A/N: This is just what I thought might be going through Jack's head just before he died. Yes it's kinda sad, but I just got to thinking and here's the outcome. Review!

There Jack floated. He was hanging on to the wooden board, hanging on to his last thread of life. Screams filled his ears and a voice in his head telling him he was going to die.

Rose! Was Rose okay? She had to be. One of them had to live through this horrid experience. He felt guilty for coming into her life. He was the reason she was on the tip of the knife; life or death?

The coldness was consuming him inch by inch. There was only one part of him that was warm. Rose was loyally holding tightly to his hands.

"I won't let go!" her words rang inside his head.

"Neither will I." he tried to say. "I will never let go." He could feel that he was slowly slipping into the darkness. "Survive, Rose, you have to survive!" He whispered to her icy hands. When Rose still didn't respond, he feared the worst. He suddenly heard a faint whisper.

"Come Josephine, in my flying machine. Going up she goes, up she goes…" she whispered.

The icy breath of death was upon him. "This isn't goodbye." Jack staggered hoping she could hear him.

"…up- she- goes…" as Jack faded out her words repeated slowly in his head until finally darkness engulfed him and he sank deep into the deepest depths of the ocean, knowing he will see his true love once again.