Bella POV

Rosalie was polishing off another lamb kebab while I sat in the sticky leather car seat wondering what Edward would be doing. "Do you think I did the right thing?" I asked Rosalie, knowing she couldn't help but be brutally honest, to my surprise she replied; "No" and continued to peck at her meat. I frowned, "What do you mean no? You were the one that talked me into this" I tried to keep a level head, but as she gnawed at her food something stirred inside me and I snatched it from between her teeth.

"I should've been there! He'll never forgive me for this!" the realization hitting me harshly.

Rosalie put her hands on her hips, "well if I starve to death in this car it'll be on your head" she snapped back, her voice rotting from my hearing. My mind thought back to the last time I had seen him, now nervous he looked. After a while I heard Rosalie's voice, that had apparently picked up it's feminine charm once more, "look, he's married now, it's time for you to move on" she said matter-of-factly, as if it were that simple. Rosalie had been my best friend since middle school, but there were some times when I couldn't stand the sight of her. It was as if she had always gone out of her way to make her crush seem small and insignificant, and I knew that I was supposed to tell my best friend everything but with Rosalie sometimes it just wasn't possible. Like when she used to flirt with Edward directly in front of me, I just wanted to curl up and have the ground swallow me and spit out the bones.

As I realized where my memories were leading back, I distracted myself by watching the zooming vehicles passing through the window. My parents had been divorced for a while now, and although I missed the family I had it was time to start a life somewhere else, my only regret was that I didn't have my own shot at Phil when he plainly admitted to my mother he'd got another woman pregnant.

I admired my mother for the difficult choice she had made, and knew that in the long run I'd thank myself for making the decision to leave. The person I loved was married now, and living with Rosalie was going to beā€¦interesting.

I opened my eyes drowsily when I realized that the car had stopped. "Here it is" Rosalie grinned happily and slammed the car door behind her, it was just as I remembered it when we had checked it out before. Realizing I would be otherwise pining for my forbidden fruit I put a weak smile on my face and walked inside carrying all the bags, groaning at Rosalie to take some off me, to which she replied "Just wait a minuteā€¦" that soon turned into never. My friend did have a degree in browsing, so I just threw the bags on the floor and took a quick scan around the large living room. There was a small archway to the back door which inevitably led to a well presented garden that Rosalie wouldn't care with and I would have to water every day.

I closed the swinging door and started to unpack while I could hear Rosalie's screeching tone on the phone in the bedroom, it was a large double bed that I couldn't lay a magazine on let alone a part of my body, but since Rosalie had paid for most of the place I would take the floor gratefully. I found myself nervously scratching the back of my neck while I waited for Rosalie to come in and help me with the packing. "Will you relax?" I heard her voice say to me as her body appeared in the doorway, it looked like she had also changed, and was planning on going out. She was wearing a red v-neck that dipped enough for any man to stare. "Going out?" I asked, and once again she intrigued me with the opposite answer, "no" she replied.

I stood silent, expecting her to explain.

"I thought we'd have a girls night in" her smooth voice purred, I clasped inside my backpack and started unpacking my sweaters and socks. "Oh" I sounded out busily, walking to the bedroom door in order to put my things away when Rosalie grabbed my arm. "What are you doing?" I trembled, seeing a new side of my friend. "Just relax" Rosalie repeated, her face inching closer. I blinked continuously for a good few seconds before a knock at the door was heard, Rosalie dropped her arm annoyed.

I caught my breath again, almost terrified as I rushed to the door.