My Happy Ending

Dear diary,

I'm going to tell you a storey of how I feel a lovely, heartbreaking, romantic, true love story should be. Why you may ask because I wish for true love and that one day we will all find our true love, so let's begin. Hi my name is Jillian Jill for short so you can call me Jill. To let you know I live in a small town called Ponchatoula down south in Louisiana down south where there are a bunch of swaps and oak trees but, it can be very sunny so I like it down here. Down here I live with my mom my dad and my two brothers Jonathan and Josh. Jonathan the oldest he's nineteen, Josh the middle child he's sixteen, and me the youngest and I'm13 I love music and love to hang just like any old teenager I have two best friends named Sage and Crystal. Sage loves to hang and have fun and Crystal loves to go places and shop a lot so you can tell they are different from each other but we all three love to hang out together and know just how to have fun. But let's just cut to the chase. You know that I am going to tell you a love story so the boy she likes is named Brendon he has brownish blondish hair and blue eyes he is not to skinny or fat he has tones of friends and loves to hang but he doesn't know she is alive and so he also is about the same height as her and she knows that he loves to do a bunch of things she loves to do like go to a movie and go bowling also just to hang with friends.