A/N: Hey peeps, I'm just really board right now! I was just thinking about how Brady finally showed up in Salem but how we have yet to see more then his feet! It just kinda bugs me! So like any incredibly board (And slightly weird) author who watches Days and happens to write way too much poetry,(There are just so many of us out there) I decided to write a poem about it ^_^ I'm only posting this cause my Mom thought it was kinda funny (Note to all: My parents are mildly insane!) So here goes, my first Days of our lives anything...

~The boy without a face~

We always see his feet,

At the top of the stairs,

But we have yet to see his face,

Am I the only one who cares?

His name is Brady Black,

And he's making his father mad.

And if he keeps on playing that darn music,

His hearings gonna go bad!

We can already tell that he's a rebel

So Shawn wasn't the last!

And is it just me

Or did he grow up awfully fast?

He aged even faster then his sister,

Who grew ten years in a week.

Normally someone who aged that fast

Would be thought of as a freak!

But then again this is Days,

Kids can grow up really quick.

Belle, Brady, Philip or Shawn,

Go ahead take your pick!

But now back to my point,

I just want to see who Brady is.

Why the heck can't Days

Hurry up and cast this kid?

And that's all I have to say,

At this time anyhow.

Hey would you look at that,

I'm ranting poem style!

And now a word to John

Just give the kid some space!

Cause this is my ode to Brady Black

The boy without a face ^_^

A/N: So, how crazy do you think I am now?! Oh who cares, I had fun! Anyway hope that didn't offend anyone in some odd way! Sorry if it did, but whatever...Hope ya liked it! I'm outta here!