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"Testing" is regular voice dialogue

"Testing" is voice dialogue in a language the character in question cannot understand

'Testing' is mental thoughts or Naruto mentally talking to Kyuubi

Testing is Kyuubi or Summons

Testingis Kyuubi or Summons mentally thinking


'Ugh, what happened?' Naruto thought coming out of his sleep. 'Feels like baa-chan just hit me…' That brought back painful memories from his past but then remembered that there was nothing he could do about it and planned to go somewhere later and get it out of his system. It was at that time that Naruto noticed something, the girl Louise was on the bed that he apparently had been sleeping on. She had dark circles under her eyes. 'Poor girl, she must've stayed up all night taking care of me.' Naruto then noticed something smelled funny.

Looking down his nose he saw Saito sleeping on the floor on a pile of hay. Apparently that is where Louise's familiars slept. 'Over my dead body! No way am I sleeping on the floor with just hay as bedding!' He thought in defiance. Noticing something again, his heart skipped a beat or two when he saw what it was. The flesh going down his nose was dirty white… and furry…and black at the end… his nose was not supposed to be furry or black!

Knowing that Kyuubi would know what the hell was going on with him he delved into his mindscape for answers. Entering the sewers of his mind he saw that the Kyuubi was just coming out of his sleep. To what do I owe the pleasure of this unexpected visit? I was not expecting you to arrive on my doorstep for at least a few days. The Kyuubi asked, though it should've learned by now Naruto was a wildcard in any area aside from patience though that got better as he got older, more experienced and joined the ANBU. He knew he was here about his transformation and was going to enjoy poking fun at him because of it.

"Kyuubi! What the hell happened to me while I was out?!" Ugh! Gaki! Keep your voice down! I've only just woke up. He's gonna break my ears one of these days… "Like I care about that! Why am I covered in fur?! The last time I checked humans didn't have that!" Then began the dialogue between two great creatures which leveled down to one of the constant verbal sparring sessions they went through, though that was on Naruto's side of things while the Kyuubi just kept pushing and pushing … this continued until Kyuubi decided that enough was enough and just told him.

You've become a kitsune, a three-tailed one… "Oh yeah?! You're a- Wait, come again… WHAT?!" screamed Naruto who was prepared to retort another insult but not this! Kitsune? How? Then it clicked. 'That pain in the tunnel was adapting me to this world! Then when that girl did that ritual and completed it!' He thought in victory of his epiphany. So it finally makes sense huh? It is about time. I was hoping you would be clueless about it until you went for a walk later on. Though that would be much better." …You're only saying that because I would freak when I noticed my height and how I look when I looked in my reflection" Yes, what about it? "I hate you so much…" The feeling is mutual, this you can trust me on. "On this I actually feel I can believe you without being tricked…"

"So how long is this gonna last?" It can and will last until your lying on your deathbed taking your last dying breath. That thought pierced Naruto with absolute horror. He would have to go through life as a kitsune?! No! No, no, no! "No way in Hell am I gonna live like this! How do I change back?!" *Sigh* You really want to change back don't you? "Well of course I do!" …Fine… Alright, hold the thought of your body in mind and will your chakra into the form of your old chakra system.

The Kyuubi paused trying to see if there was anything important that he missed. Oh and do remember the tail, that is a very important part of a kitsune. It will take a few minutes the first time for your chakra system to 'remember' its old form but afterwards it should only take a few seconds.

Leaving his mindscape, he looked around and saw that Louise was starting to come out of the froes of sleep. Working fast he tried to hold his body in his mind but was still a little confused about it when he had his second epiphany of the day. 'Oh! Think about my body'

Happy that he was actually having a 'smart' day he started focusing on his body's characteristics, looks and the rest that came along with it. Feeling the transformation taking place was weird. His body was actually changing and shifting to turn back into what it once was. He heard bones pop out of place and into the familiar figure of a human body and could figure that he was a strange sight to look upon when this occurred so he took note to practice transforming when he had the time so he didn't have to concentrate on it so much or take so much time when transforming.

He had just finished changing back when he heard a gasp. Turning his head he saw Louise was awake but still tired from the night before and was talking about something he couldn't understand. So raising his hand to silence her, he looked back down at Saito. Louise seeing this was a little confused on what he wanted at the moment. 'Maybe he wants somebody that he can talk with to know what's going.' Taking the initiative she started prodding Saito with her foot to wake him, Needless to say Saito woke up a little frustrated.

"Hey I was up late last night doing your laundry and all I want is some sle-" Saito was just starting to get onto a rant that would most likely have Louise on his ass again when he noticed Naruto was awake and looking at him. "Naruto! Your up! Now I finally have someone I can talk to!" He exclaimed, getting excited at finally being able to talk to someone he could relate to.

When he first woke up he was puzzled at what language they were speaking, he finally found what it was when he was up in the morning and was walking around what was the first years area and one of them said 'bonjour' that helped him figured out that it was French they were speaking, it made sense at least. A society with dukes, bishops, lords and all the like was obviously European in background. Hell, when he finally found a map; it looked so much like Europe that it scared him.

"Yeah? I'm up. What happened, how long was I out for?" Naruto asked. Curious about how long ago it was since they had arrived, since even under the worst of circumstances he should out of medical care for within a week. "Ummm… about two days… You should've been out for at least a month. You were covered in blood when we got you to the healers' office." "Hmm? What do you mean I was covered in blood? The only time I remember being covered in blood was in the tunnel with you."

