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'Rose Hathaway. Christian Ozera. There are two names that usually aren't said in the same sentence. But will these two change that statement and emerge into a sweet but forbidden love or is this all just in Rose's head...?'

Chapter 1 –

I was going to shoot myself!


We had just got assigned our Moroi for field experience. Here I was thinking 'What I fun six weeks with Lissa'. Boy was I wrong. As we were sitting waiting for our assignments I had been so happy. Then when my name was read out and my assignment was revealed, I was anything but happy. I can still recall the way they called out my name.

"Rosemarie Hathaway" Alberta echoed in my head, "Christian Ozera"

I can still remember how I tensed and didn't move. Why are they –

"Guardian Hathaway! Guardian Hathaway!" A tense voice interrupted my thoughts. "Help me quick!" My natural guardian instinct kicked in and I whipped my head around the other way, running over to the other side of the building where I heard the voice. I bolted as fast as I could to the Moroi in trouble soon to find that the Moroi that was there was not in trouble. He was the definition of trouble.

Christian Ozera.

He took one look at my worried face and started laughing so hard, he almost fell over.

"You... should... have...seen...you're...face" He said in-between laughter.

"Christian! That wasn't fucking funny! What if there was somebody really in trouble. Would you be laughing then?" I asked him. I was really pissed off at the moment. He knows he shouldn't play jokes on me just as the field experience assignments have been handed out.

"Depends who it was." Christian said, still hysterically laughing.

"Ugh! I hate you so much!" I said, starting to walk away.

"Hey! Don't forget your assignment, what if someone takes it?!" He yelled out, laughing at his own joke.

"Follow me if you want, just don't come to close to me" I told him, with a really pissed off tone to my voice.

I kept walking and heard Christian trudging along behind me. As I reached the cafeteria, I immediately spotted Lissa and Eddie sitting at a table laughing away.

Great. They were getting along well. I scolded myself for hoping that they wouldn't get along as well seeing that they were going to be with each other all that time. From here it looked like they were going to get along fine. I walked over to the table and took a seat without even saying hello.

"Rose," Lissa said sadness pouring though the bond, "Why are you so upset?"

"Hello? I have to live with Christian and put up with his annoyingness for 6 weeks! Where have you been living for the last hour?" I said, a little more harshly than I expected. Lissa looked hurt. "I'm sorry," I apologized. "It's just, he really annoys me!"

Just at that moment Christian came and took a seat next to me. "Hey buddy" he said, smirking when he saw the reaction on my face.

"Speak of the devil..." I said, sighing deeply.

Just as I said that, Lissa kicked my leg under the table.

"Ouch!" I said loudly.

"Well buddy boo," Christian said, "I want to get back to my room now. You can come check it out" He said with smile on his face.

"God, why do you always spoil everything?" I said, and Lissa looked at me, with 'that look' in her eyes. 'That look' meaning don't be mean to him! Like hell I was going to listen to that!

I got up from the table and said my goodbyes to Eddie and Lissa Christian led the way back to his room.

He opened the door to his big, clean smelling room. At least I didn't have to live with a messy, stinky boy. I walked in and I almost dropped dead.

He only had one bed. Meaning I would have to sleep on the floor! Or one of us would. His bed was big enough for two, in fact it was probably big enough for 3 it was that big, but there was no way in hell I would be sharing with him. It was a huge king-sized bed in the middle of the room, covered in a superman bed cover. His room was immaculate. There was a bathroom on the side of the room that had little blue feet mats and blue shower curtains. It was like living in a 5 star suite.

"Admiring my room, aye?" Christian said proudly.

"It's nice..." I said, trying not to say "It's fucking wonderful!"

"I cleaned it a little seeing how you're going to be staying" He said, with a smile on his face.

I tried to smile but I came out more like a scowl. It was almost time to go to sleep and I decided to get changed into some pyjamas. I looked around and found my suitcases of stuff on the floor. I lifted it up and chucked it onto the bed. I took out the most concealing thing I owned. Some baggy, tweety Pyjamas. Christian chuckled and I scowled at him. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door. I quickly threw off my clothes and chucked on my ugly pyjamas. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I looked like a homeless man.

I stepped out of the bathroom to find Christian sitting on the bed in his boxers, without a shirt on.

Christian looked up from the magazine he was reading and started laughing at me.

"What's with the homeless look rose?" He asked, still laughing.

"The homeless look is to stop perverts like you from looking at me." I said, getting pissed off.

"I have no intention of looking at you, I have a girlfriend." Christian said with a smirk.

I felt slightly embarrassed then, like I expected all guys to want to look at me. "Um yeah, of course you don't. Do you have any spare blankets that I can have to make a bed on the floor?"

"Don't be silly Rose; there is more than enough room in this bed for the both of us." He said, still smirking at me.

"You have got to be crazy if you think I'm going to sleep in that bed with you." I told him.

"Whatever you say, it's going to get cold down there on the floor. There are blankets in the cupboard near the bathroom." He chucked me a pillow and I went to get my blankets. I set up my bed on the floor. I was starting to get tired from all the stress from today. Christian yawned and I realised most other people had gone to sleep. The sun was coming up, which meant it was the start of sleeping time for us vampires.

"I'm exhausted Rose, I think I'm going to sleep now. My advice would be to sleep in this bed, because it's going to be cold down there. I'm just warning you. Nighty night" He said groggily as he switched off his little lamp.

I tried to sleep but the floor was so uncomfortable and my pyjamas were itchy. Sleep was impossible. I stood up and made sure Christian wasn't looking so I could take off the horrible pyjamas. He was looking this way, but I was pretty sure he was asleep. I ripped off the top and threw off the pants of my pyjamas leaving me in only my bra and undies. I tip-toed to my suitcase and grabbed some short-shorts and put them on. Then I jumped into my extremely uncomfortable bed and prepared myself to sleep. Just as I closed my eyes I heard Christian's soft voice.

"Next time, when you change, you should really use the bathroom. Nice view for me though." He said, laughing for what seemed like the millionth time today.

Man this was going to be a long six weeks.