Tunes from your radio filled the air as you used your hand to wipe the stream off of your bathroom mirror. With a smile, you stared at your fresh-faced reflection as you mouthed the words to the song playing.

Go girl, it's your birthday. Open wide, I know you're thirsty. Say aah, say aah! We don't buy no drinks at the bar, we pop champagne 'cause we got that dough. Let me hear you say aah, if you want me, say aah.

Tonight was the night of your date with Izuru and saying that you weren't excited about it would have been a lie. You waited anxiously for this night all week. Not spending much quality time with your boyfriend was really a downer for you and you wanted to make sure you looked really good for him. Not that it is a really hard thing for you to 'look good', right? You ran your hands through your long vibrant blue locks and made a gagging look.

"Geez, when was the last time I had a hair cut? This is seriously too long for me—eww," you said as you examined the now almost tailbone length hair. Not that you had a problem with long hair and it does compliment your face just as much as short styles did too. But there is something that is called too long for you and that length right there was it. Pulling your damp, wavy hair back into a loose ponytail, you grabbed the shears out of drawer and after a couple snips here and there. You finished. Voila, a twenty second haircut and your hair was back to the middle of your back. "There, that's much better now." After that ruffled your hair around bit in a towel to dry it so you could finish getting ready.

"Hanataro, dude, what are you cooking? That shit smells fucking delicious." Renji let the spicy aroma attack his nostrils and interrupt him from watching the basketball game from the couch.

"Aww, thanks Renji. I am making tacos, beans, rice and I'm going to get started homemade tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa in a minute." The quiet man said back as he tasted a piece of grilled steak for flavor. "Mmm, perfect."

Kaien brought a bottle to lips and took a swig of his corona. He was sitting at the island watching the younger man cook. "That's right, Renji. I dunno how you could forget, bro," he stood up and started to salsa. "It's Fiesta Friday, remember?"

Renji laughed as he focused back on the flat screen. "Sorry, my mind is so stuck on this game right—well, well now. Look at who decided to clean up for dinner." He switched to a more interesting subject—you.

"HA! Oh, please," you smirked. "All is not for you, so you might as well take it in while you can." You rolled your eyes as you walked pass the redhead and his eyes followed you into the kitchen area and soon followed behind. "Don't mind if I do." He said.

"Y/n, you look really pretty tonight." Hanataro complimented you and you smiled back at your roommate.

"Thanks, Hana. Hey, I wanted your opinion on something." You held up two pairs of sliver earrings—dangling ones and the other were medium sized hoops.

"Well, I think I like the—"

"Hold up! How come you only asked Hanataro for an opinion and not include mines?" Renji interrupted.

You rolled your eyes at him. "If I wanted someone's tasteless opinion I would ask you, Renji…"


After eyeing Renji up and down for a second you continued, "Because you are clearly the person to go to." You laughed out loud.

"Just what the hell are you trying to say to me?" he sneered. (He's a bit on the slow side tonight, perhaps?)

You laughed again. "Anyways, before you were rudely interrupted by that tasteless mongrel. Hana, if you please." You awaited his answer.

"Yes, I was about to say the dangling ones would go quite nicely with dress." He smiled.

"See, I knew you were the one to go too because I thought the same exact thing." You stuck your tongue out at Renji as you put the earrings in at the counter.

"Wait, what, dress?" Kaien in disbelief, he finally decided to pop in out of nowhere and looked at you.

He saw you standing right before him in pastel yellow sundress with wide white belt around your waist and some white open-toe heels. You wore a faded cropped jean jacket with the sleeves rolled up halfway up arms. Of course you had matching accessories to complete the outfit. You wore your hair up in a messy updo, showing off your beautiful features, and had multiple thin golden hair bands on to give you a Greek goddess look. The bottom line was you looked good.

"You got to be kidding me; I didn't know you owned one of those?" Kaien made a face. Renji laughed at his comment.

You punched him in his to shut him up. "Shut up foo," then looked at Kaien. "Of course, I own dresses you ass. Just because I don't wear them for you doesn't mean I don't own them." You sneered.

"Oh, Boy. Here we go." Hanataro said to himself. He felt another argument coming between you two.

"So who are you going out with tonight? He must be important since you're all dressed up." Kaien rolled his eyes at you.

"Out with my boyfriend, Izuru, not that it is any of your business." You tried to ignore him by focusing on putting your rings on.