This took Saito by surprise. He had thought he had been the only one in the tunnel but it seems that Naruto had joined him without his finding out. Shaking his head to clear what cobwebs were left from his sleep he just noticed that Naruto was human when he should've been a kitsune! "Wha?! How are you human?! The last I checked you turned into a kitsune!" Saito screamed in confusion.

Naruto was about to reply when he felt KI that he was quite sure was making the Kyuubi grin in pride. It was enough KI that Saito was stopped. Slowly they turned to see the sight of what was going to end up being one of their top ten worst fears for a long time, a pissed off Louise, standing right behind them in her nightgown.

She had dark circles under her eyes from taking care of Naruto throughout the time he was unconcious and add that to the aura of KI then you had a truly frightening figure. To think, they honestly had forgotten all about her in the midst of surprises, and then she spoke. "I can't take it anymore! I could tolerate it when only one was talking, now there are two of you talking so loud that you're giving me a headache!"

Needless to say, she was pissed… that or on her period. Though neither boy would dare say that to her face for fear of what would ensue. Both of them were holding each other, both were shaking in fear as she continued her rant. "I just wish the both of you would shut up and give me peace and quiet!" With that said she had a look of inspiration on her face. That's right! I learned a silence spell last year."

Figuring this out she pulled out her wand and thought back to when she learned the spell and the chant that went with it. "Ummmm… lets see… Ansul, Bel, An." Finishing the words that activated the spell she pointed her wand at Naruto and Saito who were both still cowering at the moment and finished the spell. "Comply to my order by Silence."

They waited a few seconds waiting for something to happen. They thought they were in the clear and that she failed whatever she was trying to do when they suddenly something just exploded in their face. "GAH!" They cried out in pain. "Strange… it wasn't supposed to do that…" Louise said aloud after her spell went awry.

Naruto and Saito were laying on the ground in a daze. They were at the moment wondering how a girl like her could do something like that with a just a stick… "Finally! I can finally think without annoying familiars speaking nonsense!" Louise cried out in pure utter joy.

Meanwhile Naruto and Saito were just coming out of their daze when they heard Louise talking… with them able to comprehend… "…Ow" Naruto mumbled while Saito said. "I don't know about you but I'm really starting to hate this world… washing clothes and going on errands to give written messages, and now pink haired jerks that blow you up." "Tell me about it, I've only been awake for a few minutes and I feel the same way…"

"Well that's great… Our master sure is kind." Naruto spoke sarcastically "Huh? I can understand you? It was supposed to be Silence…" "…Wait a minute… did I just understand that?" "I think we did…" Saito replied. Sitting up they looked at her strangely but decided it was just a fluke though were going to a little wary of Louise when she pointed that stick in their general direction. Alls was well until Saito opened his big mouth. "Well at least that flat-chested, bitch can finally understand us. Eh Naruto? …Uhhhh… Naruto?"

Looking around he saw a note on the floor. Picking it up he saw it was a note from Naruto, it read: You reap what you sow and you just sowed the mother load. I hope you live so we can continue our friendship as short as it was. If you die, I hope your death is swift and painless… Oh, and look behind you dumbass!

A little confused by what the note read he followed what the last bit of the note said and turned around. Awaiting him when he finished turning was a furious Louise holding a horsewhip. "Y-y-y-y-you DOG!" Stepping back a few steps Saito vainly tried to calm her down but it was for not. "And what was that about my chest?! You'd much rather prefer being that breast monster's familiar wouldn't you perverted dog?! You just lost your meals for the next two days!" "What! I'll starve! Are you nu- OW!" Louise had just hit him with her whip. "What was that for you crazy bitch?!" That was the phrase that began Saito's painful day…


Naruto was glad that he decided to pick up Kusanagi before leaving Saito the note and then hightail it out of there. He wanted check out what it had on it to see if there was anything of interest aside from its lightning abilities… he would have to see if he could get it to work for him like it did for Sasuke, it would be pretty handy to have a blade that couldn't be blocked, but before he did anything like that he was going to get something to eat. He had been out of it for a whole day now and he was fucking hungry! Kami help the person that tried to deny him food…

When Naruto was out of the hallway and down the two flights of stair he came upon a fountain and found something he did not expect to find in this world. A beautiful woman with an hourglass figure, hair red enough that you would half expect to turn aflame, a chest big enough that it left you wondering how she could walk without back problems, not to mention how they stay inside her clothes without busting out or ripping them to shreds, a dark tan that gave her a feral attractiveness and a face that would make crying babies turn silent in awe of it.

Naruto recognized her as the girl that was with the rest of the second years when he and Saito were summoned; Kirche was her name. She was the girl that Louise seemed to have a thing against if her 'breast monster' comment told him anything.

Though he wasn't surprised that she disliked her, he'd be mad to if he was a girl who had basically no chest to speak of; yet met a girl who had one that looked about ready to burst out on a daily basis. He suspected that there was something about the feud that ran deeper but he could be wrong.

Kirche, who just noticed that he was there, just took one look at him before deciding that her schedule for the rest of the day was canceled! This handsome man was hers for the rest of the day and (if she was able to get it to go that far) night.

