Valediction by Ness Ayton

This short piece was first published in the zine "The Chronicles of Sherwood" many moons ago...

I can sense her doubts. I linger on this earth because I sense them. Perhaps if I were to leave...but I cannot go until I know that she is happy again. She is clinging to the memory of a shade yet needs to move on - not forget for nothing is ever forgotten but to put the past behind her and continue anew, refreshed by another perspective on life and love. She has a second chance at happiness, why does she not take it?

At last she has decided. She will marry him - it was meant to be. I understand her doubts for we were bound by unearthly ties that few could comprehend but not why she took so long to accept him for we are one and the same, he and I - Herne's Son. Now she is his I am truly free. I need no longer stay to watch over them. My spirit is free to roam. Herne bless them both and may they be as happy as we were. I will sink into oblivion in the Blessed Isles to sleep at last. Farewell to my love for now she can accept my death and the pain she bore has lessened.

My soul is torn and my heart broken for, in turning from him, it is as if she has rejected me.