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Percy POV

The rest of the morning went well. I taught some canoeing lessons, tipped Nico's canoe, Jace shoved me into a huge mud puddle; Rachel tried painting a moustache on me, and Annabeth got me to lunch in time.

Lunch was pretty average. Nico was controlling pebbles to fly into Clarisse's mouth whenever she opened it to eat; I stared at Annabeth, who was talking animatedly with her sisters about something brainiac-ish. I kept on sending little droplets of water at her, and she eventually gave up trying to ignore me. She waved, and threw her napkin at me. She had scribbled something on it in ancient Greek. From what I could tell, it was asking what the Hades my problem was, and that she was glad I had matured enough to stop throwing water at her. Which I guess meant that she was pissed. Oops. Well, no one said I was tactful, did they?


Of course, since this was my life and nothing was ever perfect, the day just took a turn for the worse. I don't really know exactly what happened, but this is me. All I know is that one minute I was talking to Grover at lunch, and then he dumped his root beer on my head. I suppose that I could've been more supportive about his decision about marrying Juniper, but really? Aren't we a tad YOUNG! I mean, I'm 19!Grover looks older, but mentally he's the same age as I am. I can't even imagine marrying anyone. Like, I love Annabeth, sure, but marriage? That's like every day of my life spent with one person! And all the responsibility! What if she wanted kids? I don't like this whole growing up thing. I know I've been an adult for a bit, I guess the whole settling down thing just is not going to be me.

So everything went downhill from there. I was sort of lost in my own thoughts after lunch, so when people wanted to talk to me, I just nodded. Stupid Connor thought it would be a funny joke to ask me questions that I won't repeat for the safety of young minds. So when I was sitting alone at my table at dinner, I didn't really eat my food, per say. I stirred the peas around, and made little forms of aquatic animals out of my water. I didn't notice that everyone had left the pavilion until Annabeth sat down beside me.

"Hey," She said softly, "You alright?"

"Do you ever think about getting married?" I blurted out, showing my amazing use of tact yet again. Smooth, buddy.

"I never really thought much about it," Annabeth replied. She raised an eyebrow at me. "Why d'you ask? It's not like I need to get married or anything to be happy."

"But, do you think you want to get married? I mean, I'm not asking you or anything. I would never want to get married." I stared off into oblivion, still completely tuned into my own world.

"Well, isn't that reassuring," Annabeth mumbled, then continued in a normal tone, "I think that if I found someone who actually wanted to get married and that wasn't completely messed, I would take it. After all, some people may want to pass down their genes. Although, I can see why some people wouldn't." She sounded kind of ticked, and I didn't really get why. I don't know what I said.

"Look, Percy," She said, "I have to, um, go help out Chiron and Mr. D with some papers. So I'll be over at the Big House if you need me, alright?" I nodded, and felt her rest her hand on my shoulder. Her fingers trailed off, and I heard her retreating footsteps. I decided that I would try and speak to her after I got my bearings back.

Yeah, that's going to go well.

Nico POV

Lunch was boring. After lunch was boring. Dinner was boring. Throwing Anna Goodman of the Hermes cabin into the canoe lake? Good times. I guess it all started after dinner.

I was minding my own business, taking a sort of moonlit stroll by myself down to the lake. I find that when the moon is reflecting off of the calm waters, there isn't really anywhere else I would rather be. The lake turns all silver, and the fireflies come out. I know you're going to laugh at me, but I feel sometimes like they're waiting to perform for someone. Every night they dance a different dance, a different pattern of little lights floating around me. I was sitting on the end of the dock, watching the fireflies, humming Highway to Hell for no good reason, and I'm pretty sure I was way out of key, but that's not what matters. I heard someone's footsteps behind me, and I looked back over my shoulder. Walking down the pier-dock-type-thing was Anna Goodman. She was strolling down the dock, hands on her pockets, her fiery hair looking very much like fire in the moonlight.

"Well, well, I did not expect to find you here admiring the dance, di Angelo," Anna said, using my last name as we always did. It's a sort of nickname type thing. "But I suppose you are a person of many sides." She winked, and sat down beside me, kicking my shin in a friendly gesture.

"Goodman. I guess I appreciate how peaceful and calm this place is…or should I say was, considering you just arrived." I gave her a playful grin, and put my arm friendlily around her shoulder and sighed. "But the night is too beautiful to ignore. Would you care to join me? I have front row tickets to the show."

"di Angelo, you read my mind old chap. But no show is complete without water, is it not?"

"I quite agree, my fair lady. Allow me to remove that restraining footwear for you." I slipped off her flip-flops, and threw them behind us. Then, thinking to myself 'Screw chivalry and manners', I grab Anna around the waist and unceremoniously tossed her into the silver waters of the canoe lake. She surfaced spluttering, and she flipped me off, treading water.

"Shame you can swim, Goodman. I was really hoping to get rid of you." I said jokingly, crouching at the end of the dock. Anna flicked water at me, and I dodged most of it, but still got splashed in the face. I took off my own shoes, and my shirt (A/N: yeah, I'm drooling at the image in my head too, don't worry). I dove in at her, and I grabbed her around the waist again, and threw her farther. I treaded water, and didn't see her surface. I called her name, but no answer. My first thought was, sadly, I guess I did get rid of her- OH SHIT! I was spinning around quickly, panicking; until I felt something cold and hand-like grab my ankle. I am ashamed to say that I screamed like a little girl, or Percy.

Anna resurfaced and gave me cheeky grin. I mussed her hair around, and swam back to the dock. I hoisted myself up onto the cedar platform, and gave Anna a hand. I draped my shirt around my shoulders, and grabbed my shoes. Anna grabbed hers, and we made our way back to the cabin area. We talked, laughed, even sang some pretty awful sounding songs. I'm still surprised that no harpies came and ate us, but trust me, I'm not complaining! We were halfway through with an awful rendition of the Harry Potter theme song, when I heard my name being called. I spun around to see Jace, waving at me, looking as beautiful as ever in her pyjama shorts and my t-shirt.

"Nico! Hey, listen," Jace said, jogging over to us, "I was walking by Percy's cabin and- Oh, Anna."

"Hey Nak. How's the living going?" Anna said, grinning. Jace sort of grimaced back, and turned back to me.

"Anyways, could we head to your cabin for this? I doubt Percy wants his business spread about the camp. Although, they weren't exactly being subtle…" Jace then seemed to take in my state of shirtlessness, and the fact that we were both (Anna and I) soaking wet, and that it was almost curfew and then she took a very deep breath (like, I swear it was at least 30 seconds…), and looked at me. "Nico…can I talk to you please? Alone." She nodded at Anna, who slapped my shoulder.

"See ya around, di Angelo."

"Until our paths should cross again, Goodman."

I followed Jace to my cabin, which sounds weird, but trust me; I wasn't really focusing on the whole destination part of the walk. There was my girlfriend wearing much less than I was used to seeing her in walking in front of me-so you can't blame me for pretty much just wanting to take her into a private room and snog the life out of her. Cut me some slack.

Anyways, we reached my cabin, and I followed Jace inside. She turned on all of the lights, making the cabin slightly dark instead of pitch dark. I sat down on my bed, and waited for her to speak first. She rubbed her temples a bit, and then the speech began.

"What the hell is your problem, Nico?"

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