that Naruto noticed a similar was happening to him to. Looking at his arms he saw steam coming off of them, and then he felt it, the same pain from the tunnel was coming back. His body was filled with dread and fear at going through this again. He didn't want to but he had no choice in the matter.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh" He could literally feel his body burning and shaking in agony. He covered his face with his hands only to pull them away in just to see them again covered in blood. The spectators to this were yelling and screaming in fright, a familiar was not supposed to go through when they were summoned! Louise only looked on in horror at Naruto as his suffering continued, Mister Colbert saw that this wasn't going to end anytime soon ran up behind him and quickly performed a spell to make him fall unconscious. Seeing black and feeling his consciousness slipping he thanked all the Kami's for the mercy he was just given.

Mister Colbert looked down at the young warriors face and was thankful that it didn't have such a pained expression on it. It was still covered in blood but that was a given, but he noticed that there was one difference on his face though; his forehead to be exact. There was a symbol on it, the same symbol that was on his mask. Sighing he looked to Louise and saw that she was still shook up about what happened to her familiar *Sigh* This wasn't going to be another easy year by the looks of it.


Louise was worried sick about the big one, he wasn't supposed to end up in such serious pain. He was only supposed to go into the necessary requirements for getting the seal of a familiar and go on. Not go into mindless pain like he did! She really wished she could do something but this was case of familiar that she hadn't heard of before… at least the other one was slightly useful. Washing her clothes and bringing up food while she took care of her injured familiar. Though he was starting to become annoying with his constant gibberish and what made it worse was she couldn't understand him at all! She could not stand it anymore! Though she hoped against hope itself that he got better he was the highlight of her day. The one thing that really calmed her down after she got frustrated and blew up on Saito was that her familiar was just so cute! She would pet him all day long if he wasn't so injured.


*Sigh*… Gaki, you know this is getting really tiring, what with you injuring yourself and walking into situations you have no idea about. Bad enough that you were fatally injured by that fool of a rival of yours and again get yourself put back into critical condition because of that ritual, then you go and get yourself turned into a familiar because of it… You must really feel proud of yourself right now huh?

Naruto finally waking up looked around after hearing the Kyuubi's voice and saw that he was in his mindscape. "Familiar? You mean I'm someone's partner?" He asked. The Kyuubi, noticing that he was up and conscious but still injured enough to not be fully awake in the real world replied. Yes, if you think about it that way then yes, you are someone's partner.

Seeing that Naruto was still confused about this, it further elaborated. More specifically that girl you met. What was her name? Ah yes, Louise. Yes, she made you and that boy Saito into her familiars. Though from what I can tell it was only supposed to be Saito. Since we've interfered with what was originally going to be; this world has adapted to make room for us, the ritual that girl performed finished what was started in the portal.

Now understanding the situation a little bit better he remembered that they were in different dimension and it just hit him on how Konoha was doing with what they likely thought was his death and with that came the thought of how much pain his precious people were going to be in and desperately started panicking. "Yes but how long will I have to be her familiar?! I have to start preparing to go back home!" Naruto yelled.

The Kyuubi outraged that he dare yell at him when he just clearly gave him an answer. Opening his massive canine jaw he roared at him with enough force that it sent Naruto slamming into the wall behind him, indenting his body into it. Has it not sunk in yet?! Remember what I said! It can and will take up to thousands of years until another event like this will come along again! Don't forget that I also said that there being little to no chance of us getting back to our dimension!

Hearing this only brought the sadness that he would never see his home or his precious people again brought double the pain to his heart and tears to his eyes. He had been planning on going to see Shion after he brought Sasuke back and take her up on her offer and maybe, just maybe start a family with her. Now he would see never any of them again, he would never be able to live long enough for him to be able to detour through enough worlds that he would make it back to his and even if he did, his people and village would be long gone with there likely to be a whole different culture that took up after the fall of his own… He didn't want to think about this right now. He just wanted to sleep and forget about what happened and deal with it when he woke up.

*Sigh*… I wish I could do something to help the kit out. At least then he would be forgetting about our world enough to start enjoying this one. The Kyuubi thought, remembering the time when he was still relatively new to his power when he once sent a subordinate to another dimension because of pure curiosity of the dimensions outside the one he and the rest of the Bijuu resided in. It took over three thousand years for him to return and by that time he had gone onto other things to make the time go by. Thankfully his subordinate had remembered his orders and debriefed on the spot.

He had looked tired and slightly insane from being in an unfamiliar environment and the time spent without contact from his home. He had made his report and when he ended; died out of the stress that had been accumulated over the years, an exhausted mind and injuries amounted. He learned from that lesson and never sent his subordinates out like that so carelessly, that kitsune had once been a good friend of his before the time that the Kami's chose him to become the Kyuubi and his loss re-taught him about the importance of thinking ahead of things. Hopefully the kit learns that lesson faster than I did. It would definitely help with how he is now. He was so exhausted he didn't even notice his transformation. He will really need to think ahead if what my impression of these people is anything to go by… And with that the Kyuubi decided it was time to rest and gain back what chakra he could for the day.


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