Full Summary: Bella is a Tom bot that likes cars and sports and doesint take shit frum any body. When ever she is around any body she does'nt let any one see the real bella.

She moves to forks and meets Edward Cullen. She knows he's hiding some thing and she is determend to figure it out. AlsoCould she be hiding something as well.

Also will edward break down Bella's walls

Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of its characters.

B Pov

My name is Isabella Mrie Swan, but call me Bella. I'm 16 years old, i skipped a grade so next year is my last year a high school. Also Im not like everyone else. Ever sinse i was little i could move things with my

mind. Let not forget i acn see ghost.I never get caught talking to them because i can talk to them in my mind. No one knows except my father. whe I told him he did'nt seem that surprised. He said his mother

could see them too. I live with my mom Renne in Theanox California, my parents got a divorce when I was 3 years old. My dad Chalie lives in a small town called Forks, he is the police chief. I used to visit a

month every summer until I tearned 13. That year my mom made me stop. Now my dad visits 2 weeks here every summer.

Now I am moving back to forks to live with my dad. My mom is against it but my choice. It's not like I don't love my mom I do but she just got married to Phil last month and he is always traveling

because of his job, he's a minor leaque baseball star, and my mom is always staying with me to make me happy but I can tell she misses Phil. Also me and my mom are just to different. She likes

likes to drees all girly in pinks and yellow and neon green. She loves dresses and skirts. Also she love high heals.

I like Baggy pants and and tight shirts with a big hurdy and sneakers. She loves

shoping, I love cars and sports. Also my moms idea of a good time is going to the salon and watching chick flicks. My idea of a good time is a scary movie that makes you wanna run home to your mom

your so scaird or a comody that is so funny you feel like your gonna piss your pance. also i like rebuilding old cars. So you see were really different. Me and my dad are really the alike. We both like

sports and niether of us talk much. Also it helps with him knowing my secret.

I'm now driving in the car with my mom to the aiport. she driving really slow. I love driving fast. I think shee is trying to prolong me leaving. 10 minutes later we are finally there. I get out of the car and

my mom hands me my logage and plane ticket.

"Honey you don't have yo do this." My mom told me for what felt like the hundreth time.

"Mom I want to." I told her and it was true.

"Alright but if you want to come back I'll come right home." I know she was telling the truth but I could see the regret in her eyes.

"Mom It'll be alright." I gave her one last hug before bording the plane. I went to my seet and took out my ipod and it started playing So Happy by Theory Of A Dead Man. Once the plain took off the kid in the seat

behaind me kept kicking my seat. I waited till his mom got out of the seat yo used the bathroom.

"Listen brap stop kicking my seat." I gave him a glare. All he did was stick his tonge out and continued kick my seat.

"No my mommy sais i can do what ever I want." Stupid brat.

"Listen I am personal friends with the buggie man. If you don't stop I'll make sure he pays a visit to you tonight." I said in my most threating voice giveing him my deadliest glare. He gulped and stopped kickin my

seat. "Oh, and tell your mom about our chat and the buggie man will see all week." He quikly nodded. The mom started walking bacck down the ialse so i turned back around and put my earphones back in this

time it was playing rhight now by fort minor.

Someone right now is leaving their apartment
Looking down at the street, wondering where there car went
Someone in the car sitting at a signal
In front of a restaraunt, staring through the window
at someone right now with their finger in their teeth
Who could use a little floss right across the street
there's somebody on the curb who really needs a jacket
spent half the rent at a bar getting plastered
Now he gotta walk fourteen blocks
to work at a shop where he's about to get fired.
Someone right now is looking pretty tired
Staring at a laptop trying to get inspired
Somebody living right across the street
She wrote the best things she's written all week
but her best friends coughing up blood in the sink
Can't even think what happened, feeling so confused
And he knows it looks bad but there's nothing he can do
I wonder what it's like to be right there in his shoes

But no I'm just taking it in
Out the window of a hotel bedroom again
Tommorrow I'll be gone I don't know when I'll be back
But in this world everything can change just like that,
Like that

Yo somebody right now is dropping his vote inside a box
And trying not to get shot in his throat
For the act of freedom right now somebody is stuck in Iraq
Hoping that he gets shipped back breathing
in a war that he's not really sure of the reasons
So we show our support when the press mislead them
Though we more then remain proud and salute the troops
get some I know you boys got some work to do
Meanwhile right now someones 25 to life
And is standing on the corner with their thumb up hitchiking
Stretching off a lotto ticket hoping for a real winner
Sneaking through the border just to work and to eat a real dinner
Right now someone wishes they were you and I
instead of second guessing freedom thoughts of quiet suicide
But right now I'm staring at the window at a frame
with holes in his arm and holes in his jeans
he pulled out his cigarette sparked the light
And walked right around the corner just outta my sight

But yo I'm just taking it in
From the second story hotel window again,
The TV's on, and my bags are packed,
But in this world everything can change just like that,
Like that


Ya right now somebody sitting in the darkness
Trying to figure out how to put some heat in their apartment
But they got a little mattress and a little carpet
And they appreciate it 'cause some people on a park bench
You see them when you rushing to get to the office
wife robbed blind when she coming from the market
Right now somebody coming out from the pocket
Trying to dump that rock they run around the block with at
The same time the cops is raising the glock with aim
To fill your legs and back with some hot shit
Right now somebody struggling to stop this man
Who's kick and punching and cussing at the doctors
Down the hall the child taking his first breath
The doctors ain't even passed him to the nurse yet yo
I wonder if he understands what it's worth yet
Like the time spent while we here on the earth yet
The answer to the question that we all seek
can be found depend on how free y'all think
Right now it's somebody who ain't eat all week
That would kill for the shit that you throw away in the street
I guess one man's trash is the next man's treasure
One mans pain is the next mans pleasure
one say infinity the next say forever
right now everybody got to get it together man

I'm just taking it in another strange hotel lobby again
Put my luggage on my back I don't know where I'm at
I'm in world where we all change just like that,
Like that, like that, just like that, like that, just like that

Just like that, Just like that