Chapter Four: Losing Control

Roxanne kissed Chandler goodbye again. The two stood at her front door at around 10 AM.

The happily reunited couple's night had just ended recently. They both had spent more time in bed than intended.

They couldn't help it. Between getting back together and the temptation of each other's bare skin, it was really hard to part. The thought was currently unbearable to both.

Roxanne kissed Chandler again, only this time deeper and with more passion. She gazed into his eyes seductively and licked her lips when the two parted.

"Do you really have to go?" Roxanne asked with a pout.

"I'm sorry, Roxanne. I really need to get down to the church. I'm already an hour late. Eric's already called me like three times. I can only dodge his calls for so long," Chandler replied with a sigh.

Roxanne pulled her sleeve down to expose her bra strap to him, "Are you sure that I can't convince you to stay at least one more hour?"

Chandler sighed again, "Trust me...if I could stay, I would. I'm sorry, I really need to go. I don't want to get fired, Roxanne."

"You're right, where's my head? I can't be so selfish, you have work. I know how important your job is to you. I'm sorry, honey," Roxanne said, guilt present in her blue eyes.

Chandler hugged Roxanne tightly. He kissed her cheek gently.

"I wasn't trying to make you feel bad, Roxanne. And nothing is more important to me than you, including my job. Don't forget that," Chandler whispered into her ear.

Chandler pulled away from Roxanne and smiled at her. Roxanne returned his smile.

"I love you so much," Roxanne said, her smile growing bigger.

"I love you, too," Chandler replied.

"Come by after work and I'll show you just how much I love you," Roxanne said seductively.

"I wouldn't dream of missing it for the world," Chandler replied with a wink.

The couple shared one more hug before Chandler parted for the church. He needed to hurry. He was already late.

He just hoped no one would notice he was wearing yesterday's clothes. It would be beyond awkward explaining it was because he spent the night with Roxanne engaging in things a minster definitely shouldn't be doing before marriage. That was something he intended to keep a secret.

Of course, secrets have a way of spilling out no matter how much you fight to contain them inside their vault...


After Chandler parted, Roxanne slumped against the front door and sighed happily.

She was wrong. Letting the past back into her life wasn't a bad thing at all. She had just experienced the best night she had recently last night. It was so nice to wake up in Chandler's arms rather than alone, worrying herself sick about her dad...

Oh shit! Her dad...

It occurred to Roxanne that she'd been so wrapped up in Chandler that she hadn't even checked to see if her father ever came home last night. She was sure he was out all night drinking again.

Oh God, he could be anywhere. What if he was dead in a ditch somewhere? What if he was in the morgue right now, waiting to be identified?

What if her dad was really dead somewhere and Roxanne had been too busy having sex to even think of him until it was too late? Oh God, she needed to puke...

Roxanne darted off to the bathroom. The vomit was coming up fast and she wanted it out.

Thankfully, she made it to the toilet in time to spill out the contents of her stomach. After the deed was done, she washed her hands and brushed her teeth.

Roxanne exited the bathroom, still worried to high hell. She needed to find her dad!

Grabbing her keys, she ran out the front door. Once outside, she was greeted to her father's car. Her father, Terry, was passed out in the front seat.

Roxanne rushed to to the car as fast as her feet could carry her. She opened the door. Fearing the worst, she searched Terry for a pulse.

Oh thank God, he had one. It was somewhat slow, but it was there.

Roxanne shook her Terry gently, "Daddy, are you ok?"

"Mmmm...another beer, Anton," Terry mumbled in reply.

Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief. She knew he was going to be fine for now at least. The worst of his high was over and he was coming down.

She decided it was best to put him to bed. Using all her strength, Roxanne pulled her dad out of the car and into the house.

She placed Terry in his bed and closed his bedroom door. Once outside his room, she slumped down onto the floor and cried her eyes out.

She was so confused. She felt overwhelming joy at having Chandler back in her life, but deep sadness at what was happening with her dad and her growing fear that she couldn't handle this situation alone.

What should she do about Terry? She had no idea.

She needed help. She couldn't deal with this alone.

She needed to call someone...


Chandler entered the church office and was greeted right away to a very curious and suspicious Eric Camden.

"You're over an hour late. I tried to call you. What's going on, Chandler? Is everything alright?" Eric questioned.

Chandler took a deep breath, "I'm sorry I'm late. My car wouldn't start and in all the stress of getting it to work again, I forgot to call to let you know. I'm sorry, Eric."

Eric nodded understandingly, "Alright. As long as there's nothing wrong, Chandler."

"Everything's fine now," Chandler replied.

He's lying through his teeth, Eric thought to himself. He hadn't been home, something told Eric. Afther all, he was still in the same suit he had worn yesterday. The younger minister was caught up in something was definitely NOT car trouble.

What was Chandler hiding? Eric didn't know, but he intended to find out...


Simon Camden was on a mission.

His mission? Winning back the heart of Cecilia Smith.

"I can't stay away much longer," He'd told in her a phone call.

And that was the honest truth. He couldn't stand being away from Cecilia any longer.

He wanted to hold her in his arms. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to finally make love to her...

He was ready for it all. And he wasn't intent on taking no for an answer.

He'd been an idiot to let her go. He wanted to go back in time and punch his past self for so coldly dumping her and then ignoring her this past school year.

In truth, she was always in the back of his mind. Her pretty face chipped away at all his other thoughts until she was the only thing left in his head.

And he was perfectly ok with that.

Simon had packed the last of his bags earlier that morning. He was currently in his car, driving home to Glen Oak.

Soon, I'll see your face again, Cecilia, he told himself. We'll pick up right where we left off. I'll definitely make it up to you for breaking your heart. You're mine forever after all, right?

Aren't you, Cecilia?