Standing up, she brushed off her skirt and strode over to him, swinging her hips all the way with a smile on face. Naruto saw this and looked around frantically hoping that he wasn't the one she was walking to but unfortunately he saw no one else in the room aside from the two of them, that was when he started panicking

'FUCK! This is bad; I've always had problems with women who came onto me! Gotta get out of this… Fuck! Knew I should've brought my bag with me. It has my second mask in it.' Naruto was one of the few people out there that could sympathize with Kakashi when it came to needing to wear a mask or risk getting raped in the streets by crazy, single and sometimes even married women. It was downright dangerous and sometimes even suicide to go outside without a mask and luck would have it that today be the day that Naruto forgot to check to see if he still had his on.

Not noticing Kirche had stopped in front of him while he was panicking she decided to make the first move. Standing on her toes she reached around and put her arms around his head and brought it closer to her face. Startling him, Naruto snapped back to reality and saw the predicament he was in. "I haven't seen you around these parts before, are you new around here?" Kirche said in her most provocative voice. "I-I-I-I-I-I-I, uh I mean y-y-yes. Yes! I'm new around here." Kami, how he hated when he got like this. He wished he could kawarimi himself away… Kami he was such an idiot not to think of that in first place.

"Tell me, are you seeing someone?" She asked trying to elicit a further response from him. 'Oh man this is getting dangerous…' Trying to find something to replace himself he found a girl who had just walked in with her friend, with his escape victim in sight; he channeled his chakra in the required pattern needed to perform the jutsu seal less just as Kirche leaned forward to place a kiss on his lips.

The poor girl he switched with froze as she felt something nab her lips and very likely steal her first kiss from her, Kirche as well didn't expect see that where the stunningly handsome man was there was now a first year girl in his place and ended up with two very irate girls to deal with while none noticed Naruto making his getaway.

I've got to hand it to you gaki, you sure know how to ruin something that could've been a once in lifetime experience. The Kyuubi spoke after waking up and witnessing what had just happened. 'Easy for you to say! You don't have problems talking to extremely forward women!' Yet again another weakness you have. You would think that you would do something about this. 'Yeah…well… I can't poof it away with a wave of my hand' He said sarcastically.

His continued complaining was beginning to aggravate the Kyuubi. Listen to yourself! You are a kitsune now! A three-tailed kitsune at that! Have some pride! This surprised Naruto. Normally Kyuubi usually berated him or was insulting in form or another, not encouraging him like this. '…Okay…I'll bite, what's with you and this new attitude you have towards me?' He suspiciously asked. What is there to be suspicious of? You're a kitsune now. Meaning you're family, it may be due to unusual circumstance but all the same you're family now.

This struck Naruto hard. He had not expected anything like that at all. To hear the fox say something like that or even close to being a compliment was just damn near unheard of alone said three times in a row! 'W-w-wow I don't know what say' Don't let it go to your head gaki, you are still a kit in the minds of many; and will be until you gain your fourth tail. It will be like this for awhile so you might want to remain in your one-tailed form to avoid suspicion and prejudice.

'Suspicion? Prejudice? How can you be sure about that?' I am sure about this because although many may think I was created out of the blue by Kami to equalize the world, I was in actuality chosen out of many other kitsune for possessing characteristics others did not, it was the same with the other clans. I grew from an infant to the immortal being I am now through living and becoming who I am through the trials I was faced with. Kyuubi spoke with finality in his voice with a hint of nostalgia in it as well. Naruto was amazed by what he was told and could only imagine what Kyuubi was remembering from his past.

While Naruto and the Kyuubi were caught up in their conversation Naruto's body was on autopilot which meant it was following its nose and thereby probably gonna end up landing Naruto in a world of trouble. Which is why Naruto found himself in somewhere in the courtyard where all the rest of the second years were getting acquainted with familiars. Coming back to reality he realized where he was and started getting giddy with excitement. 'FOOD AT LAST!' Needless to say he quickly found the nearest table and sat down waiting for someone to get his order.

He was not left there for long, a maid saw him and rushed to get his order. "Hello sir, how may I serve you?" This beautiful was right in front of Naruto right now and he was awestruck. "Uh, I-I-I-I'd like whatever's available please." The maid blushed at being humbled by Naruto, who she was mistaking for a noble. "Yes sir, I'll get your order here quickly" With that she rushed off. Naruto was pleased by the fact that he was at least going to be living somewhere that served food and had pretty waitresses. Ahhh… Life was good.

He was waiting for five minutes when he saw the maid hurrying back with his food. Sitting up he got ready to receive his food when the maid tripped. Acting on reflex he quickly appeared under her, catching her on his back with one arm stretched out holding the plate that was dropped and almost ruined. "T-t-thank you sir. I apologize for my lateness and almost ruining your meal." Naruto was once again awed by this girl, not by her beauty, but by her worry about his food and how she was 'late' even when she almost ruined the food. That took dedication in his opinion.

"Now, now. There's no need for that. It was accident, that's all." He said. The maid was surprised and humbled by his kindness. She had never met a noble like this before, aside from the Old Osmond. Normally the nobles just regarded her and the other servants with varying degrees of…something… each noble treated them differently but it was all the same when it came down to the fact that they treated them like lesser people. However this noble was treating her like an equal…the feeling was euphoria.