Kaien arched a brow. "Oh, that faggot yoga instructor. So he is the one that got you all out of your element and having you dress like a…well, a girl. The things you do to please your man." He laughed again. This time Renji frowned, deciding to stay out of it and not laugh.

You exhaled loudly and stopped what you are doing and glared at Kaien. "Shouldn't you be at home taking care of your wife? You know since she is carrying your baby and is practically about to bust right now instead of worrying about what I am doing. Hmm, some husband and son-to-be father you're going to be."

Hanataro put his face in his palm and shook his head. It was going to be a long night.

"I AM a good husband and will be a good father! You leave Rukia out of this." Kaien sneered. You done it, he was mad now. Nobody talks about his wife and gets away with it. "You know she is staying with Byakuya and Hisana until the baby is born since I am busy with work!"

"Well once you stop bashing Izuru and clearly disrespecting me, I won't bring up Rukia anymore! I don't know why you even care. Who I date doesn't concern you. And you are not at work right now, so what are you doing making yourself comfy-cozy our apartment? Go home to Rukia and spend time with her for once!" you fired back.

It wasn't as if you hated Kaien's wife, in matter fact you love and respected Rukia. Hell, everyone did. You had known her for since you were a kid and when Ichigo was still around. She had been Kaien's high school sweetheart and first and only love that you knew of. There were a lot of things you let people get away with when it comes to you but if they don't show you the respect that you give them. Then the kid gloves come off. Disrespecting your significant other was pretty much disrespecting you. So you took it there.

Just when Kaien was about to say something smart back the doorbell ring. "Oh, I'll get it." Renji said as he jogged to the door and opened it. "Ah, Izuru, how are you doing? Come in."

"Hey, Renji," Izuru walked in and automatically felt tension in the room. "Hello, everyone." He said calmly.

"Izuru, long time no see." Hanataro greeted smiled.

"Hey, babe," you walked up to him and gave him a kiss. "We can go once I go get my purse." You smiled at him and gave Kaien a nasty look as you walked back to your room.

"Pff, whatever." Kaien sat back in his chair and took another sip of his beer.

"Hey, Kaien." Izuru said with a lazy smile as he placed his hands in his pockets. Kaien didn't respond, in fact, he completely ignored the other man's presence.

"Kaien, it's rude to not greet someone after they say hi to you." Renji put on a motherly tone.

"Aw, it's okay really; maybe he's just having a bad day." Izuru figured.

"Well, I'm ready Izuru. Let's go!" You came up from behind and hugged him.

"Great," he turned to take in your appearance. "You look absolutely beautiful."

"Thanks babe," you turned and smiled at your friends, "Bye my dear friends," then u gave Kaien a stank look. "Asshole." You pulled Izuru with you out the door.

"Y/N can be such a bitch sometimes, man." Kaien grumbled.

Renji grinned, "Yup, but you are the one that always brings it out of her too."

"This is true." Hanataro agreed.

"Fuck both of you." Kaien said as he sulked.

"So how do you like your food?" Izuru asked before taking a sip of his red wine.

You put on a fake smile. "It's delicious, Izuru." You took a bite of your chicken alfredo for emphasis.

"That's good. Well…there was something I want you to talk to you about." he said.

"Sure. What is it, babe?" you gave him a genuine smile that is known to make even the coldest hearted person melt.

He stared at you nervously before breaking into his lazy smile, "Uh…it's nothing I will tell you later."

You gave him a concerned look, "You sure, is everything alright?" a bad feeling swarm over you.

"Yes, yes, it's nothing. I will tell you later…I don't wait to ruin our dinner." He continued to smile.

"Alright then." You gave him a soft frown and in return he grabbed your hand and kissed it.

The dinner with Izuru was okay so far…not excellent, not out of this world, not unbelievable…just okay. After an almost forty-five minute ride of silence to your 'favorite restaurant' you thought things would start to get better once you arrived there. But it didn't, you saw that you two were parked outside an Italian restaurant…the first thing that came to your head was, 'What the fuck…why are we here? I hardly eat Italian.' It is so sad since you would have thought since you two have been dating for a little over four months now; the man would know that your favorite kind of food to eat was Mexican. But deciding against correcting Izuru's mistake and enjoy the dinner with him since you hardly spent time with him for a while. It was a nice five-star restaurant—no room for complaints here. After dinner the two of you decided to leave to get some ice cream for dessert and enjoy a nice walk on safe streets of Downtown LA.

