"Your coming to Forks!?" the ego of him! Letting me and Bella get away from him and his bridal prize only to throw a brick at us months down the line. "Www-w-why?" I stuttered, my eyes weren't even focused on Carmen anymore. Carmen had already started dealing with her messy tangles, her vanity I could see was beginning to prevail again. "Edward.. Edward? Edward!" I cried, but I heard a disruption on the other end of the phone that seemed to have distracted him. It must've been ten seconds before he spoke again, and when he did it was an emerging cheer.

"Yes! That's it, Im all set to go!"

"Edward! What the - slow down!" my words were stumbling at intense pace.

Against the system of saying goodbye before hanging up, Edward seemed to have skipped the farewell and the beep tone was deafening me. I put down the phone, the basis of which seemed useless because Carmen picked it up again.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"See the apartment block over there?" she indicated a tumbledown building that would've been on it's last legs if it were canine. I nodded.

"Well, I'm going to try to move in. It's all I can afford but I can't stay here. Too many memories"

Naturally, I looked puzzled, of all the times to have foolishly ignored the notion before, why had the thought struck her now?

"Well…can I help you pac-""No"

I looked at the clock gravely, I was shy and clueless to ask anymore questions, the only thing left to do was to call Bella. It was too risky to go over again, especially if Emmett was there. Risky, but as it turned out essential, for Bella wasn't answering her phone. I could hear the strumming of a guitar from Carmen's room, at least she was thinking rationally again. At least I hoped so.

I knew the first thing to do was to explain to work why I would be away during Edward's visit, but it turned out that it wasn't a problem - Leah had organized a labour strike! The nerve of her when she did no work anyway, but it worked to my advantage.

A mess up with the bus timetable and I was back at my apartment in time to find Edward's car clueless and puzzled driving around the block, had I not have called him and told him that he was near he would've likely spent the night in his Mercedes.

As he walked to the doorway, Carmen staring absent-mindedly through the curtains, I noticed a small talisman around his neck. Funny looking thing, it had an elegant body with a thin tail-like pendulum hanging from it. It battered against Edward's chest as he walked, and as he moved closer I could see it's yellow scales that looked like turtle shells. Two sapphire eyes were stuck on either side at the end of two misshapen horns that opened like nostrils.

"Edward! Wheres the wife?" was the first thing I blurted, ignorant to the fact that Edward looked like he hadn't seen happiness in weeks. I wrapped my arms around him while Carmen started on bringing his luggage inside.

"She's fine" was his only reply. With my hand over his back I took that answer and led him inside, offering him beverages and snacks before surrendering to the seat beside him on the couch.

"Edward, you have to tell me what your doing here."

"Promise you won't tell anyone?" he urged, his face seemed to change.

"I can't-" the conversation stopped as Carmen returned, Edward looked at me urgently and I stood up, leading Carmen into my bedroom. To my surprise, Carmen didn't make a sound.

"Car, you need to leave for a while, go look for your new place or whatever, I need to be alone with Edward."

"Is he your boyfriend" was her abrupt reply.

"Would I have kissed you if he was?" I snapped.

At these words Carmen dismissively exited the room, and the apartment soon after, and something told me that it wasn't long before she left for good. Ignoring the pang of fury I felt toward her, I returned to Edward's side.

"Why haven't you seen Bella?""Look." Edward held up the talisman around his neck, as if I hadn't already noticed it. His thumb dug under one of the scales, his fingers flickering as if the sapphires would burn through his skin.

"Yes I know it's hideous, garage sale?"

"Not quite."

"Whats going on Edward?"

"This talisman.. It's rare. It has a dark secret."

I couldn't speak, I only listened intently. How did you reply to that?

Then I remembered the obvious.

"What dark secret is that, storyteller?" the corners of Edward's lips twitched.

"Why don't you touch the sapphire? Either one. Though I'd recommend the one on the right"

It seemed as if I had lost all breath in my body as my finger reached out, Edward was urging the talisman forward still very wary of it's contents.

As the glistening sapphire called to me, the tip of my index finger touched it's shimmering surface, and when I opened my eyes again Edward was gone.