"Come on, I'll share my food with you. You deserve a break and a hot meal at the least…" Naruto said. The maid was absolutely shocked to her core. This guy…a noble! Had caught her when she just about ruined his food and now he wanted her to sit with him and share it with her?! This was absolutely unheard of! "I-I-I don't know what to say! I-I-I-I couldn't possibly do such a thing! It would disgrace yourself! It wou-" Naruto had just placed his hand on her shoulder causing her to look up, he was smiling kindly at her and pulled her to his table; even going out of his way to pull out a chair for her…this was surreal…

"-me" Looking she realized that she had been daydreaming for second. "Im sorry sir, what was that?" She asked timidly, thinking that he was teasing her. "I said: My name is Uzumaki Naruto, what is your name?" "Oh! Umm, my name is Siesta…" Naruto looked at her expectantly before realizing that she was a little shy. "Ano, what's the rest of your name?" He cautiously asked, unsure if he was treading on thin ice or something else. "Oh! Im sorry sir, I must've been daydreaming." Smiling at that he responded. "Don't worry about it, I once had a friend who was the smartest person I knew and he constantly napped and cloud watched all the time." This brightened Siesta's face with a smile that she hadn't been rude to her superior. Looking at him with higher confidence she said. "My full name is Siesta-" "Hey! Is my cake here yet?"

Turning their heads to see who interrupted (Siesta looked like she had whiplash) they saw a second year who had a thin white frilly shirt covered by the customary cloak that all academy students wore with his shirt collar folded over it. He had golden locks of hair and a handsome face with a beaming smile to go with it. In short, an Adonis… and to Naruto this guy seemed to be full of himself… Looking to Siesta he told her. "Don't worry about this one, I'll do it for you. You just eat and enjoy your break Now… where is the cake he wants?" Blushing again at his seemingly never-ending kindness she pointed over to near what was the kitchen door. "Over there on the tray on the bottom shelf."

Seeing where he was pointing he quickly shunshined over to it, picking up the cake and scaring the living crap out of the cook who was placing more food on the table. Smiling apologetically he looked around to see where pretty boy was again and found him sitting at one of the last tables with half a giant mole laying on his lap enjoying being petted while he was talking to some blonde girl with curls and a ribbon in her hair stroking her finger down a very happy frog if his tongue shooting out and going into a heart shape with each stroke was anything to tell. Hmm… He hadn't thought of Gamakichi, Gamatatsu, Gamabunta, Fukasaku, Shiori or any of the other toads for awhile…

Knowing Gamakichi he was probably worried about him, which was probably the case with Ma and Pa to. Maybe he should summon them while he was out here to see them 'cause seeing that frog made him a little worried. Worried about whether or not the contract worked in this world. Idiot, of course it would work. The summon creatures reside in the summoning realm which is a whole dimension separate from ours. So they will be able to reach you regardless of what world you end up in. 'How do you know that? Wait…never mind' Well… at least he knew it would still work though he wished Kyuubi had gone about it without the insult.

Getting back to business he walked over to where pretty boy and the girl were and set it down. Expecting to hear a thank you, he only got: "Bring me seconds on tea to." Hearing this ticked him off. Hoping to get a rise out him he said. "Hmph, so much for gratitude these days. You'd think I'd at least get a thank you out of this." He rudely before turning to the girl looked at her frog saying. "Well hey there little guy. Didn't to expect see one of your kind so soon." Hearing this, the frog leapt out of her hand, onto the table, jumped up halfway Naruto's arm and all the way to his shoulder where he bounced up and down croaking excitedly.

"Robin!" The girl shouted. Naruto just laughed at the frog's display. "Haha! Take it easy there. I'm stuck here like you so don't excited for nothing." "…Huh?" The girl said, unsure what to make of what had just happened. Robin, her familiar had just gone from her onto this servant boy's shoulder without hesitation. "Oh! Where are my manners?! I am Uzumaki Naruto. You are…?" "Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency and this is Guiche de Gramont." At this Guiche puffed out his chest in pride but neither Montmorency nor Naruto seemed to notice.

Naruto, looking at Robin told him. "You know, I have a few friends who are toads and many of them have helped get me out of trouble." Robin looked at him quizzacly. "Would you like to meet a one of them?" This caught Robin's attention and he started jumping up and down in excitement. "Haha! Alright then, you guys are gonna love this." Biting his left thumb so it bled enough to cover the tips of his right fingers with it; he flashed his hands through the seals needed to summon: Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey, Ram! Raising his hand high above his head he slammed it down on the table causing seals to quickly circle around it and branch out yelling out "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" Guiche and Montmorency were intrigued by the whole process and were surprised when a bang noise was heard accompanied by a cloud of smoke.

As the smoke started to clear they saw Naruto grinning like a maniac and were wondering why when they were answered by an old voice… coming from the direction of the table?… Looking down Guiche and Montmorency got the surprise of their life when they saw that an old (very old) looking toad with big grey wild eyebrows in a very formal looking robe was the owner of the voice they had heard. "Eh?! Where am I?" Looking around with a surprised look on his face he turned and saw Naruto standing there looking at him with a kind and yet sad smile on his face. Fukasaku sat there gaping at the sight he was staring at. "N-N-Naruto-chan?!" he whispered increduously. "Yep, its me Pa. Unlike what rumors may say, I'm still alive and kicking." Fukasaku could only stand there in awe.

