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Chapter 1- The Sharpened Blade

Blade fell to the ground as he watched Drake burning away into ashes due to the Daystar weapon, but soon he felt himself fading away as he was warned about the possibility of the weapon affecting his vampiric side. "Well…I protected Abigail... she will carry on mine and Whistler's legacy." Blade thought as he succumbed to the darkness.

Limbo- Blade heard a soft voice calling his name. At first, he thought it was his mother, yet this feminine voice had a commanding tone behind the softness. "Who are you?" the vampire hunter asked. "I'm God." The voice said, "But call me Kami, I like the Japanese version of my name."

Blade chuckled, "Well, well, God actually exists. I am guessing that Judgment Day came early and I'm the first one to have my fate decided. Lucky me, so which is it? Heaven or Hell?" Kami had a tick mark on her face, "Quit being such a smartass, Blade! I am keeping your soul in Limbo because I need you to do something for me."

Blade retorted, "Find someone else, Kami. I am not interested." Kami said, "I will not! You are the only one capable of doing this mission." Blade said, "Why should I?" Kami retorted, "One: you are supposed to be alive, Two: Abigail will die by vampires instead of old age with four children, and Three: this task is to find yourself and lose that attitude of yours, I already have to deal with Zetsumei acting like that."

Blade was quiet for a moment and then answered, "Fine, what do I need to do?" Kami smiled as she waved her hand and a picture came up. Blade looked to see a blond boy with soft cerulean eyes and three whisker-like marks on each cheek. "His name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the son of Minato Namikaze, the Kiroi Senko and Yondaime Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki of Whirlpool. Naruto in this picture became the Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed by his father, resulting in his death. His mother died due to stress of the Kyuubi's youkai during labor." (A/N: Before anyone points out that Blade doesn't know anything about the Narutoverse, Kami made sure to implant Blade with the understanding of the world in his head before he woke up.)

Blade felt a little sorry for the child as he looked at him. Kami continued on, "For the first five years of his childhood without parents, he has been poisoned, beaten, stabbed, stoned, burned and had at least 50 assassination attempts on his life, he also tried to commit suicide 15 times all by his own village."

Blade clenched his fist, "Who the hell would try to assassinated a child," he said, bristling in anger, "Sure, he holds the harbinger of death inside him, but it is dead. It is not like it reincarnated as him." Kami shook her head at the irony of his words, "Unfortunately the civilians, along with some of the jounin and chunin don't agree with your statement, which is why I need you to train him in weaponry, archery, martial arts, and demolition."

Blade said, "That is not the full reason, is it?" Kami smiled, "Yes, you know what it is like to have something done to you without your full consent and the treatment of being unique. Do you accept?" Blade said seriously, "I will accept, Kami. He will be molded and shaped as a perfect blade."

Kami nodded, "Good, your spirit will harbor in his body along with the Kyuubi. In his mind, time is different and there you will train him for seven years. Also set up a training regiment for the child since he will need to get the physical experience."

She waved her hand and the picture changed to Naruto at 5 years old being chased by a mob. "Here is Naruto at 5 years old; I am counting on you, Daywalker." Blade nodded as he jumped through the portal. As he traveled across space and time, he thought, "Beware, Konoha, because you don't who the fuck you are going to deal with."

Mindscape- "Man, his mind is fucked up, it must be the result of Kyuubi being sealed here." Blade muttered to himself. "WHO DARES TO ENTER MY DOMAIN!" a booming voice suddenly cried out.

Blade walked a bit forward to see a cage with the seal in the middle, and a pair of red, glowing eyes behind it. "Me, fox bitch, got a problem with it?" the vampire hunter said.

Kyuubi growled, "Leave now or face the consequences! The boy is mine to control! I will have him break down and take him at his weakest moment, then he will release the seal and I will be able to destroy my master and avenge my family. That bastard caught me at my weakest moment and I will do the same to him once I am free."

Blade deadpanned, "So you got caught because you were PMSing? Now that is a damn shame." Kyuubi roared, "You dare to mock me?" The fox supped its paw at Blade, but the hunter simply pulled out a gun and fired a few rounds into the appendage.

