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~Eat You Up~

Allen had long forgotten that there were other dancers there. Nothing but the music existed, all his problems and worries faded away and were forgotten as the white-haired teen danced among the throng of bodes in the club. The music brought a sense of release, a feeling of reckless abandon and escape that nothing else could reproduce.

Not even drugs could replicate this sense of freedom. He came here whenever he had the chance, when his shishou's latest debts were at least half paid, though he knew it would only be temporary, since his shishou kept on piling up those debts with his drinking habits and excessive womanizing behavior.

Allen was infamous there, many is the time when other dancers would stop to watch the boy move with the music in perfect harmony. His white hair, silvery eyes, and reddish scar made him instantly recognizable to regular clubbers. He'd become friends with all of the staff there, even the violent Kanda had fallen to his charms, especially after seeing his dance. Kanda and him had even gone out for a short while, but they did nothing but fight and have angry sex(which got tiring after a while).

Meanwhile, a blond 20-year-old was being dragged to a club by an enthusiastic red-head with an eye-patch over his right eye. Lavi hadn't stopped talking about the white-haired boy that could "bust-a-move" like-no-ones-business.

Link hadn't even gotten a chance to turn him down when he found himself pulled along by his old classmate Lavi, he let out an exaggerated sigh as Lavi got them into the club while flirting shamelessly with the bouncer, a tall boy about their age with long black hair and an ever-present scowl on his attractive Japanese features.

"Shut it, Baka Usagi. Just go in already." He snapped at the red-head, hand sliding to his hip where a katana was sheathed. Lavi grinned, calling the man "Yuu-chan", when he replied, and pulled the shocked blond into the club as the doors closed behind them.

Lavi quickly disappeared into the crowd of dancers, leaving his 'friend' looking like a douche staring dumbly around the mass of dancers. Am incredible beat was pulsing through the air, intoxicating by itself and addictive, pulling all who heard it in to dance. Link found himself do just that, though he usually acted more 'in-control' than that.

The draw of the music was too strong for him to resist, so he stopped trying. He'd seen a flash of white hair from the door, and decided to look for this 'great dancer' Lavi had told him about. Shortly after thinking about him, said white-haired dancer became visible as he made his way to the center of the throng.

Link felt his breath literally taken away as the boy danced against a taller male with dark black-and-acid-green-dyed hair, the partner was nothing in comparison to the white-haired teen. Link felt enchanted by the grace and beauty of the boys dance. He had to get the chance to have him dance with him.

His body took over then, showing off Links own skills, catching eyes from many who had halted to watch the platinum-blond boy dancing. Gravity of Fate, or pure dumb luck brought these two highly skilled dancers together, and as soon as they did, their dancing became something completely different.

It was hot, it was fast-paced, and boy did it look good. It was like two gods had come together, one white like the moon, the other golden like the sun. The boys danced for a few hours, then went to the bar to rest. They made light conversation for another hour or so, then impulsively left together, going to Link's condo.

It didn't take long after they arrived in the apartment for them to undress each other and start kissing passionately, tongues locked in a battle for dominance. An intricate dance of slick muscle until both needed to take in oxygen again.

They resumed kissing after breathing in a few times, and made their way to the bedroom. Link taking control of the situation and fondling Allen's already shuddering erection. Allen gasped into the kiss when he felt the hand touching him so passionately, face growing red due to the increasing desire as well as slight embarrassment.

Link found that cute, and wondered how the other would respond to dirty talk. "You look so hot like that. I want to eat you up." He whispered sexily into Allen's ear, nibbling it after speaking. Allen's face turned an even deeper shade ad he merely moaned in reply to Links nibbling.

"Just hurry it up, I'm going crazy with you teasing me like this." He replied to Links earlier statement, as Link's hands massaged his chest, nipples, and groin. Link smirked at that and complied, taking the boy to his bedroom and placing him onto the bed gently, following after the other. He reached for a bottle of lube in the bedside table and placed a generous amount in his palm.

He kissed Allen again, gentler and slower than before, and put a well-lubed finger to Allen's entrance and pushed in. Allen groaned happily at the intrusion, and he added a second finger. He scissored them to expand the hole, and Allen moaned and writhed under him. Allen arched up with a strangled scream as stars filled his vision.

'Heh, found it.' Link thought, rubbing his now three fingers against that spot, getting Allen to practically scream and arch his back in pleasure. Link withdrew his fingers and Allen let a whimper slide out at the loss.

Link grinned and added some more lube to his hand, grabbing his own length and pumping it a few times to spread the lube. He placed himself at the boys waiting entrance and held it there, taunting the boy a little more. Allen let out a grown of frustration and thrust his hips downwards, forcing Link to penetrate him.

Link grunted his surprise, but didn't dislike the forcefulness from Allen. He felt Allen tense slightly in pain, and held himself still long enough for Allen to loosen up and shift. It was the signal Link waited for, telling him to move again. Allen's face told him he better move, or Allen would.

Link complied, and reached with a free hand for the remote next to where the lube had previously sat. He pressed a button and suddenly "Eat You Up" started playing. He set the pace to that song, and it would play multiple times before they were done that night.

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