A/N: This is just a oneshot I wrote a while ago. It was originally supposed to be a GW crossover, but just turned into an angst fest. So, yeah, I'm posting it to make up for the lack of update in my Tears and Rain story. Truth be told, I'm stuck =( So until I get some burst of inspiration, consider this an offering of peace so you don't all kill me. As always, I hope it doesn't disappoint, and I do not own any of the characters in Fullmetal Alchemist. Also, if anyone feels like it, suggestions for T&R are welcome. You may not see them in the story, but I figure three months is a crazy long amount of time to be stuck, so any help is much appreciated.

Narrow violet eyes gazed out the large bay window at the cool cloudy day outside. It was Envy's 800th birthday today, a nondescript Friday. As he stared out the window, he thought of years past. He'd been created from the alchemically combined souls of a village, created to look like some sort of rabid, giant wolf. He'd gone through many forms and events in his life, but his favorite period of time was when he was some 400 years old. He'd been in Amestris, and met a fiery little blonde called Edward Elric. The boy had started off as his enemy, but Envy had developed a want for him. He'd tricked him into letting Envy take him, but after a while found himself truly falling in love. They'd stayed together even through missions that Elric, as a state alchemist, had to go on. Envy changed his body as Ed began to grow older, but when the infallible Fullmetal Alchemist was 37, he was killed. Envy was never the same. Even now, some 400 years later, he'd never fallen in love again. He hadn't been playful, mischievous, or teasing since that blade had pierced Ed's heart. Instead he was cynical, cold, ruthless, cruel, calculating, reckless, violent.

Envy stood from the chair and walked to come before the mirror. He stared at his current form; long blood-red hair, pale skin, and Xingi eyes; tall, aristocratic, and ageless, and remembered his form from before. On impulse, he bricked his body back into a half-recollected memory. 16 years old, just taller than Elric, with long, spiky hair that was almost green, and the same trademark violet eyes, just cat-slit and narrower, less Xingi. He had on his old outfit of a black skintight halter/midriff top and blackā€¦ bottom thing that he wore, along with the fingerless gloves and socks. This was the Envy that Edward Elric had met, hated, and fallen in love with. Except, it wasn't. There was no huge, slasher grin on his face, or malignant glitter in his eyes. Instead there were glistening tears raining down his cheeks, leaving dark stains. He turned away in disgust, and returned to his previous form. He walked away and left the mirror behind. It was his birthday, he deserved to kill something.