Blade said in a menacing tone, "You will do no such thing to the boy. Due to your rage, you condemned yourself and this boy to a living hell. If you had been alert, you would have your family and he would have his. As long as I am here, you will not touch this boy."

Kyuubi snorted at him, "Please, you insignificant mortal, my plan is to only kill the ones responsible for this prison. My so-called friend, Uchiha Madara requested me to give one of my kits to his subordinate, Orochimaru for experimentation. I refused him for that since we made a pact that we would never use our family for personal purposes. When I return to the den, I found that they both had killed all 5 of my children and became vengeful. I raced to find him only to be caught in his ability of mind control. I could not fight it like I used to because my mind was preoccupied, and the next thing I knew I was fighting that man who sealed me. Once I was close to being sealed, he realized that I was controlled and whispered that he was sorry, and then I woke up here."

Kyuubi's eyes burned with rage and hate, "That is why I will take over this boy for my revenge." Blade closed his eyes and replied, "Kyuubi, there are no words to describe your feelings you have, but this path you are trying to take will only lead you to you and the boy's destruction. If you train him in controlling your chakra and …what is called again, jutsu, I am sure he will help you find and lead your oppressors to justice."

Kyuubi pondered this proposition for a moment and mumbled out, "Fine, dammit, but if he so much slacks off, I'm going back to my original plan." Blade rolled his eyes behind his shades, "Yeah, whatever, plushy. Now I need to inform our vessel of the training."

Naruto- Currently our young hero was running away for his life from the mob…again. The boy ran in circles, twists, and through alleyways that only he knew how to navigate through to shake off his would-be murderers. "Come back here, you damn demon, so we can kill you!" "You killed our Yondaime, now you pay with your blood!"

Naruto turned into a nearby alleyway as they shouted death threats at him. When the mob turned, they found him out of sight and began to search for him. Naruto waited and listened until there was completely utter silence, and then he lowered the camouflage fence tarp.

"Finally…I lost them," the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki thought. "Yes, good job, kid, I must say I am impressed, but we need to work more on your speed." A voice said to him. Naruto jumped and whispered as he looked around in panic, "Who…Who are you, p-please don't hurt me." The voice sighed, "Damn it, hold on a minute." Naruto answered, "Wha-?" Suddenly he became tired and slumped behind the trash cans, clear from sight.

Mindscape (again) - Naruto suddenly woke up and saw a dark-skinned man with a black trenchcoat with matching armor and boots complete with shades. "Hey, kid." He said. "Who are you? Why are we in a sewer? You aren't going to hurt me, are you?" the boy suddenly berated the man with his question.

"Jeez, those damn villagers made him paranoid and fearful." Blade thought. Blade answered, "No, I am not going to hurt you. My name is Blade and this is your mind, not a sewer. I called you here because I was sent here to train you in kenjutsu, taijutsu, and demolition." Naruto said, "What is demo-demolotion?"

Blade corrected with a smirk, "Demolition, which is the art of making things go boom." Naruto smiled, "Oh, but wait… then who is going to train me in ninjutsu and genjutsu?" A new voice answered, "That is where I come in." Naruto peered behind Blade to see a red-haired woman with nine tails.

She wore a tight red leather suit with matching heels, hugging her curves and 34C cups. Naruto suddenly said, "Pretty" The woman noticed the comment and blushed a little. "Like what you see, Naru-kun?" she said, biting her finger. Blade decided at that moment to intervene before Naruto died of embarrassment, "Enough, Kyuubi, you can play with him later."

Kyuubi pouted, "You are no fun!" Naruto stammered, "B-but you…you a-are supposed t-to be d-dead." Kyuubi shook her head, "Humans can't kill demons no matter how much power they have, the only way to defeat one is to seal it. You were the only one on hand and the Yondaime had no choice. He felt bad that he had to seal it inside his own son."