He had been told that Naruto had been killed and checked every country from the mountains for his unique chakra signature and had felt nothing. He was truly gone from this world. Yet…how was he summoned? How was he was standing before him? Ooohhh…He could already feel a migraine coming on. "*Sigh* Alright kid, what did you summon me for aside from showing that your alive?" He waited for an answer and was not disappointed "Well, I got transported to this world for a good reason" Fukasaku understood immediately what he meant by that while Guiche and Montmorency were curious about what he meant.

With that the Fukasaku looked at Naruto and saw Robin on his shoulder. "Well, hello there, didn't expect to see another amphibian around. Come on down and say hi." With that Robin hopped down and landed in front of Fukasaku and started croaking for a good five minutes while Pa answered to every other odd croak going "Hmm, ahh, is that so?, oh really? Huh." When Robin was done Fukasaku looked Montmorency over and told her. "Congratulations, your friend here has a very high opinion of you. I hope you two make great partners." Montmorency blushed at this. She hadn't known that familiars like hers would be that smart or be able to communicate like that to others.

Looking at Guiche he said. "You on the other hand might want to be a little more dedicated to one instead of multiple ladies." Montmorency's eyes narrowed at this. "What does he mean by that Guiche?" She asked sweetly. Naruto thought it was time to get outta there while he was still on the sidelines. Seeing he was ready to go Fukasaku hopped up on his right shoulder while he turned to walk away.

He was almost back to Siesta's table when he saw this girl with brunette hair in a brown cloak holding a basket in front of her. She looked very nervous about something and Naruto being the kind and helpful guy he was; decided to see if he could help her. Walking over to her he heard her mumble something that sounded real suspiciously like "Sir Guiche. Where is he?" Getting an idea of what was going on he said to her "Your 'Sir Guiche is over there" while pointing his thumb over his shoulder to where he just was at.

Seeing where he was pointing at she saw Guiche and ran over to him yelling "Sir Guiche!" Turning, he watched her go off to the two already there and watched it play out. He sighed happily as he saw Guiche get slapped across the face all the while thinking 'He's lucky none of the girls here have the strength of the ones from my dimension…' Then he noticed that Guiche was staring at him with what would likely count as an evil glare. 'Oh boy, not another sore loser looking for revenge.' "It seems you don't know the manners that you should show to aristocrats." He said darkly. "Manners? To you? You Wish! Unlike you, I come from a world with barely any of this stuff." Naruto said nonchalantly. Guiche smirked at this. "Very well… Then I declare a duel!"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at this. "…A duel?" If there was ever any doubt that Guiche wasn't a complete idiot in Naruto's mind there wasn't anymore. "Alright, but remember Guiche. You asked for it. I accept your duel." Naruto said after some thought. Guiche sneered at this "Perfect, we fight at Vestry Field." With that Guiche walked off. Figuring that he might as well follow him before he was left behind he started to go after when he was stopped by a familiar voice. "You idiot! Where have you been?! I've been looking all over for you!" Turning he saw Louise angrily walking towards him.

"*Gulp* Oh boy, this not good…" He mumbled. Quickly looking around for escape route away from her wrath he found none. The students going to watch the duel blocked them all. 'Fuck' Louise had just reached him. "What do you think you are doing?!" Grabbing his wrist she started to drag him off "You are my familiar, I am your master! You're not supposed to do anything without my say so first!"

"Umm…where are we going?" Naruto asked, unsure about where this was leading. "We are going to Guiche so you can apologize to him." This shocked Naruto; he NEVER backed down from a fight (except if there were more important things to do)! Besides he accepted a duel, you can't just back out of it cause then you'd be a coward and a coward was one thing Naruto was not.

Yanking his hand free of her grip he said "No way." Seeing her look back at him he continued. "Why should I apologize to him? It should be the other way around at least." Getting in his face Louise spoke in low tone. Low enough that it scared Naruto out of his mind. "Do you have any idea how outmatched you are? You're a plebeian and he's an aristocrat! You'll be lucky to get away alive!" SNAP! That did it for Naruto. She had just insulted his skills at fighting and surviving! No one gets away with that!

Grabbing her by the shoulders; forcing her to look up so she looked into his deep blue eyes he told her "Louise…I appreciate your concern but its not needed right now…" With that he asked the nearest student where Vestry Field was and headed off. Louise had offered no resistance throughout the whole thing; she just stood there stunned by the level of raw emotion she saw in his eyes. 'He really wants to do this…to prove himself…' was her only thought.


Upon arriving at Vestry Field Naruto found a good-sized circle of students surrounding Guiche who was looking pretty smug about himself. 'Hehe, not for long.' Naruto fiendishly thought while already planning the most humiliating defeat he could dish out to his opponent. Seeing that he had come, Guiche spoke up as Naruto entered the circle. "Ah! So you came after all plebeian. I can honestly say that impressed at your courage..." Taking a firmer stance he finished with "…but courage is not going to be much use against an aristocrat; commoner."

Naruto taking note that Guiche did not have a strong taijutsu stance that suggested that he was either prepared for what would happen or was underestimating him. It looked to be the latter… by a longshot… "You know… your right about the courage thing," Guiche smirked at this. "But… I have the skill to make up for whatever tiny lack of courage I have!" Hearing this Guiche decided end the talk.