"Umm, this strawberry cheesecake ice cream is really good. You should have got this one instead of that nasty pistachio." You pretend to gag as you looked at his cone that held the bright green ice cream.

He laughed, "It is really good. You should give it a try before you say you don't like it." He grinned as he tried to bring his ice cream to your mouth.

"Ewww, never!" you leaned back and dodged the incoming cone. "Get that away from me." You laughed.

"You big baby, you are missing out on some good eating right here." He licked his ice cream while holding your hand.

Little did he know he was being completely ignored by you as your attention was focused on a more important matter at the time. Izuru was forced into a halt as you stopped walking and focused on a couple of all black vans were parked on the side of the county's museum of art. That part didn't bother you…it was the shrouded figures walking out and loading the art into the vans. You quickly went into cop mode and pulled Izuru along with you to duck begin a car in hopes of not getting noticed.

"Babe, what's going on?" Izuru still confused at your sudden change.

"Across the street…the museum is being robbed." You said as you observed the scene. "It doesn't look like too many people in there." You said more to yourself than him.

"Then we should call the police."

"I am the police, Izuru."

"I mean for back up, last thing I want you doing is running in and getting hurt." He said in a nervous tone.

"Don't worry about it. I got this under control…from what I seen there is probably fifteen-twenty men tops and that's including the four guys standing out front." You smiled at him.

"Y/N…I don't kno-"

You cut him off, "You know how to use one of these?" you pulled put a 9mm from your purse and handed it to him.

"What's that?" he gasped.

"It's a gun silly, you think I was going to have you go in unprotected?" you asked simply. You laughed as if it was nothing. Well, it wasn't anything to you since you were a cop.

His eyes got big and a wave of fear washed over the yoga instructor. "No, I haven't used one…or even held one." he gulped out loud.

You laughed and demonstrated for him quickly, "It's pretty easy. You aim. Point and shoot. And remember you don't squeeze the trigger, you pull it."

And with that you handed the gun over to him and watched his hand move downward, probably due to the fact it was surprised at how heavy it actually was. "Don't worry, you won't have to use it…just stay behind me and you'll be okay."

He nodded and put the gun in back of his pants. You grabbed his hand and lead him across the street when no one was looking.

There were the four guys that you mentioned earlier standing around surveying the area. "Excuse me, I am sorry to bother you gentlemen but I was wondering do you have the time?" Izuru smiled.

The men looked at each other silently, and then one stepped out of the pack. "Beat it, before you get hurt little man."

"I'm sorry I didn't catch you, can you repeat that, please?" Izuru said before the men started advancing towards him.

That's when you came up from behind them and grabbed the back of one of the men's shirts and slammed face first into the side of the van, one of the other guys turned around and was greeted by a kick to the face. Two down.

"Get her!" the guy said to the other and they both came at you. You evaded a fist coming towards your way and delivered a punch clear across the guys face in return, while the other guy came at in full force and a simple side-step and held your foot out to trip the guy. As he was on all fours trying to get up for a second attack, you brought the side of your hand down on the back of his neck. Out cold.

You sighed, "That was almost too easy. Who trains these guys?" you snickered.

"That was amazing." Izuru stood in awe at you. It was true that he never seen you fight or in action when it came to work. Hell, he didn't even know you could defend yourself like that.

"Thanks…now come on before more come out." You walked along the side of the building and he followed.

Once inside the two of you advanced through the museum quietly made quick work of the men you came across at in the hallways. It was until you made it towards one of the main quarters of the place you saw a small group of men being order by a small, lithe figure, which seemed to be a woman. She was standing with her back against you, watching the men gather up paintings off the walls and ancient treasures off their pedestals. It was until the woman you heard the woman's voice out loud, bells rang off in your head. You knew her.

Without as much as a peep to Izuru you went in and broke up the little heist. "Stop, you are all under arrest!"

The men froze in their footsteps and the small woman turned to face you with a dangerous smile. It was one of those smiles that you shouldn't take lightly and she laughed.

"Well, fancy meeting you here, officer or should I say…Y/N." she arched a brow.

"You know this woman, Y/N?" Izuru, who stood behind you asked.

You frowned as you stared at the scantily outfit that only female members of the Espada wore. You remember that out all too well. You sighed. "Yes. You can say she is an old friend…isn't that right, Soifon."

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