Naruto said, "S-son?" Kyuubi continued, "I knew by the way he looked at you since that was my last memory of him when I was sealed." Naruto said, "But Oji-san told me that I was an orphan and my parents were killed in the attack as civilians." Kyuubi said, "He told you that because probably both of your parents had many enemies and they would try to kill you."

Naruto said, "But why me?" Blade answered, "Because he knows you can handle her power since you are his son. He trusts you than any other person. If she were sealed in me at your age, I would have gone crazy, but you never gave up. That is why he chose you, Naruto." Naruto said, "But…they say I am a demon."

Kyuubi said, "Hell no! You are not a demon, Naruto. Imagine that you are a demon hating all humans, what would be the first thing you would do?" Naruto answered, "I would run around, killing everyone in my path." Kyuubi said, "Correct, you are smarter than I thought you were." Naruto said, "I realized that the teachers except Iruka-sensei were more hostile when I showed progress."

Blade said, "Now back to the scenario, have you ever killed anyone before." Naruto shook his head. "Then that proves you are not a demon, Naruto." Blade said, "You only prove that you are Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki."

Naruto nodded with renewed faith in himself, "You're right, Blade-san and I will prove it by getting stronger and protecting my friends." Blade nodded as he thought to himself, "Kami was right, this boy…has a mysterious power…the power to change people with his words and I am starting to change."

The Daywalker said, "Let's introduce ourselves, I will go first! My real name was Eric Brooks, but then I change into Blade aka the Daywalker. I am a half-vampire with all of the strengths and none of their weaknesses except the thirst for blood. My likes are vampire hunting, my car, training, tai chi, my mentor Whistler, making things explode. My dislikes are vampires, the thirst, my serum to calm my thirst, assholes and Drake…he was a son of a bitch. My hobbies are meditation, training, and blowing stuff up for no apparent reason. My dream is to find a cure to my power, eliminate all vampires, and keep my mentor's daughter alive and safe."

Blade then nodded to Kyuubi, who whined, "Do I have to?" The man kept staring at her until she huffed, "Fine, my real name is Yumi aka Kyuubi no Kitsune, my likes are the color red, carnage, terror, destruction, mayhem, my kits, blood, and pranks. My dislikes are humans except Naruto, fools, Madara-teme, Orochi-teme, and somewhat the Yondaime. My hobbies are hunting, interrogation, torture, and pranks. My dream is to kill Madara and Orochimaru and find a way to exist on the outside world."

Blade and Naruto sweat dropped at her introduction, "We all saw that coming."

Naruto said, "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, my likes are ramen, Hokage-jii-san, Iruka-sensei, Teuchi-jii-san, Ayame-nee-chan, Blade-sensei, and Yumi-sensei. My dislikes are perverts, the villagers, and tests. My hobbies are pranks, drawings (A/N: You will see why I need this), and watching sunsets. My dream is to become the strongest ninja to protect my friends and future family."

Blade said, "Good, now the time in your mind is slow. One month here is an hour out there. In here, you will be able to gain the mental experience in the mind, but not the physical. When I teach you, you will perform everything perfectly if not…you will run 5 miles with me throwing stakes at you" Naruto gulped at the statement.

Blade smirked, "You will be wearing weights on each limb and they will be raised every 4 weeks. These will not show up in the outside world, but you will feel the effects. Now then let's begin your training." And so Blade and Yumi trained Naruto each day until he could not even lift a single finger. At age 6, he learned Katon: Housenka no Jutsu from Yumi while his stamina and speed increased due to Blade's guidance.

At age 7, he learned Fuuton: Kaze no Tate, and how to fight with knives, stakes, and his all-time favorite, glaives.

At age 8, Blade taught him karate and kung fu along with kenjutsu, which resulted Naruto getting his ass kicked on a daily basis.

At age 9, Naruto inherited Blade's hobby of explosives, especially learning to make grenades. There were plenty of raw materials to make them in his world, he also learned to smith his weapon and soon made a replica of Blade's "pig-sticker" (A/N: Gotta love that crazy vampire in the first movie). The only bad thing about that year was when Yumi gave Naruto some "hands-on" experience with the Talk and let's just say that Naruto was scarred for six months and blushed heavily at older, cute women.

