The date didn't much matter to Jono, but Jubilee had insisted he'd been living in the states long enough that he should observe the holiday. He'd tried pointing out the irony of a Brit celebrating the fourth of July, but she wouldn't be swayed.

The night found them leaning against the rail at the top of the parking garage they'd climbed at sunset, passing soda and junk food between them. Far enough from the action to avoid the crowd but still watch the show; they could hear "the Star-Spangled Banner" played somewhat tinnily over loudspeakers as the sky lit up, snap-crackle-popping with rockets and whizbangs.

"Do you miss it?" he asked, finally voicing what he'd wondered all night.

She didn't answer immediately, and he thought - almost hoped - that she hadn't heard his question. She reached out, finger tracing the path of a firework as it arced, throwing her hand open a second before it burst. "Of course."