As our hero was swimming to the bottom of the lake he started thinking about how stupid this tourney was. 'I mean really i'm 14 how can they just it happen' as he was thinking this he passed a struggling fleur but since he was thinking he didn't see her

So he kept swimming to the bottom of the lake, when he got there after running into some weird fish creature that has nothing to do with guppies he saw a beautiful trident that was glowy and stuff. When he saw it he was drawn to it. As he was in touching range he stared having a mental debate about taking it. "Should I take it? No it's the merpeoples. But there not here so take it. I can't its wrong. Takeit takeit takeit takeit takeit takeit takeit takeit takeit common Harry you can do it take the trident for your self no one is here to stop you." End a voice suspiciously like Voldemort. So being enthralled by the trident who wanted a new master and the voice of Timmy he grabbed the trident…

AND THE SEAS EXPLODED WITH FURY AND POWER AS ITS NEW MASTER HAD ARRIVED. Unfortunately as the only one who could wield the trident was Poseidon and Poseidon had no follower Harry went the same way as he was now Poseidon with no followers and he faded away at the bottom of the lake and because of some stupid laws of the universe that said Voldemort needed the blood of an enemy as only Harry was his enemy in his mind and soul he could not get resurrected and live the rest of his unnaturally long unlife as a cloud of Smokey soul and the world lived happily ever after except fleur who lost her sister cause Harry died and couldn't save her from the merpeople who were hungry after so many years as guppies.

The end

you guys probbly hate me right now but i had to end it cause when i wrote it i was sleep deprived and loopy.

i have a new story that i wrote its a bit darkish but i am a humoris guy so it will have humor later guys