Starscream was flying in space. He was glad that Prime killed Megatron. So now, Starscream is going to take Cybertron for himself.


Starscream shouted, "Decepticons! Megatron is dead!"

Bruticus said, "Starscream, I found a relic, so, BRUTICUS IS A GOOD BOY!"

Starscream looked at Bruticus with a death glare and then took a piece of Metal and hit the larger robot on the head. Starscream said, "JUST BECAUSE OF YOUR POOR PERFORMANCE, I WASN'T ABLE TO FIND ANYMORE DECEPTICONS!"

Shockwave said, "Hey there Screamer-poo."

Starscream went purple and shouted, "YOU WILL RESPECT ME, I AM YOUR NEW LEADER!" and got a piece of metal and hit Shockwave hard on the head.

Shockwave transformed into his linear tank form and shot Starscream. Starscream said, "Let us make a deal, we infiltrate the Autobot base and you will get the head of a Autobot."

Shockwave said, "DEAL!"

Autobot base

Shockwave, Starscream, Bruticus, and their drones arrived. But soon, a unfamiliar combiner came. Bruticus said, "WHO ARE YOU?"

The combiner said, "I am Superion. Except that I scanned some nice Earth jets from my computer. So let's brawl!"

Superion fired his cannons and immediately turned Bruticus into individual robots. Unlucky for Starscream, more Autobots arrived. Brawn, Chromia, Inferno, and Firestar. Starscream gulped. "DECEPTICONS RETREAT!" Starscream said.

Brawn said, "Oh no you aren't going to escape."

Brawn fired shots, downing Drones. Chromia said, "That was easy."

Firestar said, "A little bit too easy."

Inferno said, "Just let those scrap heaps go."

Decepticon HQ

Starscream sat on Megatron's throne, lifted up a cup of liquid energon and said, "Decepticons, I SHALL LEAD YOU!"

But he looked and some where just a sleep some where laughing at him, and some where saying, "What a moron."

Starscream said, "So now-."

But a Decepticon came and interrupted. Starscream shouted, "WHO DARE INTERUPPS MY SPEECH!"

That Decepticon, The Fallen said, "You are in my throne. So go to your correct throne."

Starscream said, "Sorry boss…"

Data banks

Name: Shockwave

Age: 48, 999

Faction: Decepticon

Cybertron alt mode: Linear tank

Weapons: Tank turret/Linear Arm cannon, Grenade launcher

History: Shockwave is in charge of Cybertron's Decepticon bases.

Name: The Fallen

Age: Unknown

Faction: Decepticon

Cybertron alt mode: Jet

Weapons: Fire element, The Fallen's sword.

History: One of the original Primes, The Fallen was corrupted by Unicron and aided Unicron against Primus, his creator. However, he was sealed but now, he has risen again.