At ages 10 to 11, Naruto was adept in martial arts and could hold his own against Blade and Yumi for 2 hours. Blade encouraged Naruto's pranks on the village so he can increase his speed and stealth.

At age 12, he was highly adept in kenjutsu and demolition, using the explosives in his escape routes made him a better expert at it. Over time, Naruto, Blade and Yumi became close and confided in each other. His jutsu was mainly Katon and Fuuton, but mostly Katon since Fuuton was Yumi's weakest element.

Now today was the Graduation exam where Naruto could finally graduate since Naruto agreed to purposely fail the exam three times. After all, deception is a ninja's best weapon. (Note: Naruto is still wearing the jumpsuit until he gets the bell test)

Academy- Iruka said, "We will now begin the exam. When your name is called, please proceed to the testing room. The jutsu required to perform is the Bunshin no Jutsu." Naruto thought confidently, "Psh, kid stuff."

Naruto sat up and fell into a light sleep until he heard his name called, he woke up with a yawn and proceed to the room, where Iruka and everyone's favorite kiss-ass, Mizuki waiting. "Please perform the required jutsu." Iruka said. Naruto nodded and molded his chakra enough, "Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Five clones appeared beside Naruto, making Iruka become proud of him while Mizuki inwardly panicked. "Damn it all, he was supposed to fail, now I will have to rethink my plan." The chunin thought to himself. Naruto noticed Mizuki fidgeted a little and filed it in the back of his mind to investigate further.

Soon everyone was done and had passed the exam. While the teens' parents came by and congratulate them for passing, Naruto sat under the tree with the swing, feeling the cool breeze brushed his face lightly as he watched the clouds. Then he lifted himself up to notice that two woman (A/N: Those bitches in the anime) gossiping about him with sneers on their faces. Naruto turned his eyes upon them, making them shiver with fear from his emotionless eyes. Then he walked to his favorite hangout, Ichiraku Ramen.

Blade said, "Oi, make sure you limit yourself to five bowls." Naruto answered, "Hell no, this is my chance to pig out. I graduated for Kami's sake, c'mon, sensei, just this once." Blade sighed, "Fine, just this once. Damn, you remind me of Hannibal."

Naruto leaped for joy as he rushed over to the ramen stand, "Hey, Teuchi-jii-san!" The old chef turned, "Well, if it isn't Naruto. How have you been, boy?" The jailor answered, "I have been great, I finally graduated today, so today is "all I can eat" day." Teuchi smiled, "I'm glad, Naruto. So miso ramen?"

Naruto shook his head, "Nah, I am feeling beef today." Teuchi said, "Yosh, beef, it is!" Naruto soon went on a ramen eating frenzy which resulted with him eating up to 35 bowls. "Aah, that hits the spot!" Naruto said, patting his stomach.

Naruto began to pull out his wallet until Teuchi said, "It's okay, considering the circumstances of your graduation, so this is our present to you." Naruto beamed up at the ramen cook, "Thanks, oji-san, I will see you some time and tell Ayame that I said hi."

He ran off to go off for a little night training until he saw Iruka with a look of worry on his face. "Iruka-sensei? What is he doing?" Naruto thought. Blade answered, "Judging by the look on his face, it must be something extremely important."

Yumi put in her two-cent, "If you're right, Blade, then this is going to be one heck of a battle, I believe just to be safe, you should gather intelligence and help him out if needed." Naruto nodded silently as he followed Iruka into the forest.

Iruka- "Why did Mizuki, of all people, steal that sealing scroll?" the scarred chunin thought. He soon approached a clearing with an abandoned shack and in the middle of the clearing, stood Mizuki with the scroll on his back.

"You showed up." Mizuki said with a sneer. "Mizuki, what are you thinking? Return the scroll back and I'm sure the Hokage will shorten your sentence." Iruka said, trying to persuade his friend and comrade from the path that he was prepping to take. Mizuki laughed, "Forget it, Konoha was forever trying to hinder my true potential. With this scroll, I will have more power than ever before and no one will be able to oppose me."

