B pov.

I was downstairs with Alice and the rest of the cuullens when all of a sudden Alice has a visin but befor she could tell us about it some one bust through the door. It was laurent and he had a girl with

she was about mediam hight and a vampire. She had blond hair and dark red eyes. All of a sudden the cullens stopped movie and it was like they were statues. I tried to use my powers but it did not work.

It was like my powers disapeard. Laurent lunged at me and i screamd. I closed my eyes thinking i was going to die. I was saprised when nothing happend. I opend my eyes to see Edward strangling

laurent against the wall. Not like it would do anything i mean he doesnt need to breath. The female vampire lunged at me but this time it was Emmet who stopped her. I whatched Edward andd laurent

starting to fight. I hoped Edward did not get hurt i care for him so much. I know i told Edward no but i really do love him. I dont know what i would do with my self if he died. Ecspecially if it was all

my fault. As i watched Edward tore of laurents arm. Laurent lunged for Edward but he got away. All of a sudden another vampire came. It ws a male. He had brown hair and was kinda short.

He looked around the room and when his eyes landed on me they widend. I saw recognition in his eyes witch quickly turned to hate.

He lunged for me and was fgot to me before any of the cullens could stop him he was the fastest vampire i have ever met. He threw me against the wall. Before the cullens could stop him. More and more

vampires had started to come. He proceded to kick me and i heard a sickening crack. I gussed i had broke a rib. It was becoming hard to breath after a while. He picked me back up and threw me

against the wall. I tried to make fire hit him. surprisingly this time it worked. He let me go an i soon lost consioness.

Ed pov

I pulled the son of a bitch off of Bella when i had finally killed laurent. I could hear in the thoughts of all the vampires that it was james who had changed them. I procede to tear him apart.

When they were all dead Alice immediatly got Jasper out of the house because Bella was bleeding a great deal. "Carlisle"

"Son it is to late the only way to keep her alive is to turn her."

"No it cant be." I could hear the worry for both me and Bella in my families thoughts.

"Edward time is running out. It is now or never son you must decide." I nodded my heard and walked over to Bellas uncounsionce form. I tilted her head back so i could see her neck. I bent down

kissed her neck before i bit her. The blood was delicios and i did not think i could stop. I finally pulled away. Alice came and quickly brought Bella upstairs and laid her on a bed. That is when the screaming


B pov.

The pain was unbarible, i knew what was happening. I was becoming a vampire. I tried to think of any thing else but i could not there was so much pain. It was like i was on fire from the inside.

I just wanted it to stop anything to make it stop.

Jas pov.

I could feel Edwards worry over bellas pain, Alices exciment over having a sister, Roses happinesss i honestly had no idea why she is happy. Hard to tell with that one Emmets exciment same as

Alice, Esme and Carlisles love. They were all over powering but the worst of it all was Bellas pain. I tried to focus on Alice and emmetts exciment or esme and carlisles love or even edwards worry

but bellas pain over powerd it all. I tried to calm bella down but it was not working. I had no idea what to do.

Ed pov.

I watched over bella. Her screams toutering me. Though i am sure her tourter that she is going threw is the worst. I was scared what if bella hate me after this. What if what ever chance of her loving

me is out the window now. No what am i thinking. Bella hating me is better then her dead no matter what. Even if i never see her agin. It has been three days and every one is standing around Bella. When she

opens her eyes she looks around the room at every one. "Bella your probably confused as to what is hape-" Started carlisle but bella cut him off.,

"I know i am a vampire no need to explain figured it out when the burning started" Carlisle was thinking of how that saved him an explanstion.

'Bella we should probably take you hunting.' She nodded and i lead her a couple of miles into the words. When we were done hunting i took Bella to my meadow. We sat down and enjoyd the

silence. 'I dont care if you dont love me it doesnt change how i feel about you.' I said without thinkning. I then pressed my lips to hers kissing her. I puleed away waiting for her to get mad with me or something

but what happend next surprised the hell out of me.

"I love you too." Then she kissed me passionetly. I kissed her back the sme when we pulled away i smiled and wrapped my arms around her.

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