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It's the second day with the 3 teenage vampires. We're supposed to land in Bucharest in about an hour, and then go shopping for new formal clothes when we meet the older Maxwells. I can honestly say I'm anxious to meet them, but a little scared. I bonded immediately with Alexander's parents, but I'm wondering how exactly Luna and Jagger were raised. With Jagger being the way he is, how did he become like it? I guess I'll find out.

Luna came and knocked on my coffin, where I was currently thinking in peace.

"Raven, breakfast!" She called, and I slowly lifted the lid. I blinked my eyes a few times to get used to the lighting, and looked at her outfit. She was wearing a black of the shoulder tee with a pink bunny head in the center, matching pink and black striped wrist warmers, and black Capri's with pink lace and chains. WAY too much pink for my liking.

"Here, I already picked out your outfit too!" She exclaimed and helped me stand. I looked on the bench next to me and saw my planned outfit: black skinny jeans with a single pocket chain and 2 mini belts on each leg, a strapless corset with 3 belts, and matching arm warmers with a small belt on each wrist.

"Nice! Thanks Luna." I smiled, it was a nice outfit. She smiled back her "you're welcome" and left the room to let me change. Once I was ready, I came in to see Alexander, Jagger, and Luna sitting at a table and a flight attendant (dressed as a maid) pouring milk into Jagger's glass. I sat down next to my new mate and the "maid" poured some milk into my glass as well. Today, we were having waffles.

"It looks like everyone slept well," Alexander commented.

"Yeah, the only night I actually slept fully since we've been in that boring town." Jagger said sourly.

"So what are your parents like?" I asked.

"Everyone says we're younger versions of our parents, only we're a bit more 21st century than them." Luna said, smiling.

"Only thing I hate about them is that they make us dress up for dinner, which is why we're going shopping."

"My parents made me do the same thing, but you get used to it after a while." Alexander said, smiling gently.

I mentally sighed, I hope the Maxwells like me.

Luna and I are in a dress shop, called Lina's Line. The attendants there recognized Luna immediately, and started treating her like a princess. Then she told me I was her brother's mate, and they started treating me like one too. It was actually pretty nice to be recognized as Jagger's partner, I have strangers bowing at my feet!

However, it got old quickly when they picked out at least 50 different dresses and outfits for me. I'd picked out 10 I liked the best, and was in my new favorite dress. It was a red skirt with an attached black sash that had small white X's on it, and the top was a black tank split down the middle over a red laced up corset. Luna's favorite was a knee-length white skirt outlined with black lace and a black strapless corset with white lacing. We both happened to be wearing them when our boys came in and gave us endless compliments. Then we changed back into our other clothes and we were ready to go to the Maxwell manor. I'm so nervous Jagger and Alexander are holding my hands to stop me from biting my nails.

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