Iruka retorted, "Turn away from this path, Mizuki! If you use that scroll, only suffering and pain will surround your life." Mizuki sneered at him, "Naïve Iruka…don't you see that I don't care about anybody other than myself."

Iruka shouted, "What about Tsubaki-chan, what about her love for you, huh?" The silver-haired chunin said, "Hmph, that Mizuki is dead." Iruka bowed his head at his words, "So that is the way, huh? Fine, I see how it is. I'm sorry, Mizuki, but as your friend, I will stop you even if it means by killing you."

Mizuki challenged him, "Let's see you try, c'mon, Iruka." The two chunin charged at each other. Iruka aimed a punch at Mizuki's head, but Mizuki countered by blocking and sent a kick to his head. Iruka fell, planting his hands and pushing both feet into Mizuki's torso. Mizuki clutched his stomach, only to allow Iruka to land a series of punches to his face and ribs.

Then Iruka kicked him hard to send him flying into a tree. Mizuki coughed out blood while he got up, using the tree for support. Mizuki then flung shuriken at Iruka. The chunin decided against blocking the shuriken and immediately rolled to the side.

Mizuki performed a somersault tackle, sending both of the chunin to the ground. Mizuki got the upper hand as he began to send blows to Iruka's head. Then he picked up the disoriented teacher and threw him to the ground.

Iruka skidded until his back hit the base of a tree hard. Iruka struggled to get up, but Mizuki back fisted him, making Iruka's jaw dislocate. "You asshole, I was going to let you live, even join me, but now you leave me no choice."

Mizuki snarled at the fallen chunin. Mizuki lifted him up by the neck while pulling out an enlarged shuriken. "It's over!" Mizuki shouted as he moved to stab Iruka. Shink! Both of the chunin were surprised to see Naruto holding Mizuki's arm. Naruto used that surprise to kick Mizuki away from Iruka. "You okay, Iruka-sensei?" he asked.

Iruka coughed and smiled, "I'll manage, Naruto." Mizuki smiled evilly, "The demon and the pest. How fortunate, I'll bury you both together." Mizuki proceeded to attack Naruto with the shuriken, but he blocked his arm and sent a fist into Mizuki's stomach.

Mizuki keeled forward, placing his face into the perfect position for Naruto to give him a scorpion kick to the face. Mizuki clutched his face, dropping the shuriken and Naruto ran at him and delivered a roundhouse kick to the face. Mizuki rolled on the ground and made a cross sign with his middle and index fingers, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Naruto was about to attack so that the jutsu would be disrupted until Yumi intervened. "Naruto, try gloating him into making more clones." Yumi said to him. Blade said, "Why, wouldn't make more of the bastard."

Yumi explained quickly, "The Kage Bunshin is not an ordinary Bunshin, they are solid. But it evenly splits the user's chakra up, making the user weakened without the proper chakra capacity. Mizuki has low chunin chakra level, so it will tire him quickly since this jutsu is a B-rank jutsu, Naruto could perform this jutsu with ease since his chakra levels are Kage level."

Naruto shouted, "Oh, c'mon, Mizuki-teme, you obviously think that 2 clones are able to stop me. I mean, I 'm a "demon", I could kill you in a blink of an eye." Mizuki shouted, "Shut up!" Naruto continued, "Face it, Mizuki! You're weak! Even with that scroll, you are worthless. You will always be weak! Hell, even Sakura can kick your pathetic ass!"

Mizuki exploded in anger, "I'll show you weak! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Sure enough, 10 clones added, but some of them were panting from exhaustion. Mizuki thought, "Why am I…wait, this jutsu distributes my chakra evenly to the clones. That demon spawn is trying to make me exhaust my chakra, but it will lead to his downfall."

The chunin shouted, "I caught on to your little game, demon, and it won't work. Prepare to die!" Naruto slowly cracked his neck as the clones surrounded him. Then he rolled his shoulders and cracked his knuckles, "Ikuzo," Naruto said as he reacted by aiming a kick to a clone, sending it backwards.

