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~Naruto's apartment~

Welp. Naruto had thought and thought... and thought some freakin' more! He gave himself a huge migraine, and he had nothing to show for it! He still couldn't figure out who Sasuke was seeing!

At this point, the blonde decided to pay Sasuke a visit. Maybe beg for another clue.

~Sasuke's house~

Sunday was finally drawing to a close for Sasuke. The day seemed much longer then it really was. Or ever could be for that matter. All he wanted to was drag himself into his bed and sleep for five years. Sasuke sighed heavily at the thought of going to school the next day. Would his limp be gone by then? With his luck, no.

He had just made it to his room, barely touching the handle on his door, when the gate-bell rang. Apparently, Itachi forgot to leave the gate unlocked. Sasuke sighed again and limped his way back down the stairs, muttering curses all the way. When he opened his front door to see who it was, he cursed loudly.

It was Naruto.

What the hell was he doing here?! The baka never visited over the weekends before! Sasuke hoped it would be a quick visit.

"What do you want dobe?" he shouted from the door.

Naruto snapped back to reality, as the blonde had been spacing out again, "Well, at the moment, I'd like to come in!" he shouted back, grinning broadly.

Sasuke frowned. Naruto knew how to get what he wanted, that was for sure. Sasuke would have to get him back somehow for this... But either way, he gave up and went to open the gate. Naruto instantly noticed that he was still limping. Or was it a new limp? Naruto decided to ask.

"Is that limp new? Or is it the same one you had on friday?"

"Wha'da you think, dobe?" Sasuke asked with a glare

"Judging by you're reaction, I'd say new." Naruto answered, his smile all but leaving his face.

This caused a new thought to enter the blondes head. Did that mean Sasuke only saw this mystery lover on the weekends? He never went out as far as anyone knew... Naruto sighed mentally. If that were true, he wouldn't have been limping on Friday. But then again, Sasuke could've just gotten careless. Naruto once again pushed the thought away. Sasuke was never careless.

So what was going on?

Entering the house, Sasuke shouted, "Itachi! Naruto is here!" Then led the blonde to his room, not even waiting for Itachi's responce. He sat in his computer chair as Naruto litterally flopped onto his bed. Naruto looked around, taking in his room. It wasn't exactly emo... just dark. Blue walls, navy blue carpet and ceiling, a black bed spread, and red pillows. It was a bit too clean for Naruto's tastes though. No pictures on his walls of any kind and the only thing on his desk was a computer and a lamp. He bedside table had a lamp too, and an alarm clock.

"Geez, Sasuke! Do you really live in this room?" Naruto asked

"I like to keep things clean, unlike you." Sasuke retorted, "Now why are you here exactly?"

"You always get straight to the point." Naruto chuckled, "I can't just visit a friend?"

"Not when you've never done it before. And it's a common certisy to call before coming over, you know."

"Sorry. Didn't cross my mind."

"Much like other things."

"Shut up Teme!"

"Make me Dobe."

Just then the door opened, revealing Itachi. He smiled as he placed a tray of sandwhiches on Sasuke's bedside table.

"I figured you two might want something to eat." he said lightly, staring at Naruto discreetly. But Sasuke noticed. He knew that look. He'd only seen it once before, but it was deeply burned into his memory. That hungry, preditorial look he was giving Naruto. Said dobe was obviously oblivious as he munched a sandwhich.

It was the same look he gave him the year before he stole his virginity.