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Year:35 BBY, In orbit around Ibonihs.

Kit Fisto felt like was on top of the galaxy, he master pazaak player of the Jedi had just won his 2999'th game of pazaak in a row, just one more and he would have the greatest record in Jedi history. On the other side of the table Jenkan felt like slamming his head into the table, he had been beaten 15 times the last 4 hours and and now cursed himself for accepting the Jedi masters challenge the other day. The first 12 games they played he had lost by a much larger margin than the last 15, but that was because he upgraded his deck while the Jedi while sleeping. But that had only made the following 15 defeats so much more bitter.

Bant had barricaded herself in her cabin and refused to come out while pazaak was played, not that it helped that much she could still feel Kit's mirth over their Force bond.

She looked at her watch and discovered that it was about time that the monitor droids where in position. She left her cabin and headed towards the recreation room. There she fund Jenkan slamming his head into the table and Kit watching with a smirk.

She let out a sight and said. "Master the monitor droids should be in position soon". Kit looked at her and with a smirk said "Just one more victory and i will reach 3000 wins an..." Bant cut him of.

"And you will have beaten master Yoda's record." Bant said with a sight. "I know of your obsession."

Kit just smiled and said. "Lets see what shows on the monitors." He then got up and activated a holoscreen. Kit looked at the holoscreen with intensity and said. "The reports where correct, the midichlorians are behaving strangely around the planet." Kit pushed a few holographic buttons and a new stream of information entered. "It seems that almost all life on the planet are able to produce some kind of energy from the force." Kit read a little more and said. "We will have to collect some samples and bring them back to the temple on Coruscant." Bant looked at a few monitor screens, then nodded, pointed and said. "Jenkan take us down to that clearing." The monitor was showing a clearing with a waterfall nearby, the clearing was full of small plants and animals. Jenkan looked at Kit who nodded.

"Okay, hold on tight." Jenkan said as he walked into the cockpit.

The ship entered Ibonihs atmosphere and continued to descend.

Naruto was currently running for his freedom, now you might have expected him to be chased by Konoha shinobi trying to bring him back or foreign shinobi who wanted to torture him him for information. But the truth was that he was chased by a group of nuke-nin who had decided that slave trade was the career for them. Naruto had released the farmers, villager and merchants they had rounded up so far, and when the slavers discovered that their merchandise was nowhere to be found they had tracked him down with frightening efficiency. Naruto was sure that if they caught him they would beat him up and then sell him to some paedophile or brothel. Naruto remembered from a map he looked at earlier, that the path he took now would lead him to the top of a waterfall.

Now he had a choice, he could turn and run along the edge of the waterfall and attempt to escape, but that would give his pursuers a higher chance to catch up to him, or he could dive from the waterfall with the risk of hurting or killing himself, but it might throw his pursuers of his track.

As he neared the waterfall he made his decision. And as he descended, he noticed two cloaked figures in the clearing below.

In the clearing a few minutes earlier.

Jenkan's ship hovered above the clearing.

"We'll call you on the comm once where done so be ready to pick us up." Kit said as he and Bant jumped down from the ship,

"Okay, see you later." Jenkan said over the comm and raised the ship into the atmosphere.

"Master, why did we bring the translators." Bant asked after the ship was out of sight.

"Just in case we need to talk to a local." Kit answered. "Get a few plants while I get a blood sample from an animal. Before they could get to work both heard a splash from the small lake by the waterfall. After a few seconds a young boy broke the surface. He then turned to them and shouted

"Run slavers are coming." Just seconds after he said that 7 men landed in the clearing.

"Finally caught you kid". One of them said.

"How dare you release our merchandise." An other said. He then noticed the two hooded figures. He then said. "Well at least you lead us to some new stock." The nuke-nin then drew a kunai and said. "Keep your hands where I can see them and get on your..." He said before he was interrupted by a rock to his head. The man fell to the ground unconscious. The other nuke-nin turned towards the rocks source. Naruto had gotten out of the lake and was holding another rock in his hand. "Your target is me assholes." Naruto said and threw the rock at them. The ninja evaded it easily. "Like we care, it's your fault for releasing the others anyway." One of them said.

"What should we do master" Bant asked Kit.

"We'll grab the kid and make a run for it" Kit said.

"Hey what are you talking about." One of them asked.

