The sudden breeze could be ignored, mistaken for a rising wind. The voice accompanying it could not.

"Nezhno?" chirruped the voice. "Could you teach me how to brood?"

Calmly, he opened his eyes and looked steadily at the fairy-winged girl fluttering in front of him. "No." Just as calmly, he closed his eyes once more.

"Why not?" Megan demanded. He could hear her pout. "You're so good at it!"

"I do not brood. I meditate." The answer was slightly less calm, this time.

"On the roof? At night?" was the skeptic reply. "Come on, pleeease? I got part of my soul cut out and no one takes me seriously! I tried to brood earlier and Mr. Logan said I looked constipated. Dr. Beast heard him and wanted me to go to the medlab. He was talking about suppositories," she confided.

The corners of Nezhno's mouth twitched, ever so slightly.

"Please, Nezhno?" He was poked gently with the toe of a glittery, pink-laced sneaker. "If you teach me how to brood, I'll teach you how to smile."