Another clone rushed forward to send a kunai into his side, but Naruto turned, grabbing his arm and sent an uppercut with his free hand. Naruto sent chakra to his arm, then grabbed the airborne clone and slammed it face first into the ground, dispelling it.

Two clones jumped from the smoke, using as a cover to ambush Naruto, but the Jinchuuriki avoided the attack and moved behind the two to silently turn the heads in a sickening crunch, destroying them.

One popped out and tried to slash him in his blind spot, but Naruto avoided the wild strike and then sweep kicked him. Before the clone could get up, Naruto jumped up and stomped on his head. The remaining rushed at him with kunai drawn.

Naruto grabbed the nearest one and head butted it, then sent a knee to the stomach, then moved to another, taking his arm dislocating and breaking the bone in three places while kicking a clone. Then he quickly did a roundhouse kick toward one of his clone's head, which connected with another.

The last clone turned to run until Naruto tripped him and snapped his neck. Mizuki stood in shock as Naruto ominously towards him. The Jinchuuriki said, "Mizuki, you will not escape from here. Your lust for power and arrogance will never leave here." The panicking chunin launched his remaining enlarged shuriken at Naruto and tried to run, but Naruto caught it in the hole and threw it back at him, beheading Mizuki.

Then he turned to Iruka, who was proud and shocked at Naruto's abilities and brutality. "Are you alright, Naruto?" Iruka said. Naruto said, "I'm okay if you are talking about the kill, he was a traitor, so I have no remorse for him, just for that lady Tsubaki."

Iruka asked, "Where did you learn how to fight like that?" Naruto replied, "Ninja never reveals their secrets, sensei." Iruka laughed a bit, and then held his bruised ribs, "I guess I taught you well." Naruto smiled, "That you did, now let's get you to the hospital and return that scroll."

Mindscape- After he returned the scroll to the Hokage and dropped Iruka off to the hospital, he retired to his apartment and traveled to his mind since Blade requested him for one last gift. Blade said, "Naruto, I have taught you everything I know, I have nothing left to teach you and sadly my journey with you must separate from here on end."

Naruto nodded, "Of course, sensei, you did told me that Kami was letting you train me for 7 years. I understand that you have to go, everybody has their own path to follow." Blade smirked, "I have taught you well, my apprentice. Now I will leave you with one last gift…some of my essence. I figured that I could leave at least a part of me to watch over you. You will have superhuman strength, heightened senses, and a high pain tolerance, that is all I can give you."

Naruto replied, "Meh, better than none." Blade chuckled, "Heh, I'm gonna miss that attitude of yours. Remember what we always say." Naruto and Blade said in unison, "You obviously don't know who you're fucking with!" They both laughed a bit for a while.

Blade said, "Alright then, let's begin. I feel that time is of the essence (Pun not intended) Take my hand now, Naruto." Naruto did as he was instructed and felt some power jumped from Blade to him. He felt his canines grew longer as it coursed through his body and felt some burning on his neck and chest.

Then Blade let go, "There, the process is complete. Now go out there and kick some ass." The Daywalker said. Naruto felt his canines receded back to normal. "You can activate with the command "Daystar" and deactivate it with the command 'Nightstalker'. Your eyes will be a cloudy blue and your canines will lengthen. That way, you can pass it off as a kekkai genkai." Blade explained.

Naruto nodded, "I think I will call it the Daywalker bloodline. Arigotou, sensei, I will never forget you." Blade gave him his first smile, "As will I, Uzumaki Naruto." Then the vampire hunter faded slowly back to his own world, leaving Naruto alone.

Then Yumi came in since she gave them a little privacy, "I am gonna miss that man. Well, kit, you have become a sharpened blade and I will take over your training and up your weights." Naruto nodded at her. She continued, "Good, now let's get some sleep."

Naruto faded back to his world and went to sleep easily, knowing that a piece of his sensei's legacy lives on with him forever.

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