"Are you done blathering yet commoner? I'm starting to bore over here." With that he reached into his cloak. Naruto set himself into his usual stance and waited for him to pull out his weapon. It seemed to be small, around wrist length… A wakizashi! Pulling out a kunai to counter it he stood waiting for him to pull his weapon out and was not disappointed. Within a few seconds he pulled out… A rose! Face faulting into the ground he shot up and yelled in indignation.

"W-w-what the hell?! Are you seriously gonna try and fight me with a flower?!" He cried out. Guiche only smiled and brought it up to his chin and said "As expected of a commoner, not realizing a mages' wand when he sees one." Fukasaku, who was still sitting on Naruto's shoulder decided it was a good time to get another seat and hopped off and into the audience to watch the fight.

"…" Was the only response Guiche received. "…You mean like magic?" It was possible since he was in another dimension and the rules of his world did not necessarily apply here. "Obviously. Even for a commoner you are not that bright are you?" Ok, this guy was really starting to get on his nerves. "Just face it commoner, you stand no chance against me or any other aristocrat. Yield." Alright, this guy was really pissing him off! Naruto even thought about using Kusanagi but thought better of it when he remembered that it had an electrified blade and he did not want to make a bad first impression in this world… yeah…maybe it was a little late for first impressions…

"In your dreams pretty boy! Are you gonna stand there all day or are you gonna fight me?" Naruto said starting to get impatient. Guiche, looking indifferent at his taunts only said "As you wish, but don't be alarmed at my victory." 'Seriously… this whole 'superior than thou' attitude is getting old…' Naruto thought again in annoyance.

Guiche finally took the initiative and started the fight. Swinging his wand/rose horizontally a rose petal fell from it. Naruto was perplexed by this for a second and watched it float and land upon the ground where it lit up and a column of light shown for a second before a circle of flashing white light. Naruto watched as a green statue with a winged helm, with a white split gown with red lining on the bottom (and it was made for females if the breast plate was anything to go by) and armed with a spear rose from it like a ghost from a wall in a haunted house. Weirded out by this Naruto just shook his head and reminded himself he had seen weirder.

Guiche took this time to tell him something that only partly understood. "My name is The Bronze Guiche. Therefore a bronze golem Valkyrie will be your opponent." Things were getting weirder by the minute in this world. "Whats the matter? To scared to fight your own battles without having some scrap protecting you?" The valkyrie did not seem to like this and charged at him spear held out in a stabbing position aimed at his chest region.

Switching his kunai into his left hand in a reverse-grip he deflected the blade away from him while simultaneously grabbing a second one with his right and brought it slashing upwards vertically; cutting straight through the golem. Guiche looked to be nonplussed about it and just swung his wand three more times sending out four petals with each swing.

Twelve valkyries were now present on the field and were starting to form a mini formation that was a bastardized version of a phalanx. '…What the hell?' Was the only thing that Naruto could think of right now since this was the first time he had ever seen anything like this (largely due to the fact that a phalanx had little to no use in the ninja world where someone could just as easily jump over you or fire off a jutsu at you) but just seeing this gave him the only thought he could have at the moment 'Well well, a perfectly innocent lineup, how nice of them.' Im pretty sure we all know where this led our favorite ninja to.

Reaching back, Naruto grabbed a handful kunai and brought his hands over his shoulders, his arms crossing each other, with three kunai in each hand. He added wind chakra to them before releasing them at their unfortunate targets. The golems only had a second to react to the thrown projectiles before they overwhelmed by the hail of sharp weaponry before they were able to completely bring up their spears in a guard position to block off the kunai only for the thrown weaponry to go straight them and the row of golems behind them.

This surprised Guiche. He had not expected a plebeian of all people to be able to fight against a mage and be able to hold his own… no matter, this commoner would learn his place all too soon for messing in the affairs of an aristocrat. He would have to play things smarter if was he to defeat this one though, he would give him that. Summoning 6 more valkyrie golems to replace the ones just lost he mentally ordered them to surround them in a pincer maneuver but more spread out so they weren't lining up again.

Naruto saw this and was starting to calculate what needed to be done first but became unable to due to two golems on both of his flanks thrusting their spears at him, forcing him to jump back to avoid becoming a shish kebab and retaliated by striking each with a kunai to the high and mid section. They each tried to block but only one succeeded while the other ended up with its chest being sliced in half. The one that managed to block the kunai to its head returned a punch at Naruto's head but he dodged and jumped back to a few yards until he was only a few feet from the surrounding audience to give himself some breathing room before the other four golem were able to get to him.

He was a little surprised that they were able to do something like this; he only expected them to be something akin to cannon fodder. 'It seems that either Guiche or the golems is getting smarter at this and trying to outmaneuver me, tch, like that's gonna work. He should know that ninja don't play by the rules' Naruto chuckled at this giving Guiche a confused look on his face. He had planned on doing this without showing off anymore than necessary ninja skill but he guessed that it couldn't be helped.

Standing up straighter and putting his kunai away back in his pouch he lifted his hands into an oh so familiar cross seal. "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" Instantly there were two bangs and puffs of smoke. Students that were close enough to discern what was in the smoke were the first to be shocked to see what were more of the familiar?! Impossible! Some rubbed their eyes and took a second look and saw that they were not hallucinating. Whatever doubts that this plebeian (?) familiar had no chance against a mage were lost with this revelation.

