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Alice was sprinting through the forest at an inhuman speed, her eyes never leaving the shadow running ahead of her at an equally fast pace. The being was slightly faster than her, which meant she had to rely on her visions to predict the movements the individual made. Every time she seemed to catch up to him somehow he was able to move just out of her reach. It was as if he could read her mind.

"Of course I can, Alice," the voice whispered into the wind replying to her thought. "I've always been able to."

The anger that she thought she had bottled up was now released in full fury. She was even more determined to catch him and rip off every appendage he had before burning them to ash.

She had been chasing him too damn long.

She screamed in frustration. "GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HEAD, EDWARD!"

He laughed, a bittersweet melody that echoed throughout the forest over his light footsteps.

"I wish I could dear sister."

She was assaulted with a vision in the midst of running but didn't want to stop for fear of losing him.

She was standing across from him, in 'their' meadow. They were talking about the events at hand but she could feel herself fighting not to tear his throat out like the common beast he was.

"That's not nice Alice." Edward said as he ran in the exact direction toward the meadow.

She growled then, a low primal warning to him that if he kept it up she wouldn't even fake the civilities shown in the vision. She had been chasing him for far too long.

No. This was going to end now. Today.

They came up to the clearing and she saw him dart off to the opposite end. Rather than try to catch him she placed herself exactly in the spot that she saw in her vision, knowing that he was no doubt doing the same.

When he appeared in her vision, for not even a second it seemed as if he were nothing but a common nomad like James and Laurent. His clothes were tattered and dirty, his once perfectly kept hair in disarray with twigs visibly sticking out at points. His eyes shone a brilliant red color in the overcast. She couldn't help but smirk; at least in her own anguish she had been strong enough to keep her beast at bay.

That brought a scowl onto her late brother's face. "Not all of us can keep ourselves together like perfect little Alice. Some of us have lost everything."

The statement brought on a scowl of her own and a feral roar. "And you think I haven't? I've lost three of the most important people in my life, Edward. Three of my family members, one of whom was the love of my life."

Edward scoffed. "The love of your life? I hope you're talking about Jasper because I sure as hell know you aren't talking about my wife."

Her entire being was coiled and ready to strike. It took Alice's every bit of willpower not to lunge out and kill him right on the spot.

"EX-wife. Bella is your ex-wife, Edward. You keep forgetting that simple fact. She divorced you."

He growled in anger. "Yes, because she thought she was in love with YOU! She wanted to be with YOU instead of me!"

"How does that make me the bad guy? You were both fighting to save a ghost! She had left you years before I ever even thought about her that way!"

"Exactly! She was trying to find her way back to me but you got in the way and fucked everything up!"

She thought she would burst into flames. Surely the anger inside of her would cause her to implode.

"That's rich, Edward. You know how many women she was screwing after you two split. In case you didn't have a number, it was 64. And that was BEFORE we got involved." She spat viciously.

The comment instilled the correct reaction. His nostrils flared, his brow scrunched together. "Shut up. SHUT UP. You don't know what you're talking about."

Alice's anger took a whole new footing within. It was taking over and soon she wouldn't be able to fight it. "I do, because I made her tell me about every single one."

In the midst of his tantrum Edward's lips curled in a sinister smirk. "Yes, but she left you for them after a while didn't she?"

The anger completely dissipated in the pixie for a short moment only for agony to take its place. It was true; Bella had left her for those women. "Yes, but it was you, dear 'brother' who gave the final push she needed to fall away from me."

"All I did was remind her of your past."

"YOU PLAYED ON HER INSECURITIES, YOU BASTARD." She screamed, drops of venom flying out of her mouth. "You told her that she was better off without me because if I could leave one mate I would leave another, and that two women weren't meant to be together. She was already so fragile in our relationship and you had to go and ruin it with your self-righteous, old-fashioned bullshit."

Despite the fact that she didn't need to breathe, Alice's chest was heaving. Edward, it seemed, was faring better if the still remaining smirk on his face was any indication.

"Because it's true. Two women aren't meant to fornicate. And you've already broken Jasper's heart, did you really want to do it again to Bella?"

Alice's head dropped to her chest. "No," she said fiercely in a whisper she was sure that he would hear. "I didn't have to. You did it for me."

He faltered then for a moment and Old Edward was in front of her. "I didn't mean to hurt you, Alice. Please know that. It's just not natural. I'd held my tongue long enough. We both know you were going to hurt her, and I just couldn't have that. She may be my ex-wife but I still love her."

She blinked away the tears that would never be shed and shook her head violently from side to side. "You didn't know that! I LOVE HER, Edward! I would've fought for her, for US, for the rest of my damn life! Hell, here I am STILL fighting for it and she wants nothing to do with me!"

He looked on at her from across the meadow with sad eyes. "It needed to be said. She needed to know. It's not right."

Golden eyes blazed at the man in barely constrained fury. "It wasn't your place to say. She ended things with you and was with me. It was our relationship, not yours to stick your nose in."

Her ex-brother shrugged. "What's done is done. I don't regret any of it."

Alice's muscles tensed, ready for her to strike. She forced herself to visibly shake off the tension and started making steps toward Edward. He eyed her warily, unsure whether to take her movements as hostile or not. He remained still.

When she was in arm's distance, Alice spoke slowly and maintained eye contact. She didn't want her words misunderstood. "Listen to me closely, Edward, because I'm only going to say this once."

His eyes narrowed at her in recognition of her tone of voice.

"I want you to stay away from Bella and me. I don't want you to ever come around the house when either of us are there and I don't want you to be at Renesmee's and Jacob Black's home if we're there. I don't know that I'll be able to forgive you for what you've done. If Bella even cares and wishes to forgive you in the future, then for her sake I will be polite to you. But for the next 50 years or so, don't make your presence known in my life. At all. For the immediate, near, and foreseeable future I no longer consider you my brother. I don't even want to hear of you being on the same continent as me."

She finally looked away from his eyes and clenched her jaw as she waited for his acknowledgment of her demands. When he finally whispered an affirmative reaction to her monologue Alice stepped away from him to put more space between them.

"Goodbye Edward."

With that Alice was gone and darting through the forest. She was on her way to find Bella, again, and hopefully convince her to be with her, again.

It was her sole priority. Alice's entire being was practically vibrating with the need to be close to Bella, to touch her skin, to hear to her laughter. She had that for a short time, but then Edward took their fledgling love and ripped it away from her so entirely that it felt as if her body was in physical pain from the loss of her lover.

Now that she had dealt with the "Edward-Problem" she was going to go find Bella and get her back.