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Summery: Sasuke hate's his home life and Naruto finds out why. Who would've thought Itachi could do that to his own flesh and blood? Itasasu fans, that's who! Sasunaru fic with some Itanaru, Itasasu, and Itasasunaru xD Rated M. Yaoi. No likey, no read.

Sasuke dreaded his house. Why? Because Itachi lived there too. Though if anyone outside looked at it, they'd just call it 'a loving brother trying to do his best for his defiant sibling'. Sasuke was, by far, not defiant. People didn't know what Itachi did to him. They didn't know how far that 'loving brother' went with his 'love'.

And they never would.

Sasuke wouldn't tell anyone. And not just because Itachi treatened his life if he did. Sasuke felt his pride as an Uchiha was on the line and if he told, he'd loose it. Sure, there was plenty of things telling him otherwise, like the pamflits in school they pass out during Sex Ed. and Health, but Sasuke knew he'd feel the same way no matter what.

So Sasuke kept it to himself. And Itachi visited him every night.

Sasuke also had to keep his friends out of his house. He didn't want to risk their safety with Itachi. He wouldn't hold back. He never did. It was fairly easy work. He made up a number of excuses and used the 'Itachi doesn't want anyone in the house when he's not home' a lot. Thankfully Itachi worked until about seven every night. Most of his friends didn't even know where he lived. The only friend he had any problems with, was Naruto Uzumaki.

The dobe had followed him home several times, though Sasuke was still able to dissuade him from entering the house. After the first time, however, the baka was in front of his house every weekday to walk to school with Sasuke. Even though he lived farther from their school then Naruto did. He even walked him home.

Itachi saw Naruto, as the blonde was as loud and happy as ever. When he asked Sasuke about him, he gave simple answers with no emotion evident on his face.

"He's just a dobe friend of mine who doesn't understand the concept of personal space." was what he said

But inside, Sasuke was swirling with emotion. Mostly worry and fear. What would Itachi do to Naruto? What would he do to him? Would he do anything at all? You could never be too sure. But Itachi simply replied,

"I see. You're lucky to have such a caring friend, ototo."

Sasuke's eyebrow twitched. What was that? Was he serious? Or was he mocking him? Either way, Sasuke cleaned up his dinner and prepared himself for the night.

The next morning, Sasuke woke to a severe pain in his ass and lowerback. Itachi was never gentle, but last night was his roughest by far.

'He must have had a really crappy day at work yesterday...' Sasuke mused to himself as he dragged himself out of bed.

By the time Sasuke was ready for school, he was wiping silent tears off his cheeks due to the pain. He's spend the whole day limping at the least.

'And now to face Naruto...' he thought grimly

Waiting outside, on the street side of the tall gate that surrounded Sasuke's mansion-like home, was Naruto. The blonde was completely oblivious to his surrounding as he stared up at the sky with his matching blue eyes. So when the gate behind him opened, he jumped. But he turned around smiling all the same.

"Ohayo, Teme! Did you-" he cut himself off as he noticed Sasuke's face. He was paler then usual, if that was possible, and he was glaring. Not at Naruto per-say... just glaring, "Teme, are you alright?"

Sasuke dropped his glare as he focused on Naruto's worried face, "I'm fine dobe." he answered. He started to walk away, but his limp was very noticable.

"Are you sure, Teme?" Naruto persisted, following him.

"Yes, dobe, I'm very sure."

"But you're limping!" he shouted

"It's nothing. It'll go away soon enough." He fixed Naruto with a look that said 'drop it.'

"If you say so..." Naruto was still unconvinced, but Sasuke spoke no more about it.

The rest of the day was spent avoiding questions and not moving more then nessisary. Though when gym class started, Sasuke practically died inside. He did his best to keep up, cause the bastard gym teacher was making them run fucking laps while he screamed about youthfulness, but it was no use. Just as Naruto lapped him a third time, he fell. The blinding pain was too much now and he passed out.

"Sasuke?!" Naruto skidded to a stop and ran to his friend. Sasuke didn't budge. "Sensei!"

The teacher ran over and looked at Sasuke. Turning to Naruto, he said, "Take him to the nurse Uzumaki! Use your youthful muscles!"

"Uh... Yes, Gai-sensei." Naruto sweatdropped, but picked Sasuke up all the same. When the Uchiha was comfortably in his arms, his head resting on his shoulder, he made his way to the nurse's office. Nothing of incedent happened along the way, but as he put him on the bed in the office, which was empty at the moment, Sasuke started to mumble.

"No... not again... please..."

That got Naruto curious. What could he be drreaming about. His expression was one of mixed emotions. Annoyance and irritation were the most obvious, but there was a subtle trace of fear. Without thinking, Naruto put his hand on Sasuke's forehead, moving his bangs to the side.

"It's okay, Sasuke. No more." he spoke vaugly, hoping it would be enough.

Sasuke's expression relaxed a little and Naruto felt oddly accomplished. He was about to do more, but the nurse came in just then. Shizuka-sensei was a kind woman, if not softspoken.

"What's wrong with Uchiha-san, Uzumaki-kun?" She asked. She made it her business to know all the students names, especially the frequent ones like Naruto.

Naruto scratched the back of his head, "Not sure Shizuka-sensei. He just passed out in gym."

"That sounds like fatuige so far. Any signs of this before hand?"

Naruto thought back. He couldn't recall anything. Then it hit him, "Oh! He was limping all day. Even when I met him outside his house before school this morning."

"Limping? Why didn't he come in before?"

"He insisted he was fine. He wouldn't tell anyone what happened either."

"Hm..." Shizuka looked thoughtful, "Wanna help me Naruto?"

"Sure! With what?" he answered eagerly

"Hold Sasuke down for me."

That confused him, "What? Why?"

"I'm going to check and see if I can find the cause of the pain. I don't need him to suddenly shoot up and hit me somehow." she explained with a smile.

"Oh. Okay." he grabbed Sasuke's legs as directed and Shizuka applied pressure, first to parts that were normally broken and then to the rest of his legs. Nothing.

Shizuka started thinking again. 'Hmm... No way...' she thought before saying, "Flip him."

Naruto didn't ask this time. He obediantly flipped Sasuke over and Shizuka applied pressure to his lowerback. Sasuke cried out in pain, cringing in an unconcious attempt to get away from her hand. Naruto looked up at her with a lost look.


"It's just a theory... but I think he's had sex." she said bluntly

"Say what?!" Naruto's eyes were as wide as dinner plates. Shizuka was in no sense a pervert, like their History teacher Kakashi-sensei, so when she said that it was most likely true.

"Again; theory. If you want facts, you'll have to get him to tell you himself. But pain like that usually comes from sex. Usually the first time or an extra rough experiance."

Naruto stared at her. Then at Sasuke. Could that possibly be what he was muttering about before? Naruto was going to find out. Weither Sasuke liked it or not.