With that Naruto and his bunshins took advantage of the slight distraction they had and dashed swiftly through the still clearing smoke and were upon the golems in an instant, slashing through them with kunai they raced towards Guiche before he could do anything else surrounded him. The two bunshin were on crouched on his sides with one hovering a kunai over his heart and the other standing ready at his belly ready to slash it open and Naruto himself with two kunai crossed over each other at his throat.

"Do you yield?" Was Naruto's only question. Guiche was too shocked to do anything for the moment and his thoughts were racing 'A commoner… defeating an aristocrat… how is this possible?' After recovering from his shock he gave his response with his head lowered. "I y-yield…" … The audience of students were as shocked as Guiche, though those that saw Naruto create his bunshin knew he would win; they were still shocked by the fact that he did. A roar of applause went through the air as they yelled their approval of the fight. Naruto though wasn't satisfied with it yet.

"Hehehe, now to stay true to my word." Naruto said as he put his hands into a seal that had spelled doom for many people. Guiche seeing this was terrified and thought he was going to use more of his strange magic to kill him, could only sit there frozen with fear while the crowd was shocked with thinking the same thing.

"Prepare yourself Guiche the Bronze for my ultimate jutsu, one that has brought men and women alike, both powerful and weak to their knees." He said with finality in his voice. Guiche just closed his eyes hoping he be merciful and make it quick.

"Oroike no Jutsu!" *Poof* He vanished in a big puff of smoke, Guiche, who heard this, wondered why he wasn't dead made the terrible to open his eye and look; as did everyone else in the audience. When it cleared every male (and some females) flew back unconscious by jets of blood from the nasal region. Guiche got the worst of it though. He was right in front of him/her and got the full blast. The dissipating smoke barely covering the essentials, the arms boosting the breasts, the face turned into a pout and the worst of it all were the puppy eyes. Yes, the effect was so powerful it sent the blonde two timer jetting back straight into the wall.

With that Naruto released his bunshin and his transformation causing yet again more shock to ripple through the watching students (those who survived the transformation at least…). Where did they go? What happened? How the hell did he change into a woman? Unfortunately for them their questions went unanswered as he walked over to Louise.

Louise through the whole thing was glaring at Naruto wondering how and WHY he did that. Her second familiar was becoming more mysterious (and perverted) by the minute. First he was something that shouldn't be yet was: her second familiar spirit, then he became this small white adorable little three tailed fox, then he changes back into a human this morning and acts like nothing happened, then he disappears while she's busy punishing that utter dog Saito and makes her worried enough that she looks all over the academy for him only to find him just get done accepting a duel of all things with Guiche, then he goes and wins it by doing some weird thing with his hand yelling something in his own language and makes replicas of himself!, THEN he changes into a WOMAN by doing the same thing! Ooh, that one he was going to pay for the humiliation that little stunt caused her...

Naruto, who was just about in talking range but well in yelling range of Louise was starting to get very… paranoid you might say. Louise was looking at him with her face all set and he knew that something was bad was going to happen given his bad history with women. Cautiously, he asked her "L-Louise, are you alright?" "How…" She answered softly. "How what?" Looking she looked up and stared him right in the eyes with look of blind rage. "HOW COULD YOU DO SUCH A SHAMEFUL THING YOU DOG!"'Shit! I was right!' Trying to defuse the situation as best he could before it got ugly. "W-w-what do you mean, there was nothing shameful about it and besides I won, right? So that should mean something."

"That doesn't matter! You could've been killed! Doesn't that mean something to you?!" Louise was going to kill him if he didn't think of something quick. Then he noticed something. "Hey. Where's Saito? Wasn't he with you?" He asked since he hadn't seen Saito since this morning when he did his little disappearing act. Hopefully he wouldn't try and kill him for leaving him to Louise's wrath.

Louise took a thoughtful pose and replied. "Oh, I left him in my bedroom when I went looking all over the academy for you!" Uh oh, plan failed. There was only one thing he could do now. RUN!

Quickly looking around for a distraction he spotted the same busty red haired girl from earlier by the fountain in the audience and shunshined over to her and in a split second that he had used the cover of the smoke leave a kage bunshin in his place and shunshin back to the tables that he left Siesta at. Hopefully Louise wouldn't be to mad at him.


Fukasaku, had watched the fight and saw his most recent student in the sage arts defeat that shameful two timing schemer, and kept watching when he took out that kid and most everybody in the audience with that old jutsu of his. If he wasn't a toad then he'd be out of it as well.

Though he really felt pity for his student when he was getting reamed by that pink haired girl, but he couldn't really blame her... Couldn't really blame Naruto when he ran out of there as well.

The one thing that annoyed him was that he was left here forgotten! Oh he was going to get it this time, he was not holding back this time…


Naruto poofed into existence in the courtyard where he had started the whole mess. Looking around for the table he had left Siesta at and saw that she wasn't there, neither were most of the second years but they were leaving to go retire to rooms or something. Figuring she must've finished her meal and gone back to work he looked around and saw the table Guiche and Montmorency had been sitting at and panicked, he had forgotten all about Fukasaku. He had left him back at the field in all the commotion to get away from Louise! He was going to be in sooo much trouble, he might even stop training him in senjutsu! He wasn't even a quarter of the way done with it yet! Oh man, this day couldn't get any worse. Famous last words…

While Naruto was panicking he never noticed the same first year girl from earlier walk up to him. Katie was intending to thank him for getting her out of a relationship with a guy who would cheat on her. Though she wasn't expecting him to grab her in a stranglehold when she tapped him on the shoulder.

