I've had this idea in my brain for years and I finally feel confident enough to write it.

I know it's the same title as The True One-Winged Angel's fic (read it), but it's the the same title i tough of so many years ago and I will not give it another name. You may also be sure that this will not be an alternative version of The True One-Winged Angel's Naruto of the force. It will follow it's own plot and my Naruto will be different from his.

This will be my first serious fic so it's important that I get reviews that are not all positive.

So be critical and enjoy my own Naruto of the force.

"Basic" (Language most used in the republic)

"Japanese" (language of the elemental nations).

Year: 35 BBY (3 years before the battle of Naboo)

It was truly a beautiful planet Jenkan thought as he brought his ship closer to the planets surface of the 2 continental planet. There wasn't much on the planet except for that one medium sized continent and one smaller other than a few islands scattered around the globe. The reason he was here was because of the Jedi, they seemed to have an interest in the inhabitants of the planet. Something about able to use the planets natural force or something like that, not that he really cared that much, it was just easy money for him. All he had to do was to transport a couple of Jedi around the planet then take them back claim his pay and then hit the nearest cantina.

"We have arrived master Jedi" Jenkan said over the com system.

In one of the cabins two humanoid beings where sitting at a table focused on a deck of cards,

"Why can I never win at this stupid game" a humanoid with large eyes and fish like face named Bant Eerin said with a feminine voice.

"Pazaak is an art form my apprentice" a green humanoid with tentacle hair named Kit Fisto said in a amused voice.

"It takes time to master it" he then continued.

"Bah this is only a game of luck, and if you copy obi-wan and say there is no such thing as luck I will perso... she said before being interrupted.

"We have arrived master Jedi" was heard over the comm system.

The two Jedi get up walk to the cockpit.

"Are there any signs of intelligent life on the planet" Kit asked.

"I'm reading several radio waves on the smaller continent" Jenkan answered.

"Radio waves" Bant asked.

"Ancient human way of long range communication" Jenkan answered "i can get a read on them" he then continued.

" Shinobi... Ko...ha...chunnin...Ivakara-dono... samurai..." came from the com link.

"I don't recognize the language" Jenkan said.

"Use this datapad, it contains most languages known to the Republic" Kit said. Jenkan then hoked the data pad to the com unit and activated the data pad. After a few minutes the strange language was translated into basic.

"Target apprehended heading to rendezvous point" a voice said

"Roger" Another voice replied.

"What did you think that was about master" Bant asked.

"Perhaps some sort of law enforcement or the like" Kit replied.

"Perhaps they where kidnapping someone" Jenkan said. The two Jedi looked at him.

"I'm just saying" Jenkan said.

"Scan the smaller continent for signs of civilization" Kit said.

"I'm reading several major settlements and what appears to be trade routs" Jenkan said.

"So what language did they use" Bant asked.

Kit looks at the data pad and answerers "An old human language, so we can safely assume this is a human populated planet"

"How come they're not part of the Republic" Bant asked.

"Perhaps they are descendants of early human colonists" Jenkan said.

"Probably" Kit responded. "release the monitor droids into orbit"

"okay" Jenkan said as he pressed a button. "Monitor droids launched and active, they will all be in position in 24 hours".

"So what do we do now" Bant asked.

Kit smiled and said "anyone up for a game of pazaak".

"Ugh what have I done to deserve this" Bant asked the universe.

In one of the larger cities on the smaller continent a boy of six years can be seen packing his meager possessions into a backpack. The boy was wearing an orange jumpsuit, He had blond hair, blue eyes and three whisker like markings on his cheeks. His name was Uzumaki Naruto and his dream was to become the worlds greatest explorer.

I bet you didn't expect that now did ya.

Naruto's dream isn't to become Hokage, I hope I didn't trigger the apocalypse.

But what would Konoha be without a future Hokage. Who will it be? Find out in the next chapter of Naruto of the force.

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