Kit and Bant sprung into action. Running past the lake at Jedi speed Bant grabbed Naruto who yelped in surprise.

"After them." The apparent leader of the pack said.

Bant and Kit weaved thou the forest at incredible speeds but Bant having to carry Naruto could not run at her top speed and the shinobi where catching up. Kit noticed this and stopped. "Call Jenkan, tell him to pick us up" He said to Bant.

"What of the kid" Bant asked.

"Use the Force to put him to sleep we'll drop him of later" Kit said before turning to face their pursuers. "Halt." He shouted at the incoming ninja.

"Mugi, Sigawa and Renji, you guys continue after the other two while me and the others take this guy." The leader said and three of the ninja started to move. Before they could get past him Kit vanished and the three where suddenly flying towards the leader. The ninja stared at Kit who had his head uncovered in the scuffle. "Wha-what are you". One of them stammered.

The leader chuckled. "Well well, a bloodline owner, how lucky. Kumogakure will give us a fortune for him alone."

One of the others suddenly said. "The other one sounded like a woman, maybe she to possess the bloodline."

"We'll catch her if we get the chance." The leader said before getting into a fighting stance. "We don't know what he can do and it might take some time to suppress him." The nuke-nin spread out to surround Kit.

"Please leave, I don't want to hurt you." Kit said as he went into his own fighting stance.

The leader snorted and said "You think you can hurt the six of us." His face then turned into a scowl "Don't underestimate us." The ninja attacked.

"Jenkan we need extraction immediately." Bant said over the comm while carrying the sleeping Naruto.

"What happened." Jenkan asked.

"We ran into some slavers." Bant answered.

Soren was impressed by the green head's skill. He had managed to knock out four members of his gang and was currently slowly retreating in the direction as the woman and the kid. "They might have allies waiting for them." Soren suddenly thought. He knew that if the man had allies they might be defeated and killed. "Lets bring out the explosives." He thought with glee. "Get out of the way." He shouted to his two remaining ninja. His lackeys immediately distanced themselves from the area around Kit because they knew how Soren became when he began using his explosive tags.

"By the force these guys are strong." Kit thought. Even if he was only used force techniques to increase his speed and strength and only used hand to hand combat they had still given him several small injuries. He never thought there could be warriors on the primitive planet who could give him such a challenge even if he wasn't using his lightsaber. Kit noticed that the leader had thrown some sort of projectile at him and avoided six kunai. Kit almost resettled into his stance when he noticed the paper slips attached to the triangular knifes. Kit jumped and narrowly avoided the explosion. "What was that." Kit said out loud.

Soren laughed. "Hahaha! You don't know what an explosive tag is." Soren produced four more tagged kunai. "Well then today is your lucky day, I am called Soren of the explosions for my extensive use of these little darlings. And I would be happy to give you a demonstration." He threw two more at Kit who avoided them and the following explosion.

"Hope Jenkan is here, I don't think I can last much longer without using something else than hand to hand combat." Kit thought as he began to run towards Bant's position.

"Hey come back here you coward." Soren shouted as he began to follow, his two remaining lackeys just behind him.

Jenkan was heading towards the coordinates Bant had given him a few minutes earlier. She had instructed him to have the ship hover above a clearing with the landing ramp open.

Kit dodged another explosion caused by the ninja following. Kit's plan was to speed up once the spaceship arrived and lose his pursuers. But the ninja where to fast for that. He would have to knock them out before heading back. He increased his speed and went on the offensive.

When the figure they where chasing suddenly vanished from their line of sight the nuke nin halted went into a defensive position all of them facing outwards.

"Where did he go." Renji said.

"I dont know bu..." The other lackey named hibiki said before turning silent. The other two turned around to find Hibiki gone without a trace

"Hibiki!" Soren screamed.

"Boss we need to get out of here, this guy is unnatural. Uh what's happening." Renji said as he suddenly began to rise from the ground. "Help me boss. Please help meeeeeeeee." Renji said before he was thrown by whatever that was making him levitate into a tree. He was unconscious the moment he touched the ground.

"Show yourself coward." Soren shouted. In that moment Kit suddenly appeared in front of him.

"It's over." He said as he Force pushed Soren. Soren flew trough the vegetation and disappeared from Kits line of sight. Kit turned and headed towards the spot where Bant was not knowing that what he thought was Soren turned into a log.