Startled by the unexpected tap on his shoulder Naruto reacted on instinct and saw that he had a young girl in his arms. Seeing this he stuttered out an apology while letting her go. "Oh s-s-sorry! Didn't expect anything like that. Hehe…"

Katie wasn't expecting to end up in a stranglehold of all things or the guy to start stuttering of all things… "Umm, its alright?" She said uncertainly. "My name is Katie." "Well okay then my name is Naruto." Unsure if that was the right thing or not she went ahead and thanked him for helping her.

"I wanted to thank you for helping get me out of a doomed relationship with Guiche!" She cried out, her head lowered and eyes shut tight. Naruto thought she was here for something like food but to think she was here for that. "Hmm? Oh no problem. I just don't like seeing guys go and manipulate girls like that." Blushing she murmured "Well I just wanted to thank you." Standing up on her toes she leaned forward and gave him a peck on the cheek.

This startled the hell out of Naruto, so much that there was a poof of smoke that appeared around him. Katie jumped at sudden appearance of the smoke and looked worriedly at the spot Naruto was last at.

The Kyuubi who had been sleeping since the morning groggily awoke when he sensed demonic energy being released. What is that boy doing now? Taking a look through his containers eyes he saw what happened. Oh boy, so much for secrecy… If this got out who knew what would happen. Hopefully he will be able to pull something off. With that he fell back asleep hoping Naruto was somewhere easy to hide at. He didn't want there to be such a fuss going on when he was still sleeping.

Katie wasn't left waiting for very long. When the smoke cleared Naruto was nowhere to be found when she heard coughing. Looking down she saw an adorable little white three tailed fox. Uncertain if this was Naruto she decided to give it a try.

"N-Naruto?" Looking up the fox looked astonished for some reason. "K-K-Katie?! When did you get so…so…" Getting a nagging suspicion Naruto looked over himself. 'Lets see, white fur? Check. Three tails? Check. Fox body? Double check. Well fuck! I really hope no one but her saw that…' At that he looked up at Katie and saw that she was astonished, a little bit puzzled, but astonished all the same.

"Naruto?! It is you! How did you get like that?!" The person or rather fox in question was rather sheepish at this point. "Well… you promise not to tell anybody about this?" At her rather enthusiastic nodding he continued. Getting up he started walking away a few steps when he turned his head back at her "Well then follow me. This is going to be a bit of a doozy." With that he started walking in the direction of the lion fountain on the wall.

Following him with a slightly hesitant step; Katie did her best to appear confident but was failing. Inside she was scared of what might happen. Was he a monster that fed on little girls? Was he here to kill everybody? Was he going to destroy the academy? Was he going to eat her? Basically, all the thoughts a little girl who had not seen what the real world would have in store.

They reached the fountain with taking a seat on the rim and Naruto hopping up on it right next to her. "So… What do you want to know?" He asked haphazardly. Katie was a bit slow in response but was able to sort her thoughts through enough answer him. "Umm… well… what are you?" *Sigh* This was going to take awhile. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to have to repeat this a few times… that reminded him that he still had yet to explain this Louise…

There was still the question on whether or not he was going to tell her about his world and the Kyuubi. Saito he knew would very likely tell Louise and everybody else that he himself was not from this world though it understandable since they were in another world/dimension, who was going to be able to use it? It was just against his training as a shinobi that made him hesitant on giving out this sort of information otherwise he would've reacted like when he was just out of the academy.

"*Sigh* Well… I am what your people would recognize as a familiar spirit-" Katie gasped since familiars were supposed to be obedient while this one wasn't, then realized she had interrupted him and saw that he had a little tick mark on his head. "Hee-hee" She said while sheepishly rubbing her head.

"As I was saying before I was interrupted… I am a familiar spirit more specifically Louise's." Katie nodded thoughtfully. It made sense since there Louise did summon two familiars instead of what had always been one. "Ok, that explains what you are, now what are you?" She asked more directly.

"That's easy. I am a kitsune." He stated matter of factly.

"Kitsune?…" Katie was confused. She had never heard of such a creature before. "What is a kitsune?" Naruto face faulted at this. "Y-you mean there has never been a kitsune here before?" He asked shakily getting up.

It made sense Naruto guessed. There were probably only kitsune scattered around only a few worlds and it seemed this world wasn't one of them. "I'll explain some other time." Naruto just wanted to explore the academy and go sleep right now... he needed to do something to clear his head…

Standing up and hopping down off the ledge onto the ground was starting to walk off when he felt himself being picked up and embraced by two arms. Looking up he saw Katie's brown eyes staring down at him with a kind smile. "What are you doing Katie?" He cautiously asked since he knew what the girls in his dimension did to things they deemed cute and wanted to be able to escape at a moments notice.

"Well I just thought you might want a tour of the academy… but I'm still a first year and the year had just started so I only know a few places." Katie saw the look in Naruto's eyes. They were filled with loneliness and she just didn't want to see such a cute little thing like him be alone here.

Seeing that she was determined… and the fact that she had an iron grip on him… he just sighed and said "Alright, you can give me a tour but no telling people what and who I am… I want to be able to at least go places without being known as a familiar." Smiling at that Katie walked off to the first stops: The kitchen and dining room.


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