Bant had managed to store a few plants within a couple of plant preservers when Jenkans ship landed. The ramp opened to show Jenkan holding a blaster.

"Why did you call me back... And who's the kid." Jenkan said as he noticed the kid who was sleeping next to a tree.

"We encountered some slavers and the boy was running from them. My master should arrive shortly so put the child in a bed for the moment we'll drop him of when it's safer." Bant said. Jenkan nodded and carried the child into the ship.

A few minutes later Kit appeared.

"Man these people know how to fight." Kit said as he walked up to Bant.

"What happened?" Bant asked seeing Kits rugged appearance.

"Exploding pieces of paper." Kit answered.

Bant sighted and said. "Please be serious master, this is not the time to joke."

"I'm not joking. I'll tell you once we are in space." Kit said and the two headed up the ramp.

Soren looked at the metal building. What it was he didn't know but he knew suspected that it was worth a lot of money. Then suddenly the building started to make a lot of noise and Soren acted almost immediately. Arming 10 kunai with his last exploding tags (twenty) he threw the projectiles towards Kit and Bant who where caught by surprise. Kit barley managed to produce a barrier between themselves and the resounding explosion. Bant and Kit where pushed into the ship by the shock wave that was the result of the explosion.

Jenkan having watched what was happening immediately closed the ramp and took of after the explosion happened. The computer had detected that some damage had been done to the ship, but was able to go into space without much risk.

Soren stared as the building suddenly started to fly. In a few seconds it was gone.

"What the hell was that." Soren said out loud still staring at the sky.

Deep inside Naruto a frightening being thrashed against the bars of his prison. The Kyubi was panicking, if his host left Ibonihs while he was still bound to it, he the mighty Kyubi would cease to exist.

He unleashed most of his chakra towards the seal. But it was to no avail, the seal held strong and the Kyubi felt himself fade.

"No I will not go, I will not die I will no..." Kyubi said before he vanished leaving Naruto with the remnant of it's chakra.

Naruto woke when he heard a voice inside him scream something, but he could not figure out what it was. He then noticed his surroundings. He was in a room with metal walls, electronic lights providing a cold blue light. He got up from the bed and started to walk towards what looked like a door, but when he tried to open it it wouldn't budge. For the next 15 minutes he tried to open the door but was unsuccessful.

"Why wont it open." Naruto said. Backing away from the door to get a better look he noticed a button on the wall next to it.

"What's this." Naruto said. Walking up to the wall and then standing on his toes he barley managed to reach the button. The door suddenly opened.

"Cool." Naruto said.

Outside the metal room there was... a metal corridor.

Naruto exited the room and looked both right and left, seeing that the corridor turned around corners in both directions.

He then heard a from the right corridor a woman's voice say. "Hyperdrive active."

Suddenly everything jerked and Naruto fell to the ground. He quickly got to his feet and started walking toward the origin of the voice. He soon reached a new metal rom with a big glass window, and what you could see through it was thousands of white spots racing past them.

"Amazing." He said. A few seconds after a chair in the room swivelled around revealing a man who seemed shocked.


Having completely forgotten the young boy Jenkan rushed towards the ramp area hoping that the Jedi where still alive. When he reached them he found out that they where unconscious.

"I should have asked for more credits." Jenkan complained after having moved the two unconscious Jedi to the med bay. He walked to the cockpit and began to do a damage assessment. He froze when he saw what had been damaged.

The barrier that had protected the Jedi had redirected some of the exploding knifes towards the cockpit and while the cockpit was unharmed the navigational computer wasn't. The vibrations had caused some of it's circuits to fry, and while he could patch it up the patching would only hold for a small time. Jenkan immediately began to fix the computer and 15 minutes later when he was done he began to press in the coordinates for the first check point he had marked on the way.

The region that Ibonihs inhabited was a hard place to get to because of the many natural space storms, so losing the nav computer would be devastating.

Jenkan pushed a button and entered hyperspace. He hoped the Jedi wouldn't be mad for him for leaving the planet. They could always head back later. They would understand.

"Sugoi." He heard a voice say behind him. Jenkan swivelled around and saw the kid who he had picked up.

"The Jedi won't like this." He thought.

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